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"Big Brother has arrived !!" Bryan shouted as he ran to hug Aatrox followed by Bruna.

Seeing his siblings, Aatrox unconsciously put a smile on his face. Seeing the happiness on their faces, he was sure he would do his all to protect them.

"Hey kids, do you want to learn something cool?" Aatrox said while stroking Bruna's hair.

Hearing what Aatrox said, they both looked at him with a curious look. "What is it, big brother?" Bruna asked while enjoying the affection that she was getting on her head.

"It's called a breathing technique. It gathers the energy in the air to make you stronger." Aatrox explained.

"Brother, are you a ninjlike Naruto? I saw in an episode when Naruto was training his jutsus, he had to gather chakra from the air, after gathering a lot of chakras he used a lot of jutsus and it was super cool!" Said Bryan clearly excited.

Thinking of his brother's a.n.a.logy, Aatrox was surprised. That was basically the concept of cultivating, you gathered energy and used it in your techniques. "That's right Bryan, but I will only teach you how to gather the energy. If you get good at it, I can teach you some jutsus. But this one will be our secret, okay? " Aatrox said thoughtfully.

'They're still young and have a lot of potential. If they get really good at cultivating the Star Lung Technique I wouldn't mind teaching them some tricks or low-level techniques.'

Hearing that they could use jutsus, the twins' eyes glittered like stars. They were clearly shocked and excited, wanting to use jutsus like the ninjas in Naruto.

Today was a very boring day for Bruna. When she woke up her older brother had already gone to school, at home were only her, Bryan and her mother Amanda.

Every time she visited her brother at the hospital, he was always sleeping. Only last week did her parents tell her and Bryan that her brother had woken up. When Bruna found out, she didn't know what to feel. She felt curious about her brother who always slept. But she felt more afraid since she didn't know if he would be mean to her and Bryan.

When she arrived at the hospital, she saw that her once sleeping brother was now awake. Looking at his thin and weak body, the fear she felt was replaced with worry. Even though she was only 4 years old, Bruna knew it wasn't healthy to be as thin as he was.

When her brother spoke to her and Bryan, Bruna felt happy. She was also curious why he slept so much.

After a few days of spending a lot of time with him, Bruna now loved him as much as she loves Bryan and her parents. Because he was older, she felt very safe with him. Everything he said was interesting. From time to time he would even tell some stories about a mystical world where people could fly and use magic. Hearing that she thought her brother must have seen it on TV, but today she thought something different.

When she was playing with Bryan in the living room, the front door opened and when she looked up her face immediately lit up. Walking through the door was her older brother Ben. Even though he left this morning, she already missed him so much, as if he had been gone for days.

As they talked, her brother put his hands on the top of her head and stroked her hair. She liked the feeling very much.

She was enjoying the warm sensation of her brother's hand flowing through her hair when he said something about learning how to gather the energy in the air. It reminded her of the stories he told about cultivators. 'Can I be like them?' She thought.

'Brother seems to know a lot, maybe if I'm good at his technique I can see these cool things and play with these amazing things too?' Bruna thought as she saw her two brothers talking.

Resolutely deciding, Bruna told her older brother that she really wanted to try and was very happy when she saw the smile appear on his face after hearing her answer.

"Alright, let's go to my room." He said as he picked her up with Bryan carrying them as he climbed the stairs toward his room.

Once there, he put them both on the bed and asked them to cross their legs and close their eyes. The siblings quickly did as he said.

Bruna closed her eyes and unknowingly, her brother was holding back from squeezing her cheeks because she looked really cute when she acted seriously.

Taking a deep breath, Bruna felt her brother's finger on her small back as she pulled something from her lungs and moved it towards the directions that his finger was pointing to.

After a few minutes, her brother Ben said, "Okay, now you know how it feels and which way the energy should go, now you should do it alone."

Seeing his gaze, Bruna wanted to show him that she could do it all by herself to make him proud of her.

Taking a deep breath, Bruna saw that it was much harder to feel the energy in the air without Ben's help. After a few tries, she felt a small, barely noticeable stream of energy coming in along with the air in her breath. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, Bruna began guiding the energy to the first point her brother showed her, trying not to dissipate the energy while doing so. Feeling sad that she couldn't carry the energy all the way, Bruna turned to look at Ben.

The look he had on his face surprised her. Bruna thought she would see a look of disappointment, but instead, it was a look of surprise.

"Have you managed to guide the energy to the first point?" Asked her brother, looking like he was trying to confirm something.

"Yes, I could only guide a little energy to the first point, then it dissipated." She said with a downcast look, but seeing her brother's gaze, her expression brightened.

"Hoho, I'm proud of you. I didn't think you could guide the energy to the first point today." He said with a smile on his face as he stroked Bruna's hair, which yielded a satisfied smile on her face.

Seeing them both, Bryan decided to take the training more seriously and tried it again. He also wanted to make his brother proud and be praised by him.

As Aatrox praised Bruna, he felt some energy coming from his younger brother. Looking at Bryan, Aatrox can see a look of surprise and happiness on his face.

Aatrox can't help but be proud, his siblings being able to guide the energy on their first day was a tremendous testament to their talent. In the cultivating world, there were several people who tried for days to guide the energy with a breathing technique and could not, even though the world was more abundant with energy in the air.

Unbeknownst to Aatrox, as he praised Bryan, the twins stared at each other and there arose a small compet.i.tion between the two over who would be praised by him more. Even if Aatrox knew, he wouldn't stop it. Having a rival would always propel them to achieve greater results in their cultivation. He would only worry that the compet.i.tion might disrupt their relationship.

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