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Among the stars in s.p.a.ce.

Sir Malone sat in his personal room. He sipped on his drink and asked, "How far away are we from the Faerie Star?"

"Sir Malone." One of the Spiral Galaxy Aristocrats heard Sir Malone's question. "At our current pace, we'll need around five more days."

"Five days? Hm, not bad." Malone nodded, satisfied. "Rest well in these few days. Oh right, what's this guy's name? Hong Dali, right? I remember someone else called Hong Dali from the Galaxy Super Mecha Wars in Shenluo City. Wasn't he the Team Captain of the champion team? Was that him?"

During the Galaxy Super Mecha Wars, Hong Dali's instant kill on Li Tianxing left a strong impression on Sir Malone.

"Yes, yes." The Spiral Galaxy Aristocrat hurriedly replied, "We've conducted thorough research on every member of Hong Dali's team. We've collected some important information." He was well aware of Sir Malone's temper and picked to talk about the important point. "Everyone around Hong Dali appears highly valuable. Of course, to Sir Malone, that may not be important. However, we did find something that will definitely interest you, Sir."

He hurriedly brought up the holographic projection. An image of Li Nianwei, the winner of Sing! Milky Way, appeared on the screen!

"Li Nianwei, she's the champion of the Sing! Milky Way Hundred City Showdown. Her musical talent is out of the world." The Spiral Galaxy Aristocrat smiled and said, "Her voice was crowned the 'golden voice' by those who heard her singing in the Milky Way. Furthermore, she was widely known as a G.o.ddess-level singer because of her beauty."

Li Nianwei. Malone heard of her before. However, he was in a rush to leave the previous time and did not pay close attention to her information. Now that the Spiral Galaxy Aristocrat introduced her, coupled with the images in the holographic projection…

Malone was instantly drunk.

This woman was too beautiful.

From her face to her body, to her height and weight, to her ample bosom and full b.u.t.tocks. Everything was perfection! Malone had always been a l.u.s.tful man. He had been with countless women over the years. However, it was not an overstatement when he thought that he had never met a woman as perfect as Li Nianwei!

Who was Malone? He was a Dimu Star Sector High n.o.ble!

With his status, which galaxy would not treat him with the highest respect when they hosted him? Which women who had been with him were not the top-ranked G.o.ddesses in the entire galaxies?

However, everything was different now. In front of Li Nianwei, all those women were like roosters compared to a phoenix!

There was absolutely no comparison!

"This Li Nianwei. I like her!" Malone's eyes lit up and his breathing quickened. "Hurry! Hurry and show me her performance on stage. Quick! She's beautiful, too beautiful!"

Soon, Li Nianwei's live performance was played.

Within a minute, Malone was completely won over by Li Nianwei. "Good. Good! This woman is perfect! Only a woman like this is suitable for me! Hahaha!"

"Sir Malone, then what you mean is…" Seeing that Malone was clearly in a good mood, the Spiral Galaxy Aristocrat decided to strike the iron while it was hot. "How should we cooperate with you?"

"Cooperate?" Malone touched his chin. "Hm, we'll see how things go. Maybe I should give more in exchange for such a perfect woman. If the price is too low, it won't be interesting. Wahahahahaha!"

Faerie Star.

Inside Baby Bear Xiao Hei's cave.

Hong Dali stayed here for the past few days. After all, the Mother Bear just had her surgery and needed someone to take care of her.

"Wahahaha, Mother Bear, your wounds are almost healed?" Hong Dali looked at the slowly moving Mother Bear and laughed. "How are you feeling?" He turned on soul connection as he spoke. As it would be difficult to communicate otherwise.

"This Hong Dali." Jiang Qianxue smiled and rubbed her nose as she looked at the cheerful Hong Dali. "If it weren't for the past few days, I really wouldn't have known that he's so kind. He's loved animals since young, and can even communicate intimately with them."

Jiang Qianxue did plenty of asking around about Hong Dali in the past few days.

As Jiang Qianxue was such a beautiful and easygoing Galaxy Aristocrat, everyone treated her as one of their own. Therefore, they told her all about Hong Dali's interesting life on Earth.

The more that she knew about Hong Dali, the more that Jiang Qianxue felt like it was lucky for her to make such a good friend.

The reason was not complicated. It had nothing to do with his status or his strength.

To summarize, three words were enough.

He was kind.

It was that simple.

Because Hong Dali was kind enough and treated his friends well, Jiang Qianxue felt like it was good to make friends with him. Really good. Their friendship was that simple.

"Much better now." Mother Bear walked around the cave and nudged Hong Dali's face with her head.

Originally, it would not be an easy feat to recover from such a huge wound. However, thanks to Hong Dali's snack, the Dali Beans, she was able to move around in a few days.

If it weren't for that, the recovery would probably take at least two or three months.

"Haha, as long as you're alright!" Hong Dali stretched. "Aiya, then let's go and play! Mother Bear, are there any good places around? You're more familiar with this place, right? Bring us around?"

"Dali, are you insane?" Tang Muxin ferociously stepped on Hong Dali's foot. "Mother Bear just recovered, and you're asking her to bring us around? Can you be a little less heartless?" She said to Mother Bear, "Mother Bear, don't listen to this b.a.s.t.a.r.d Dali. Just rest and recover. We can walk around on our own."

Everyone agreed with her. After all, Mother Bear had barely recovered. It was too much to ask her to bring them around.

"Ah, haha, haha. I was a little inconsiderate." Hong Dali laughed and said, "Then we'll walk around and come back at night. We'll bring some food back for you."

"Let my child bring you." Mother Bear did not force herself. She pushed her precious child forward. "He followed me to plenty of places around here. He'll recognize the routes."

Eh? That worked too. Since the Mother Bear could not move, it was a good choice for the Baby Bear to bring everyone around too…

Hence, Xiao Hei the Baby Bear came over and hugged Hong Dali's leg. "Big Bro Dali, I can bring you. I know plenty of places too."

"Sure, sure." Hong Dali laughed and said, "Let's go now!"

Xiao Hei was indeed familiar with the surroundings. He pointed towards East and whispered, "Big Bro Dali, there's a huge pond over there. There are many fishes in the water. Mama brought me there once before, the fish tasted amazing!"

Eh? A huge pond? A lake? A lake with fish? They must go to such a good place!

"Go, go, go. We must go!" Hong Dali snapped his fingers. "Lead the way. Hahahaha!"

Above Faerie Star.

"Sir Malone," The Spiral Galaxy Aristocrat politely said, "We are above the Faerie Star now. How should we proceed from here?" In front of him was the holographic projection of the entire Faerie Star. It was beautiful and grand.

"We're here?" Malone nodded and stood up. He took out a small device and pressed it, pointing towards the holographic projection.

Zing zing zing zing—

After one press of his device, a huge crowd of small dots appeared on the holographic projection of Faerie Star. There were tens of thousands of them.

Some of these dots were silver, some black, and a few black and white. However, the most common color was purple, spread across the entire planet.

The Spiral Galaxy Aristocrat did not recognize what they were. However, he soon understood. "Sir Malone, these… these are… the coordinates of all the Stellar Aristocrats and Honorary Aristocrats on Faerie Star?"

"Smart." Malone was in a good mood as he was about to see the woman of his dreams. "Those white dots are Stellar Aristocrats. Hehe, your coat technology is provided by us High n.o.bles. Naturally, basic tracking devices are installed. Of course, you don't need to worry. There are limitations on these things. They're basically just for tracking purposes. They can be used on training grounds like the Faerie Star, but they'll be useless once you enter the galaxy."

"Phew, that's good." The Spiral Galaxy Aristocrat wiped off some cold sweat. After all, n.o.body would like to become a target under surveillance, right? He then carefully asked, "Then, Sir Malone, we need to… scan through all the dots one by one to locate our target?"

"Of course it won't be that troublesome." Malone pulled up the search interface. "Galaxy Aristocrat, Hong Dali."

This method was indeed simple. As Malone entered the search criteria, almost all the dots disappeared from the surface of Faerie Star. Only two remained!

One silver and white. One black and white.

Galaxy Aristocrat, Jiang Qianxue. Black and White-level Double Aristocrat, Hong Dali!

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