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Long Live Summons! - C684 - Considering your IQ, it's hard to explain

Bai Song gave Black Wind a questioning look. What he meant was, everyone will come at once?

Bai Song no longer had any confidence about whether Old Demon Wei can defeat that masked guy alone. That's right, Old Demon Wei was of a high level, and was undoubtedly the strongest powerhouse of the Heaven Stage. But the problem was that his opponent was even faster than Old Demon Wei, who specialized in speed. If this battle were to continue, even if Old Devil Wei won, it wouldn't be very glorious.

Of course Black Wind knew that if everyone went up together, it would be much better than having Old Demon Wei fight him alone.

But he considered more.

If they all went at the same time, of course they would be able to defeat the other party.

But to wipe them all out, that was simply impossible!

If they killed the enemy's Heaven stage, the Tong Tian Sect, the Long Teng Sect, and the Demonic Palace would most likely fight to the death. Even the allies of these three forces would be involved in this expedition. At that time, that kind of calamity wouldn't be something that a small city lord like him could withstand. Regardless of whether he won or lost, he would be punished by all the upper cla.s.s people in the Southern Heaven Realm. Hei Feng didn't want to bear the blame for causing a war between the two realms, he couldn't afford it either… What he wanted is to delay the time until the Emerald Lord and the Lionheart King went into this battle so that they should bear the blame for this cross-border war.

They were in the upper echelon. If the two sides fought until the end, it would naturally be them who stood out and presided over the overall situation.

As a small city lord, it was best for him to endure for a while.

As long as he survived through the appearance of the Emerald Lord, he would have nothing to do with it. If the Lionheart King showed himself, it would have nothing to do with him.

The battle was going smoothly, and he was picking up the loot himself. If the battle was in a quagmire, he could slip away early. At most, he would go to the East Heaven Realm or the North Heaven Realm to continue his development. In a word, he could fight a battle, but the leader himself could not. Once he did, then no matter what the outcome was, he would die.

"Let's wait a bit longer!" The Master of Black Wind City shook his head.

"…" What kind of person was Bai Song? The sly man naturally understood Black Wind's thoughts.

He didn't want to be the boss either. He didn't care about the outcome of this battle as long as he had a share of the profits.

Even a blind person could see that the three forces of the Tong Tian Sect, the Long Teng Sect, and the Demonic Palace were not easy to deal with. If they went up together, they would only beat the heaven stage away. The consequences would be severe, and the other party's true experts would most likely go all out. Now that Old Demon Wei was supporting him, he couldn't be bothered whether he wanted to fight or not.

Out of the 'I have no enmity with the Western Heaven realm, Bai Song was happy to stand aside and watch when he saw that the Black Wind didn't want to cause any trouble.

General Yu Qianjun, who was sent by the Emerald Lord, kept his eyes on the battlefield, not moving at all.

Like a statue.

He didn't say anything. He didn't make it clear whether he would fight or not.

Pang Man, Hoka, and Savi would like to fight. If Old Demon Wei had the upper hand, they would have taken the chance to gush forth the encirclement. Yet the problem was, Old Demon Wei was covered in dust right now. If he really was defeated, then the masked guy would win. If they rushed out now, it would be as good as bringing food to the other party! Pang Man knew the difference between he and the masked guy. As long as the masked man was in his strongest state, he would be able to instantly kill the other man.

Pang Man wouldn't move at all unless the Old Demon Wei took the upper hand.

Who would do anything that would send himself to his death?

While Old Demon Wei was fuming with rage and was at a loss as to how to beat his opponent black and blue, he did not notice that the Azure Swallowing Python was already in an extremely dangerous situation.

Once the fragrant python meat revealed, except for countless th.o.r.n.y flowers opening their big mouths full of sharp teeth as they frantically bit it, other two similarly lazy fellows were also attracted. The first was Hui Tai Lang. This guy was dozing off with his belly towards the sky, snoring. He opened his eyes when he smelled the fragrance of meat, and saliva began to flow out of his mouth uncontrollably. The other was little metal beast that was also dozing off lazily, this little guy was able to sleep even more than Hui Tai Lang, and his appet.i.te was not small as well. Furthermore, the food he was eating was all good stuff … Looking at the flower python weaved from thorns, it squeezed itself into the Azure Swallowing Python's mouth, preparing to devour it from the inside. Immediately, it opened its eyes and flew out, intending to s.n.a.t.c.h the Azure Swallowing Python's magic crystal.

Hui Tai Lang was not willing to fall behind, so he immediately dashed out as well.

This was because Ah Man had held down the Azure Swallowing Python to give it a good beating. That kind of power was simply too terrifying.

Black wind and the others had not noticed anything unusual about the Hui Tai Lang and the small metal beasts until the two began to gobble down the Azure Swallowing Python, only to realize that the other side still had two abnormal warbeasts that had yet to take action.

"Woof!" The Hui Tai Lang occupied the position on the head of the Azure Swallowing Python, continuously chewing down, preparing to s.n.a.t.c.h out the magic crystal and present it to its master, making a great contribution.

"…" The little metal beast took another route. It took the Azure Swallowing Python's mouth and bit up.

"You two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, this stinky snake's magic crystal is mine!" The Golden Crown Th.o.r.n.y Flower Queen was furious. If it wasn't for her crippling this Azure Swallowing Python, Hui Tai Lang and the little metallic beast, she wouldn't have so easily tried to take the magic crystals. Just a moment ago, he had been sleeping soundly, but now, he came out to s.n.a.t.c.h his cultivation. This was too despicable! With a single breath, the Gold Crown Th.o.r.n.y Flower Queen immediately turned into a colorful light and returned to the Grimoire World. She then took out the Tao Tie Blade and joined in the battle for the magic crystal.

Tss tss!

The Azure Swallowing Python had no way to struggle. The only thing it could do was desperately release electricity.

What shocked the Master of Black Wind City was that aside from the Th.o.r.n.y Flower Vine, they did not care about Hui Tai Lang and the little metallic beast.

Hui Tai Lang could change the state of Silver Marrow. Despite the electric currents, the small metal beast did not care at all… Even Ah man, as long as she stepped on the ground, could easily transmit the electric currents into the earth. Her body wouldn't be harmed by the electric currents.

As for the Golden Crown Th.o.r.n.y Flower Queen, her body had the ability to absorb the elemental particles. The Ice and Fire Lightning Poison was useless against her.

No matter how much elemental energy there was, it was only a tonic.

You want to hurt her?

Ordinary methods were impossible.

It had to be a divine artifact, or an extremely strong spiritual attack, or ruling power … The Golden Crown Th.o.r.n.y Flower Queen had absorbed energy since she was young. She possessed the most perfect body out of all the warbeasts. Even without the Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying before she obtained the Dragon G.o.d's inheritance, she was still incomparable. Even Yue Yang couldn't predict what kind of realm she, who had unlimited potential to consume, would reach in the end.

Other warbeasts had not been able to reach this level for thousands or tens of thousands of years. The G.o.d Beast realm, which she had dreamed of for her entire life, was already reaching her level in just three years of being born.

"Thunderbolt Dance!"

Old Demon Wei and Yue Yang chased after each other in the sky. They were always just a step away, but they couldn't catch up to each other.

Infuriated, he exploded with a thunderous dance in the depths of his heart. "Pu pu pu pu pu … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … ….

Using the Photoelectric Demon Crocodile's ability, the hundred-meter range of the electric net was scattered around the crocodile.

At the same time, Old Demon Wei had risen to the fifth level of Heaven stage. His roar was like thunder, and his aura exploded forth. The might of the fifth level of Heaven stage was enough to suppress everyone present. The silver electricity crackled all over his body, and spikes grew out of his crocodile-like skin, directing the electricity.

In the electric grid, he was convinced that the masked guy was paralyzed by electricity.

Now, he wanted to use his greatest momentum.

Give the enemy a fatal blow.

Only by doing so would he be able to save some face.

"Die!" Old Demon Wei saw Yue Yang, who had been enveloped by the electric net and turned into an electric coc.o.o.n. He felt extremely relieved. Even if you were faster, how could you be faster than my electric net? Just having speed and not having strength was already destined to be a tragedy for you! Old Demon Wei channeled his superhuman might, deliberately using his strength at the fifth rank of a heaven stage to stir up the air, creating a storm. Then, he released his momentum to swallow the world whole, throwing a punch towards his opponent.

"…" Naturally, Hei Feng and the others could tell that Old Demon Wei was showing off. However, he was also intimidated by the terrifying power of a fifth rank Heaven stage master.

The fifth rank of the Heaven stage was indeed powerful.

Although this Old Demon Wei was arrogant, he did have the ability to be arrogant!

The commander General Yu Qianjun sent by the Emerald Lord suddenly looked at the Sky Execution

, Dragon Emperor, and the others. He found their expressions were the same as usual and could not help but feel slightly shocked.

Under such circ.u.mstances, the other party still had enough confidence in the masked guy?

Was that masked guy really that strong?

At the top of the city, the s.e.xy and seductive beauty began to feel a little nervous. When she saw that the Sky Disaster was not caring about her, a look of pleasant surprise appeared in her eyes, as if she had discovered some treasure. A smile returned to her lips.

Old Demon Wei's fist suddenly came to a halt.

Yue Yang burst out of the electric coc.o.o.n.

A hand gently reached out and grabbed Old Demon Wei's fist that had stopped. With an extremely dashing shoulder throw, Old Demon Wei was thrown out. Old Demon Wei couldn't help but fly down to the ground; he was at least a hundred meters deep. All the power from his punch had allowed Yue Yang to cleverly transform into Falling Force, and instead had caused Old Demon Wei to suffer a disadvantage.

"Why?" Old Demon Wei, who had burst out from the ground, crazily yelled at Yue Yang. He didn't understand how he had come to a standstill in the sky. What kind of power was binding him?

"Considering your IQ, it's hard to explain to you!" Yue Yang spread out his hands, indicating that he was too lazy to waste his saliva.

"Haha!" Fatty Hai and his buddies were rolling on the floor with laughter.

"Huh?" Black Wind and Bai Song looked as if they had seen a ghost; their eyes bulged out of their sockets.

What was even more terrifying being still to come.

That temporarily forgotten Azure Swallowing Python actually caused thornier flowers to swell and burst its stomach. Before dying, its head caused the Hui Tai Lang, the small metal beast and the Golden Crown Th.o.r.n.y Flower Queen, to dig three big holes. Ah Man didn't partic.i.p.ate in this kind of compet.i.tion. She took back the G.o.d Binding Chains and stared at Black Wind and the others with a serious expression, as if she was looking for her next opponent.

The Spirit of Heaven Fire was rather bored, because for the time being, it had nothing to do with her.

Yue Yang's mission was to lead the fire wasps to kill the patrolling guards and the city lord's personal guard when the enemy's Heaven stage pounced on her.

The speed of the Hui Tai Lang and the little metal beast was almost the same. When the two of them bit their magic crystal and didn't let go, they kicked them away one by one, threw away the Taotie's Blade, grabbed the magic crystal of the Azure Swallowing Python, and then rushed towards Yue Yang's side to ask for credit.

Hui Tai Lang and the little metallic beast could do nothing to deal with this Golden Crown Th.o.r.n.y Flower Queen.

He could only turn his grief into an appet.i.te and gobble up the energy inside the Azure Swallowing Python's brain. Although it couldn't compare to a third level Heaven stage Magic Crystal, it was still much better than an ordinary Magic Crystal. Furthermore, if they don't eat it, there is a Tao Tie Blade that can transform into a beast. This fellow who can transform into a Tao Tie, its appet.i.te will never get tired, it is a strong compet.i.tor of the Hui Tai Lang's appet.i.te.

Until now, the Azure Swallowing Python had finally been released a final wail.

Then it fell to the ground and died.

Old Devil Wei looked at Yue Yang's group of warbeasts that were crazily devouring the head of the Azure Swallowing Python. His face was full of disbelief. His heaven stage three level of Heaven-Devouring Green Python, which he had painstakingly cultivated for a thousand years, died just like that?

How? How could this happen?

Yue Yang did not explain.

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