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Long Live Summons! - c678 - [Before the storm …]

When the surrounding people saw that a fight was taking place, they quickly dodged, but then continued to watch from afar.

Bao Gu, covered in blood, stood in front of Yue Yang.

The expression on his face was full of firm determination. At the same time, he turned around to face the Vice Chairman and whispered to Yue Yang, "When I say leave, you must leave as quickly as possible."

"What about you?" Yue Yang purposely asked.

"I'm one of the honorary outer court disciples of the Carving Stone Sect, they don't dare to make things difficult for me!" Round head Bao Gu replied.

"Hahahahahaha… An honorary outer court disciple of the Carving Stone Sect. Oh, my! I was so scared that my heart almost jumped out of my chest! Ahahahaha!" The Vice Chairman of Earth Stage level 5 let out a crazed laugh and almost lost his breath. The round head Bao Gu's face turned scarlet red, but the resolution in his eyes grew stronger. He developed his battle stance. With the strength of an Earth Stage Level 3, he was ready to contend against the Vice Chairman of Heaven Stage Level 5!

"Go!" Bao Gu turned around and forcefully pushed Yue Yang.

After seeing Yue Yang break the window and fly out, he immediately stomped on the ground and rushed towards the Vice Chairman of the Chidoo Chamber of Commerce without a care for his own safety.

As long as Yue Yang could successfully escape, so what if he risked his life against his opponent?

The strength of the two was obviously different.

The Vice Chairman was at Earth Stage Level 5 and the round head Bao Gu was at Earth Stage Level 3. With just a few moves, the Vice Chairman could beat Bao Gu to be dizzy. It would be impossible for Bao Gu to fight to the death. In fact, if the Vice Chairman had not been fooling him around but had gone all out to kill him, he would have been beaten to death already!


The round head fell heavily to the ground, blood spurting out of its mouth.

The Vice Chairman laughed crazily and placed a foot on his head, "You are simply unable to withstand a single blow. Foolish weaker, don't think that courage can defeat everything. In front of me, no matter how much you struggle, you will only be striking a stone with an egg!" What I don't understand is how you, who are selfish, stingy, and like a pug, who was removed from the Carving Stone Sect due to your lack of talent, suddenly have the courage to issue a challenge to me. Before I grant you death, tell me, why would you protect that human? What benefits did he give you to work so hard for him? "

"You want to know?" Bao Gu painfully squeezed out a smile. When the Vice Chairman bent down to listen, he spat out a mouthful of blood at the Vice Chairman, "Pah!"

"You're courting death!" The Vice Chairman ferociously punched Bao Gu.

Bao Gu was badly injured, and he fainted and fell to the ground.

The Vice Chairman waved his hand and a subordinate immediately offered him a cup in a courteous manner, while the other subordinate respectfully poured wine for him.

While the Vice Chairman was tasting the wine gracefully, one of his subordinates had already brought a bucket of water and splashed the cold water onto the swollen face of the round head Bao Gu. Bao Gu woke up from his pain and discovered that there was a group of members of the Chamber of Commerce outside the door. They were holding sharp weapons in their hands, forming a circle to force 'Jun Wu Ye' back from his escape …

There were simply too many guards, and he couldn't escape from their encirclement.

Round head Bao Gu closed his eyes in pain. If he was a little stronger, he wouldn't be like this!

"Now, can you answer my question? Bao Gu, you know, my patience isn't very good. Before I finish this cup of wine, if I don't get the answer, I'm sorry, your friend, the head on his neck will fall to the ground. " The Vice Chairman of the Chidoo Chamber of Commerce was leisurely tasting fine wine.

"Cough, cough, cough!" Bao Gu suppressed the pain in his body and struggled to stand up from the ground.

"Hey, I don't like people standing higher than me when they talk!" By the side of the Vice Chairman, a subordinate had already brought a chair over for him to sit on.

On the other hand, the round head Bao Gu had one of his subordinates kicked him in the back of the knee.

It made him drop to his knees.

The surrounding guards laughed out loud. Just as Bao Gu was struggling furiously, the two guard leaders immediately placed their sharp blades on Yue Yang's neck. Simply mean that if Bao Gu stood up, then they would chop his friend to death.

Bao Gu knelt in hatred, worrying that Yue Yang's head would be chopped off by these people.

In the end, he didn't stand up.

The Vice Chairman extended his leg and kicked the round head Bao Gu, "Are you mute? If you don't say anything, I'll slit that brat's mouth …"

Bao Gu forcefully endured the pain and wiped the blood from his mouth. "Didn't you want to know the answer? I'll tell you, not because he gave me money, or anything else, but because he was my friend! Maybe you don't know what a friend is. A person like you will never know what a friend is!" Before he could finish his words, the Vice Chairman had already sent him flying several meters with a kick. One of his front teeth was kicked to fall. "Friend? You tell me about friends? Do you want to laugh me to death? Yes, I won't have any friends in my life, but Bao Gu, how can a person like you have the nerve to talk about a friend? Haven't you ever sold your friends for money? Through my hands, there have been many such betrayals. Do you think I don't know who you are? Stop trying to cover it up with stupid jokes. What the h.e.l.l did he give you to protect him like this? Hand it over, immediately hands over the treasure!"

"Hha!" Bao Gu started laughing heartily and wilding with his air-leaking mouth. "Treasures, yes. The old me used to believe that treasures and money are the best things in this world, just like the present you. However, the real treasure was a selfless trust, a sincere treatment, an indescribable friendship that could not be described with words. Friends were the most precious thing in the world, especially in this self-serving world … Forget it, you will never understand. You will always be a pitiful person! Even if I die today, I'm still better than you alive!"

"Ah, ah, I didn't expect you to become so great in such a short time!" The Vice Chairman threw his cup angrily and stood up. He punched and kicked Bao Gu until his skin in his entire body could no longer hold his bones. He did not stop until he himself was tired and panting.

"I'm not great, but I'm not pitiful!" Bao Gu spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Bao Gu, I'll give you one last chance. Hand over the treasure he gave you, or else I'll behead you immediately!" The Vice Chairman of the Chidoo Chamber of Commerce was trembling with rage.

"Even if I had a treasure, you wouldn't take it away. You only have treasure and money in your eyes. Poor wretch, you don't even have a friend." Bao Gu glanced at Yue Yang and smiled apologetically: "Sorry, making a friend like me is of no use to you at all. When you came to Black Wind City, not only was I unable to protect you, I even introduced you to the wrong people, got to know that greedy jackal, and brought about a fatal disaster…"

"I don't blame you." Yue Yang nodded and then said to the Vice Chairman, "I am from Tong Tian Sect of Western Heaven Realm and come to the South Heaven to travel. If you are willing to release me and Bao Gu, I am willing to give you all the money I have."

"How much money do you have?" The Vice Chairman asked.

"One, a cool million." Yue Yang deliberately replied with some hesitation.

"Really? That's a lot of money! But how can you use my money for ransom? Weaker, you know, as long as I kill you, everything on you will belong to me! In the Heaven Realm, for the law of the jungle, don't tell me you still don't understand! No one will pity your weakness, no one will pity your kindness, no one will pity your situation. Look, how many people are here, and who will stand up for you? No! Who would stand up against our Chidoo Chamber of Commerce? No! I don't know why you came all the way from the Western Heaven Realm, but you must remember that, this is the Southern Heaven Realm, not your West Heaven Realm which has the influence of Tong Tian Sect. This is Black Wind City, this is the place where our Chidoo Chamber of Commerce has control over life and death, understand?"

The Vice Chairman was right. The influence behind the Chidoo Chamber of Commerce was the Master of Black Wind City.

However, in Black Wind City, other than a few famous chambers of commerce in the Emerald Territory, they were the biggest and had the most authority.

Not to mention killing a travelling merchant from the Western Heaven Realm, not to mention killing a lonely human and an abandoned disciple who had no help from Carving Stone Sect, even if he killed an even more powerful expert, as long as he had enough benefits, the Master of Black Wind City would not care.

The surrounding people sighed inwardly.

Some of the small merchants who knew Bao Gu shook their heads and flinched, afraid of being implicated by him.

The seductive beauty watched from another high-rise but did not appear to save the situation. If, with her being a martial artist of Earth Stage level 8, she stood out to break the encirclement, even if the Vice Chairman t wasn't willing, he would at least be a little worried. The Vice Chairman knew this young man had no one to rely on, while Bao Gu was weak and useless, for whom it was impossible to fight him, thus he was so arrogant.

The beauty smiled at Yue Yang who remained calm, as if she was watching a good show.

When the subordinate of the Vice Chairman was about to make his move and kill Bao Gu.

A man appeared.

It could be said that this was another very important character. Without him, this extortion scene would not have been able to continue.

The Guard Captain who took responsibility of the safety of this city appeared.

He righteously stopped the a.s.sailant and stood in front of Bao Gu, who was covered in blood and wounds, "All of you, stop. With the orders of the Master of Black Wind City, all of you troublemakers will be trapped inside the Black Hole Dimension. Unless one of you can tell me what exactly happened!"

"Lord Fu, we request the master's protection." Bao Gu hurriedly rushed to the front of the Guard Captain and said, "We're being pursued … …"

"No, that's not right. Please don't listen to the robber's one-sided words." The Vice Chairman also stood up, pointed at Bao Gu and Yue Yang, and with a heartbroken expression, berated them: "They are thieves, and with the excuse of discussing business with me, they took away the three thousand-year-old Hard-sh.e.l.led Dragon Fruits that were the most important auction items in our chamber of commerce, and even stole them away. Now, the stolen goods are still in his bag. The Dragon Fruit, which was worth hundreds of thousands of gold coins, was stolen just like that. We rushed here just in time to catch up. My lord, please uphold justice for us."

"We bought the Dragon Fruit." Bao Gu quickly argued.

"Don't say anything yet, all of you shut up. I can't be sure who I'm going to listen to. When I can't determine who's wrong and who's right, I'll ask questions and you guys can answer." Guard Captain pointed at Yue Yang and asked, "Do you have the three- thousand-year-old Hard-sh.e.l.led Dragon Fruit in your bag?"

"Yes." Yue Yang nodded.

"We bought it." Bao Gu quickly added, while the Vice Chairman insisted that it was stolen.

"How much did you pay for it?" Guard Captain asked.

"One hundred thousand gold." Yue Yang replied without hesitation.

"My lord, we gave him extra three hundred thousand gold …" Before Bao Gu could finish his words, the Vice Chairman had already kicked him to the ground. The Vice Chairman swore that he didn't have one more coin, and even with a hundred thousand gold coins, the buyer was only making verbal promises. Without giving a single gold coin, they had already stolen the Dragon Fruit.

"May I ask if one hundred thousand gold can be used to purchase a three-thousand-year-old Dragon fruit?" The Guard Captain asked a senior pharmacist.

"I'm afraid that's out of the question. The starting bid for this auction would be around one hundred thousand gold coins and the minimum price would be two hundred thousand gold coins. If the quality is not bad, it has never happened to be sold at an auction price of three hundred thousand gold coins. One hundred thousand gold coins for a three-thousand-year-old Dragon fruit? I want to buy one as well" The pharmacist was clearly a distraction.

"Did you have a bill?" Guard Captain asked Yue Yang.

"…" Yue Yang shook his head.

"My lord, he refused to open an official note, but he wrote a receipt in his own name." Bao Gu struggled desperately under the escort of the city guards.

"I have never written a receipt. In Black Wind City, even idiots know that those things are useless because they can be forged by anyone. If you have a bill duly stamped with the Chidoo seal, then take it out, and if you don't, then don't insult my character. You thieves, robbers, you should all be hanged!" The Vice Chairman sneered.

"Things are pretty clear." Guard Captain sneered at Yue Yang: "Without the bill, there is no basis for words. Since you are a travelling merchant from the Western Heaven Realm, I cannot make things too difficult for you, lest people talk about it that our Black Wind City bully outsiders. However, there are rules everywhere. West Heaven Realm has rules of the West Heaven Realm, and our Southern Heaven Realm also has our own rules. In Black Wind City, stealing was not allowed. There was a penalty of 10 for stealing! Since you said that you bought it with a hundred thousand gold and you didn't have any note as proof, then, according to the price of one hundred thousand that you have agreed on, as well as based on the rule of steal a penalty of ten, you need to compensate Chidoo Chamber of Commerce with the price of one million gold. After that, immediately scram out of our Black Wind City, we will never welcome thieves here!"

The Guard Captain finally made a 'difficult decision'.

The crowd applauded in unison.

Everyone knew that the Guard Captain and Vice Chairman were joining forces to bully outsiders, but what could they do? This was at Heaven Realm, where the big fish eat up the small ones!

If that young human was a powerhouse of Heaven Stage and not a quasi-Earth Stage one, would he still be bullied like this?

The answer, of course, was impossible!

From the eyes of round head Bao Gu, two streams of tears of blood flowed out. He used a hoa.r.s.e voice to say, "Wu Ye, I was sorry, I've let you down!"

Yue Yang, however, revealed a smile: "It's alright, you are my friend. Don't say that you are not in the wrong, even if you are in the wrong, I will forgive you! If money can solve the problem, then it's best. If one has no money, he can earn anyway. As long as we are still alive, that's fine! "

When the Guard Captain heard this, his eyes flashed with a cold light.

The s.e.xy beauty was a little surprised that Yue Yang didn't get into crazy.

But then she nodded.

There would always be a strange silence before a storm …

After the city guards forcibly took away the card with one million gold in it from Yue Yang, the Guard Captain signaled two city guards to escort Bao Gu and Yue Yang out of the city.

The Guard Captain silently made a 'kill' gesture at the Vice Chairman, "Move fast. You have to do it cleanly and beautifully, don't leave any traces behind!"

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