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Chapter 692 Enemy? Just Right For Trying Out!

When round head Bao Gu woke up, he found that he had not been crushed to death by the boulder, but was in a special construction site.

Even in the Heaven Realm, it was rare for such a huge project to occur.

He did not know what these people were doing, but he was certain that these close-to-million people were doing something unprecedented. He was very good at observing people's expressions. Just by taking a glance at the laborers around him, he could tell how important this huge project was to them from the pride they had on their faces. Even if only became one of the million partic.i.p.ants, they would still appear to be unparalleled in glory!

There are different races here.

But almost all the work they did was the same.

Warriors with different levels of strength didn't have a distinct cla.s.s. The round head Bao Gu could see a Dragon Lady of Earth Stage level 6 holding a huge rock and carrying it out.

In terms of strength, she should stand at the top and supervise the work of the weak, because compared to her, many of the workers were as weak as ants.

It was one thing for the Dragon Lady. In the Heaven Realm, their status wasn't very high.

Especially in front of men, they were like slaves.

However, when he saw the two Abyss Manatees of Heaven Stage level 2 leading a group of Amphibious Fish Demons and Hybrids to dig a pool for water, his mouth gaped wide open and he could fit a bull toad inside. What a joke. Even the Abyss Manatee in Heaven Stage was a laborer? Who had the authority to command them?

"You're not dead? When I first saw you, your appearance was almost the same as a salted fish. I didn't expect you to come back alive!" The round head Bao Gu discovered that there was a talkative Hybrid beside him, who had a very strange appearance. Of course, according to the popular aesthetic view of round head Bao Gu in Black Wind City, this strange Hybrid could still be considered a character, especially if his mouth was not full of nonsense. Just like the other super cool Swordfish Man with a stern face, he could probably score a lot more points.

"May I ask who you are?" He discovered that the two Hybrids were not weak, especially the cool Swordfish Man, who had reached the eighth level of the Earth Stage.

"Ji Feng!" The cool-looking Swordfish Man took only one look at Bao Gu before turning around and leaving.

The talkative Hybrid also introduced himself nonstop, "I am a fisherman named Sui Zui. I will explain everything to you. If there is anything you don't understand, you can ask me. If there is nothing you don't know, you can ask me. I know everything Ah, well, your ability to fake your death is pretty good. I didn't quite believe it when they said it, so I tried to use a huge rock to press you down for 3 days, and your intestines almost came out. I didn't expect that once you moved the huge rock away, you would be able to fully recover within a day … What race are you? A sea cuc.u.mber or a hydra? Neither? Hump, I've never heard of this before, but if it's possum, I've heard of it! Of course, this is not the Southern Realm Region. Don't you feel that the surrounding environment and gravity are completely different? This was the lowest level of Tong Tian Tower, the Soaring Dragon Continent. That distant castle was the Yue clan's castle … If you don't understand, forget it. This matter is extremely complicated, I'll explain it to you slowly in the future!"

The round head Bao Gu was completely confused when he heard the explanation from the guy who called himself Sui Zui. Suddenly, he saw him scurrying away.

He ran over to pay his respects to the other Dragon Lady of Heaven Stage.

Call her Queen Qi Ge.

As for the servant lady who even Queen Qi Ge respectfully accompanied, he called her the Highness Xia Yi.

Under the crown?

Hearing this t.i.tle, the round head Bao Gu was shocked.

When Queen Qi Ge escorting Highness Xia Yi coming along, he hurriedly bowed deeply and sincerely greeted her. In the Heaven Realm, if a low level being were to see a high level being not paying their respects, it would be equivalent to looking down on the authority of a high level being.

"He said that you are pretty good and are very good at gathering intelligence, so I will leave the information of the Heaven Realm to you in the future. Of course, since the war is still ongoing, the overall situation is uncertain. You should stay here for a period of time! " The words of Highness Xia Yi made Bao Gu even more confused. He didn't know anyone here, could it be that these people had made a mistake?

"Ah, where is my friend Jun Wu Ye?" He wanted to find out if the two of them had been saved, or only him who possessed the ability to fake his own death.

"He's fine, but he's very busy. He'll come here when he's free." Highness Xia Yi did not say anything further and quickly left.

He did not dare to look up, or he would have seen her trying to hold back a laugh.

When Xia Yi and the others had gone far away, Sui Zui forcefully patted Bao Gu's shoulder, "This place is actually a very good place. Originally, I stayed at the sixth floor, but I discovered that there was no better place to stay than this, so I decided to move here."

For its words, the round head is sweaty.

It has nothing to do with me where you like to live!

However, he didn't say these words out loud. Furthermore, since Jun Wu Ye wasn't dead, he was finally able to relax. Jun Wu Ye was still alive and working here, so he didn't have any time to spare. There was no better result than this. Although he couldn't figure out how the boulder could have pressed down and how he could have been fine, he originally thought that even if he had the ability to fake his death, he would still be unable to escape from such a huge rock … Both of them were fine. How fortunate!

"Do you have to work?" The round head Bao Gu felt that if he was brought here, he would redeem himself with labor.

"Of course, how boring it would be if you don't work, I've tried to sit here and watch them working, but those days are unbearable. Besides, you would find out how great you are when you lift a boulder in front of the civilians who would cheer for you and stare at you with that kind of worshipful look. "Ah, the vice president is here. I have to talk to him!" With a whoosh, Sui Zui flew off again, saluted an old man, and then, rather happily, began to talk with him. Not to mention this Sui Zui, even the two Abyss Manatees, seeing this old man who was only at the Earth Stage, also saluted, making even the round head Bao Gu stare blankly, unable to react at all.

"…" "Ah, here, what exactly is this place?" The round head Bao Gu was even more confused now.

The Small garden, Rainbow Castle.

For the past two days, Yue Yang had been constantly trying to condense his Chixiaolian Sword.

The Chixiaolian Sword was different from the Black Guizang and White Shuanghua Swords. It was much more powerful and had an extremely strong Yang Ability. Yue Yang's current Heaven's Fury Lotus and Pure Fire could not be compared to it at all. If one likened the Heaven's Fury Lotus that could burn the Heaven's Fury Lotus to a torch, then Chixiaolian sword was like a volcano.

Of course, this was still the power that Yue Yang can steer.

If Heavenly Sword G.o.ddess were to use it, then the power of the Chixiaolian Sword would be like the sun.

Chixiaolian sword has no flame. It owns a brand new kind of energy generated from the extremity of the Yang ability. Unlike the black Guizang Sword and the white Shuanghua sword, for now, even if Yue Yang used all his strength, he could only condense an Chixiaolian sword at the size of a chopstick.

"Whoa whoa!" When Yue Yang's innate energy was almost exhausted, he finally stopped condensing the Chixiaolian sword. His body was drenched in sweat and was completely soaked in heavy clothes.

"Let's take a break!" Yue Yu summoned a healing water ball to help Yue Yang recover from his tiredness. Then, she used a handkerchief to gently wipe away the sweat on his forehead. Her movements were as gentle as the wind.

"What kind of battle skill is this?" "It looks strange …" "It looks strange …" Raging Flame threw an apple into her mouth, and immediately started chewing on the apple with a straightforward manner that no ordinary woman would have. By her side, the Drunken Cat Sister was dumbfounded, and the cute girl Niu who used a knife to peel an apple for her mother blinked her big eyes—Can we eat apple in such a boorish manner?

"Could I trouble you to change the word 'strange' to 'magical'?" Yue Yang extended his hand to Niu Niu. The Panda Girl looked at her mother and saw that mom had no objection. She thus handed him the peeled apple, then quickly took another apple and cut peel it for her mother.

"How old are you? You're still stealing food from a child." Drunken Cat Sister didn't mind, but she insisted on fighting Yue Yang.

"Niu Niu, go wash another plate of grapes for us later. Oh right, we need to cool the grapes off before eating!" Yue Yang students often use Niu Niu work, but the panda is also very happy.

"Aha." Yue Yu saw this funny scene and felt very warm.

During the break, the Midnight Empress came later.

As usual, Yue Yang's senses were greatly increased due to his invisibility, but he had already sensed her presence when she was still very far away.

When Midnight Empress saw Yue Yang standing up and waiting for her, she was slightly surprised. "So your level has been upgraded? I was about to bring you along to take a look, now it seems that I could leave you alone to solve this matter!"

Yue Yang was surprised. What was going on?

Upon hearing the words of the Midnight Empress, even Yue Yu and the Drunken Cat Sister became nervous.

Midnight Empress' voice was still graceful and calm as she explained to Yue Yang, "The mercenary group that the Ancient Devil King got in the Heaven Realm, perhaps they have come to Tongtian Tower before. They also have some intelligence that secretly sneaked to the periphery of the G.o.ds' Ruins without the Ancient Devil King knowing." These guys are very unscrupulous. After a few days, they have been circling around the G.o.ds' Ruins. Although they can't get anything, this kind of arrogant behavior is irritating, so I decided to teach them a lesson. "

"What?" Yue Yang was also furious. To him, the G.o.ds' Ruins was the equivalent of his family's treasure trove. How dare these guys think about the G.o.ds' Ruins?

"Two days ago, Zhi Zun and I were in closed-door training. I didn't expect these fellows to be so arrogant." The Midnight Empress' melodious voice turned serious, "So I wanted to go with you, but now that you've broken through, I'll let you try the sabre. I'll leave those guys in your hands." "It's possible that the ones on the outside will escape, but those two inside, don't let them out. The G.o.ds' Ruins are not something any random dog or cat can covet. We have to teach them a lesson."

"Understood!" Yue Yang's hands were itching to try out the power of the Chixiaolian sword. These guys could be considered to have b.u.mped into some good days.

"I'll go as well…" When the female giant Raging Flame heard that there was a fight, she quickly jumped up and volunteered to fight.

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