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Chapter 686 This Is a Dream?

Full Moon Dungeon.

When Long Xiang and the Master of Black Wind City arrived, the place was already a sea of fire.

In just ten short minutes, the Dungeon that was said to hold powerhouses below Heaven Stage level 6 forever was completely destroyed.

"Tell me the process." Long Xiang knew that there was nothing he could do about it, but he wanted to know more about his opponent. Now that Raging Flames had been saved, the only thing to be considered was how strong the masked guy was, as well as the actions of the rebel army. Only by knowing one's own self and knowing the other would one be victorious!

"There are rebel spies in the Dungeon. When the masked guy led the way in, an attendant opened the door for him. I used the Braking Dragon Brake to seal the dungeon completely, but the other side had a little girl with a strange warbeast in the form of a silver deer who could easily pa.s.s through the Brake. As soon as the girl rode in on the deer, the masked guy teleported in. I can't even withstand a single move. He is unstoppable." The group leader Lei Kai was covered in blood. When he saw the raging flames in the Dungeon, he trembled with fear.

"Where are the Deng brothers?" Old Demon Wei snapped.

Inside the Full Moon Dongeon, not only Lei Kai, the leader of the squad, was in charge of watching the Raging Flames, but also the Deng brothers who specialized in water attacks.

These two brothers both had powerful water-type warbeasts, guarding the water prison. Almost no one could defeat them.

Even if they couldn't stop the masked guy, they wouldn't lose so quickly, right?

Lei Kai shook his head, "the Deng brothers, they are already dead. That masked guy had an extremely terrifying water-type warbeast. The Deng brothers didn't even have the chance to escape before they were killed on the spot. In the entire Dungeon, I am the only one who can escape alive!"

When Long Xiang heard this, he fell into deep thought again.

Old Demon Wei let out an angry snort, "Isn't there the violent Strange Demon Beast? At this critical moment, why didn't you release it from the cell?"

Lei Kai did not reply for a long time.

Only when Old Demon Wei grabbed him by the collar and shook him vigorously did he reply with a slightly trembling voice, "Strange Demon Beast… A little girl use a huge divine sword and chop it off with a single slash … Not to mention the Strange Demon Beast, I had even released all of the prisoners in the Dungeon. However, in less than a minute, those bandits, who had committed many evils in the Emerald Territory, had been completely wiped out by the masked man and his teammates… If it wasn't that he let me report this on purpose, I don't think I'll be able to escape."

The Strange Demon Beast was beheaded with a single slash?

When Old Demon Wei heard this, he secretly shuddered.

A divine artifact … a divine artifact … what did this mean? The other side had come with great support. Most likely, the experts of Heaven Stage from the Western Heaven Realm had arrived.

Although that Strange Demon Beast was only at the second level of the Heaven Stage, it was even more difficult to deal with than the Azure Swallowing Python. It was an indestructible creature, and even if it was chopped into minced meat, it could immediately turn into smoke and recover. Only divine artifacts or divine beasts could kill it!

Long Xiang and Black Wind looked at the ground.

There was a huge iron ball on the burning ground.

This thing was absolutely not in the Full Moon Dongeon … Long Xiang could see that it was the original form of the Dungeon's iron gate.

The dungeon's iron gate, which was thirty meters wide and fifteen meters thick, had now become a huge iron ball. Just what kind of power was this?

"the Raging Flames made it?" Black Wind asked tentatively.

"No." Long Xiang shook his head.

He felt that although the Raging Flames had this kind of power to knead the iron gate of the Full Moon Dongeon into such a large iron ball, it would take at least ten minutes, and he believed that the time it took to knead the iron ball wouldn't exceed a minute.

In other words, this iron gate was not made from the Raging Flames of the Southern Heaven Realm.

But someone else.


To possess a power greater than that of Captain Raging Flames?

Unless it was the t.i.tan Giant from the legends, only this race had such a possibility!

Long Xiang struggled to turn the iron ball over and found three huge marks at the bottom. Looking closer, he discovered that it was a giant's fingerprint. He couldn't help but shiver. That's for sure, t.i.tan Giant, who was at least two hundred meters tall … If this t.i.tan Giant was also a warbeast, then not to mention the rebel army acting as an insider, even if there was none, they would still be able to easily invade the Full Moon Dongeon within ten minutes.

"Is this?" Black Wind also saw the marks and felt his legs go weak from fear. He felt as if he was about to lose his urge to urinate and was about to burst out of his body.

"Things are serious. We have to be prepared for the worst. Evacuate the population, we may need a war!" Long Xiang let out a light sigh. Right now, he probably wouldn't just hand over the culprit and settle the matter peacefully.

That night, the Master of Black Wind City issued an order for the city to evacuate.

Due to the war, Black Wind City was no longer safe, and the residents had to leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, Black Wind City's army would no longer be able to protect their safety.

While the residents, merchants and mercenaries were evacuating from the teleportation circle, the Master of Black Wind City sent a big cart full of items into the secret teleportation circle of the City Lord's Mansion. His secret henchman, Barton, led the entire caravan and retreated to the Silver Storm Stronghold controlled by the Lionheart King.

Although the most valuable treasures, as well as golds, Black Wind himself stored in the Storage Ring.

However, there were still a lot of items that could not be discarded.

For example, there were all kinds of rare antiques and ores, all kinds of precious herbs and fur, all kinds of armor and luxury items … These items were all priceless. If he were to abandon a carriage of these, he would lose tens of millions. Until the last moment, Black Wind was unwilling to abandon them. All sorts of magic crystals, pets and maids were sent away by Black Wind. Even his most beloved woman was entrusted to Barton.

He believed in Barton.

Because Barton didn't like women. He only likes man. That made him a loyal flunky of the lord.

As long as the lord still alive, Barton wouldn't betray him… After Barton left, Black Wind handed over the doc.u.ments to General Jin Feng. As a balance, he gave General Jin Feng these items with long-term resources that were tied to the benefits of the Emerald Lord, Lionheart King, and the others to keep so that General Jin Feng could have a balance in his heart. As for the black market, he had already discussed it with Bai Song and the others a day ago. No matter how the battle went, when the black market reopened in the future, the benefits would spread equally with everyone.

"I need to repay the Emerald Lord." General Yu Qianjun, who had been silent all this time, suddenly bid farewell to Black Wind.

"…" Long Xiang also patted Blackwind's shoulder. Without saying anything, he walked into the portal.

He did not know what att.i.tude the Lionheart King would have, but he was sure.

Emerald Territory, the sky will definitely change here.

There were some people in the world that could not be provoked, and the Black Wind City Lord's underling had maliciously offended this kind of person who could not be offended. The most tragic thing was that when the other party gave the conditions, the Master of Black Wind City chose to face them head on instead of negotiating.

That made them trapped deeper and deeper.

The more he did the worse for wear.

To use a single word to describe it, it would be to bear the consequences of his actions!

While the Master of Black Wind City was frowning in worry, Captain Raging Flames was sleeping soundly.

In fact, she'd been asleep for a long time, ever since she'd been captured. Although he had nailed her shoulders and legs with plague dragon nails and bound her body with layers upon layers of dragon-strapped ropes, even putting her into the 'Dragon-imprisoned carriage' which even the Giant Dragon could not escape from, Old Devil Wei and the others were still worried and used medicine to keep her unconscious for a long time. At the beginning, in order to take revenge for her companion who was torn to shreds by the flames during the capture, Hoka and Savi, who once had special soldering iron, wantonly burned her body with flames through the Dragon-imprisoned carriage's fence, resulting in her anger and nearly breaking out of the car. Fortunately, the Emerald Lord, who had the talent for sleeping, personally intervened, allowing her to fall back into sleep.

Long Xiang specifically warned him that torturing a Heaven Stage Level 5 expert wasn't wise at all, in case the Raging Flame woke up.

Successfully completed self-destruction.

Within ten kilometers, everything would be in ruins.

It was precisely because of this that Old Demon Wei and the others had thought of all sorts of ways to keep the Raging Flame in a comatose state.

Raging Flame felt like he had been dreaming for a long time. In his dream, he met a man and a woman. That woman was especially gentle, and her body was so beautiful that petals could fill the sky. The man, on the other hand, was very vicious. He stared at her with his eyes wide open. He was very frightening, even more imposing than his own father.

In his dream, many things happened.

For example, someone had used the dragon nails to maliciously pierce his body. Under their siege, he was left without help.

That extremely fierce man suddenly moved to beat back those people. He even used a special flame to remove the poison from the Blast dragon nails. In fact, that fellow even released a terrifying, ancient fiend … Later on, when the fierce man disappeared, he met his enemies in his dreams. This time, the number of people increased and he fell once again … When he was unable to defeat his opponent, his thoughts were fear, not fear of anything else, but fear that the very fierce man would criticize him because he made him listen to his commands, but he didn't listen and was caught …

The dream was long and endless.

In the end, she dreamed that she was in a dungeon, and that the fierce guy came to her over the flames and stared at her with those fierce eyes, while the corners of his mouth were full of mockery, as if he were laughing at her for not being able to do anything without him.

If he could move, he would definitely give him a vicious punch.

No, this was a dream.

Normally, she would also be very fierce to him. She would glare at him, but in her dreams, there was no need for that. Perhaps, she could treat him better.

If she listened to him in her dream, it wouldn't matter. In any case, it was just a dream, so he wouldn't know …

"This guy still hasn't woken up? It was like a pig sleeping for two days and two nights!" She suddenly heard his voice, something was wrong. In her dreams, he didn't even have a voice, so how could there be a voice?

"Emmm, don't water her face, let her sleep for a while!" She heard another voice. It was the very gentle girl. Then she felt a chill spread across her face to the body. Suddenly, she opened her eyes. At first glance, she saw a pair of vicious and frightening eyes looking down at her. The Raging Flame jumped in fright. Oh, it was actually him!

"Where, where is this?" Before the Raging Flame fully woke up, they were still a little fl.u.s.tered. Was he dreaming, or was he already awake?

If this wasn't a dream, why would he appear?

But if he wasn't dreaming, how could he feel so real? The Raging Flame were confused!

Yue Yang immediately gave her a punch and scolded: "Idiot, this is my house. If I hadn't saved you, you would have turned into a dead pig. I've seen idiots like you, but I've never seen one like you!"

Raging Flame was stunned. He had saved her, and everything in her dream was real?

In her heart, there was a feeling of wanting to cry.

His body's reaction was different from this. Instead, he jumped up in a rage, "What?" "Kid, you actually dare to attack me?" When the surrounding people heard her self-address, they all laughed and laid down. Only then did Raging Flame realize that there were many people around. She quickly changed her words and greeted, "Hi everyone, please accept my regards."

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