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Only when he sent his opponent to the resurrection point did a little bit of expression appear on Blood Demon's face. He bowed in the direction of the two Elders and asked, "Can I be promoted to the Black-level too?" This fellow was indeed a gifted killer, he didn't even show any expression after he tortured his opponent to death…

"Y… Yes…" Li Xuancheng was completely speechless now.

Now that he had already said out the words, he couldn't retract them even if he wanted to, so he could only nod his head bitterly and said, "Then, congratulations on becoming a Black-level Honorary Aristocrat!"

It was no wonder that he was so depressed, the Black-level Honorary Aristocrats would require a lot of resources from the Galaxy Aristocrats to groom them. Although he didn't need to provide these resources himself, this was still akin to giving them to Hong Dali directly. Didn't that mean to say that he was helping to groom talents for his opponent?

But with his ident.i.ty and status, it was definitely impossible for him to go back on his words. Therefore, he didn't have a choice but to agree.

Thus, another Black-level Honorary Aristocrat was born!

All of the people on the spectator stand had completely collapsed. In just such a short moment, Hong Dali had three Black-level Honorary Aristocrats as his lackeys. If they counted in Harman, that would be four Black-levels!

"I… I can't withstand this anymore. Four Black-levels, four! Four Black-level lackeys, this world is too crazy!"

"How can the luck of this Hong Dali be this good, why is the people around him all so strong? According to our data, isn't he a b.u.mpkin who just came from a village-like planet? How did he become so strong?"

"This… How many strong people does he actually have? Is it possible that there are even more?"

Yup, very quickly, they knew if there were more or not—this time, the one who entered the arena was a small child looking only about six or seven years old…

Everyone looked at this child who was only 1.2 or 1.3 meters tall and completely collapsed!

"G.o.d, even a child from Hong Dali's side can enter the arena too? This is totally just a small child, isn't he?"

"He only looks a few years old, is it really suitable for him to partic.i.p.ate in the fight?"

Even Jiang Dongliu was stunned too. He stared with wide eyes at the child and carefully asked, "Child, this isn't a playground. This is a compet.i.tion, fighting will be very painful."

Actually, at such a moment, the others should give a kind laugh, then show their care and concern towards the child, then try to persuade him to go back and change to an adult to partic.i.p.ate in the fight.

But the problem was that the people around Hong Dali were all too incredible, they really didn't dare to really belittle this small child.

G.o.d knew if this was another freak-like person?

"Grandpa, my Grandfather Master says that I can come and play since we won't really die anyway." The small child answered.

Everyone was shocked!

What kind of place was this? The advancement a.s.sessment for the warrior department! But his grandfather master asked him to come here and play?

"Then, child." Li Xuancheng looked at the child and smilingly asked, "What's your name? Did your Grandfather Master really asked you to come here to play?"

"My name is Bai Hechou, I am Daddy's good Son." Little Bai Hechou looked at him and said, "My Grandfather Master said that I can play up to my heart's content. If not, I wouldn't have come."

Wasn't there any normal person in Hong Dali's group? The spectators didn't know what to say anymore. Of course, they were more curious if this child was really able to fight or not? Logically speaking, since he dared to come into the arena, he probably wasn't simple too.

Whatever the case, since he was already inside the arena, they couldn't reject fighting him just because he was very young, right?

Therefore, the last Blue and Purple level entered the arena.

At this moment, no one was concerned about how strong this Blue and Purple-level Double Aristocrat was anymore. They were only concerned about how incredible a person would this Bai Hechou be…

Therefore, the compet.i.tion started.

Before the fight started, Little Bai Hechou only said one sentence.

"Super Earthling, level one."

Then, everyone saw Little Bai Hechou charging around inside the arena like a bullet. That Blue and Purple-level Double Aristocrat wasn't weak, but facing Little Bai Hechou who used a small portion of his strength…

Alright, basically speaking, all that the Blue and Purple level could do was just to be beaten up…

Everyone was so shocked that they stared in bewilderment.

That was just a small child about six or seven years old, but he was actually so strong?

Probably only Jiang Qianxue and Yin Tianzong understood how strong Little Bai Hechou really was—that was a child who was fused with half of the bloodline of the Golden Emperor Beetle. It wasn't an overstatement to say that in this entire venue, probably only Hong Dali was stronger than him…

"I can't stand this anymore! How are we supposed to live? A small child! A small child is already so strong!"

"Who is this Hong Dali? He has so many incredible people around him, who can stand this?"

"That's right. No matter the case, that's a Blue and Purple-level Double Aristocrat, but he's being beaten up like he's a toy…"

Li Xuancheng really didn't dare to send more people into the arena anymore. This Hong Dali was too terrifying, all of the people around him were incredible people! Those previous ones were still acceptable, but even this small child was so terrifying…

"Big Grandpa." After settling his opponent, Little Bai Hechou grinned and looked at Li Xuancheng. "Am I a Black-level too now?"

"Y… Yes…" Li Xuancheng was completely at a loss of what to say. Even in his dreams, he had never dreamed of such a scene before. Of course, if he knew that all of them added up also might not be a match for this child if he transformed into the third level, he might probably directly collapse…

Now that the compet.i.tion had proceeded to this stage, basically no one held any hopes of the Purple and Black levels winning anymore.

All of them looked at the strongest Double Honorary Aristocrat that Li Xuancheng brought here today, the Black and White-level Li Haokong.

Maybe only he could help Li Xuancheng to gain back some pride.

"Let me." Sensing everyone's gaze, Li Haokong violently stood up. At this moment, the pressure had already been built up to a climax. If this scene continued, there might not even be a need to continue the compet.i.tion anymore. If that really happened, even if he could win, he would at most be considered to be a supporting role for Hong Dali.

Not even Li Haokong could accept such a difference in their ident.i.ty.

"Okay!" Seeing Li Haokong stand up, Li Xuancheng loudly said, "Then, the next shall directly be the match between the Black and White-level Double Aristocrat Li Haokong and Hong Dali!"

Li Haokong was finally entering the arena!

The whole venue fell silent. After all, Li Haokong could be said to be a legendary character in the entire Milky Way. He was a super-genius. Even Li Tianxing, who was acclaimed to be the number one warrior amongst the younger generation of the Galaxy Aristocrats, couldn't last a few moves against Li Haokong.

Now that he would be entering the arena, how would Hong Dali's side handle this?

Everyone looked towards Hong Dali, would this miraculous prodigal enter the arena himself this time?

Very quickly, they were disappointed.

This time, Hong Dali still wasn't going to fight himself too! The one who represented him was a young man about 1.9 meters tall! He was quite thin, but his muscles were very well-defined, clearly showing that his body possessed very strong explosion power.

Such a person would probably not be weaker than any of the previous few. But his opponent this time was one of the top five geniuses in the entire Milky Way, was he really able to be a match for Li Haokong?

"Humph, Hong Dali doesn't dare to come down and fight himself?" It would be fine if Hong Dali sent others to represent him to fight the other Honorary Aristocrats. But now that he, Li Haokong, had already entered the arena, Hong Dali still refused to fight him personally! This was looking down on him! This caused the Li Haokong who was always very full of himself to be unable to tolerate this and angrily shouted, "Unrelated people stand down, the one I am challenging is Hong Dali, not his lackey!"

Only Li Haokong would dare to say this now because he was indeed qualified to say this.

But the problem was that he was the only one who thought so, the tall and thin young man didn't. "I am really sorry. I am Young Master's lackey, Levis. Nice to meet you. I feel that with your strength, there isn't a need for Young Master to fight you himself."

Li Haokong wasn't strong enough for Hong Dali to fight him?

Hearing this, everyone was astonished!

That was Li Haokong, one of the only five Black and White-level Double Aristocrats in the entire Milky Way! But even such a person wasn't enough for Hong Dali to battle with him personally? Did Hong Dali even know how powerful Li Haokong actually was?

"Too arrogant!" Li Haokong was so angry that he laughed and said, "Okay, since all of you are so arrogant, I shall let you guys see today what true strength is!"

"I'd like that." Levis insipidly nodded.

Li Haokong was indeed quite strong, which was why Hong Dali sent Levis to handle him. After all, the rest of his lackeys might not be a match for this guy.

"Humph, I will definitely defeat you in three moves!" Saying so, darkness shrouded his entire body. Those in the venue who were knowledgeable instantly shouted, "Dark energy, it's the dark energy! Li Haokong can actually use dark energy now! G.o.d, his dark energy has at least reached level three, right?"

"That's right, he is indeed a super-genius. He actually reached the level three dark energy, impressive!"

The Secrets of Dark Energy were split into four levels.

The first level, Gather Energy. At this stage, the user could only cover a small part of his body with dark energy. The Black-level Honorary Aristocrat Wu Qing who Levis defeated with one blow previously was at this level.

The second level, Strengthen Energy. At this stage, the dark energy could cover the entire body and strengthen the user's attack and defense capability. If a normal Black-level Honorary Aristocrat practiced for 30 years and they were genius enough, they might reach this stage.

The third level, Release Energy. At this stage, the dark energy could be spread out to form a territory that belonged to the user! In this territory, the user would be able to capture all of the opponent's movements and actions clearly.

The fourth and highest level, Sense of Energy. At this stage, the user could sense the dark energy within a radius of a hundred miles. At this stage, they could easily use the dark energy to attack, defend, or control their opponents.

Now that Li Haokong instantly used the level three dark energy once the match started, it could be seen that he was indeed very angry!

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