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Tang Muxin secretly pursed her mouth and buried her mournful face into Li Nianwei's arms. "Uh, uh, uh. Sister Nianwei, Dali got himself another one. Uh, uh, uh…" Of course, she said this to Tang Muxin secretly. She was well aware of the current situation, it was not a time to throw tantrums—that would have been deadly!

"This…" Hong Dali gulped. "Sister Zining, I… this… I don't have much experience…" He really did not. The attention he got from the girls around him, all things aside, at least he understood Tang Muxin and Li Nianwei's love for him. But Hong Dali was not the one who initiated it. To ask him to initiate and date someone, he really did not know what to do!

"Learn if you don't know how!" Ji Zining was decisive. "Do you know how to do everything the minute you were born? You have to slowly learn! Anyway, I'm not in a hurry!"

d.a.m.n, you may not be in a hurry but I am! I still have to squander! I have squandering missions! You may not be in a hurry, but I will die if I don't squander!

"In that case," Hong Dali got serious. "let's begin!" Time waits for no one. I'm really forced into it!

The lackeys cheered behind him, beating drums and clanging gongs. "For the future of all mankind in the universe, chase after girls, Young Master!"

Clang clang dong, clang clang dong…

Hence, Young Master Hong Dali's journey of chasing after girls began.

There was no one on Earth now. Everyone that was supposed to leave had left. It was convenient to go anywhere. There was no traffic jam or anything—it was not like they would get stuck in a jam since Hong Dali could fly. The Thunder Angel was indeed useful…

Young Master Hong Dali's level was pretty high. The first top, Merika White House…

A bunch of lackeys got the best dining table in the world. It was a special extended dining table used by the French Aristocrats. It was exquisitely made of pure rosewood. The chairs were all set with gold tr.i.m.m.i.n.gs, cups, forks, knives, and chopsticks were sterling silver—The chopsticks were especially taken from Tianjing Palace in order to cater to Hong Dali's eating habits. As for the knife and fork, they were there to look exquisite. Hong Dali would not use such things. He was someone who went to a western restaurant to drink Chinese wine and eat fried rice…

No choice, he was rich enough to be capricious.

Of course, the weather was quite hot. But the Emperor Beetle floated in the sky to block everyone from the weather. Luckily for its fifty-thousand-meter-long body, that was sufficient to ensure good weather for everyone. It was clear and cloudless…

It was a candlelight dinner, specially-made candles, the best big red candles were placed on the table. A variety of western food used to bring up the atmosphere. The best steak had to be medium-well. Bacon mayonnaise, brewed Ginseng soup, Indonesia's number one frog soup—it did not matter if they were delicious or not, only with all the best dishes on the table was it sufficient to look extravagant and grand.

Next was the main course. It was a must to have a Manchu Han Imperial Feast in order to match with the prodigal's status.

The real Manchu Han Imperial Feast, 108 dishes, 108 side dishes, all carefully planned.

One hundred and eight dishes with one main dish placed in the middle of the table, with eighteen side dishes around it. That was the standard main dish in the Manchu Han Imperial Feast. Hence, 108 main dishes meant 108 tables. It was not just 108 dishes placed on a big table.

Hence the saying: a Manchu Han Imperial Feast was enough for a few hundred people to eat for one month. Although it was an exaggeration, it was definitely sufficient for a few hundred people to eat for a week!

There was no one on Earth anyway, for show's sake, a Manchu Han Imperial Feast was necessary. And it had to be eaten in Merika's White Palace! This was the way to be impressive!

Hence, this Manchu Han Imperial Feast was suggested by Hong Dali. Ling Xiaoyi arranged for everyone to help out a little to fill up all 108 tables!

The atmosphere was a little weird.

The Golden Emperor Beetle was above in the sky, covered with gold armor, very apt of Hong Dali's ident.i.ty. On the ground, the soldiers who escaped from the s.p.a.ce carriers sat at the 108 tables. Although they were not on the same side with the Zergs, things had changed and no one dared to do anything different. They were able to live, after all; no one wanted to die. The most important thing was that they were not fugitives, so they would not be punished.

Other than these soldiers, countless Zergs surrounded the entire Merika. Cars, buildings, steel, livestock, they ate everything they could see. They had to eat too. Hence, it became interesting—on the surface of Merika, other than the white house which Hong Dali and the rest were in, everything was eaten up by the Zergs. It became a barren piece of land.

Merika's President McGregor was sure to be shocked if he saw this.

En, hopefully, his heart was strong enough…

The atmosphere was very important when it came to dating. Hong Dali himself was very handsome, and there was nothing serious about him. Although he was a prodigal, he had a solid foundation. Others' family background never mattered to him. They would not be as rich as him, anyway. Zhang Yi was a beauty, no worse than Tang Muxin or Li Nianwei. Both of them looked very good together. The atmosphere was not bad, either. Grand and pompous. The place was full of candles, warm and romantic.

But the problem was, there were thousands of people present. Everyone was holding chopsticks or forks and knives. With so many pairs of eyes staring at them, it was difficult to engage in proper conversion.

Hong Dali could not utter a word. After a long period of time, he finally said something. "Everyone, eat and drink to your heart's content!"

d.a.m.n, are you holding a wedding dinner?

Everyone burst out in laughter. Everyone who was initially nervous and anxious felt more at ease in an instant.

"This brat," Although she didn't feel too good, Tang Muxin could only shrug her shoulders. "when he talked about the seven crucial points. At a time like this, he couldn't apply it at all!"

"Useless!" Ji Zining appeared displeased. "Why are you so useless? Can't you say some loving words?!"

Zhang Yi's face went red from embarra.s.sment and did not know what to say…

"There are too many people here, I don't know what to say." Hong Dali appeared grieved. "Have you seen anyone dating with so many people staring at them? It has to be dark and late into the night at least…"

"Then you can kill someone and set a fire?" Ji Zining indeed spent time on Earth in Heavenly State during the ancient times. She was familiar with such sayings. "Don't dally. If you really can't do it, I have an idea. Both of you may return to the Thunder Angel, or find somewhere with n.o.body around and do what needs to be done first!"

Do what needs to be done? What was there that needed to be done?

"Sister Zining, the thing that needs to be done, you're referring to…" Hong Dali hurriedly asked.

"What else can there be." Ji Zining was an old monster who lived for three hundred years, she did not feel embarra.s.sed when she spoke about it. "You're a man, she's a woman. The thing that you do between a man and a woman, is what needs to be done!"

"Sheesh—" Hong Dali drew in a cold breath. "That's, not too good, right?!"

Zhang Yi buried her head in her chest…

"Who told you to be so useless!" Ji Zining said angrily. "When I first came here, there was no such thing as a dating process. As long as our parents approved, we had to get married! Now I approved, get an Elder from your side. Once they approve, it's a deal!"

d.a.m.n! Power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning?!

"Dating." Hong Dali dragged Zhang Yi away. "We'll go date, alright?!"

If he let her continue, they might be sent straight to the room…

"Useless brat." Ji Zining vented her anger. "Timid like a mouse, you're a man, can't you act like one!"

Rubbish, with his fiancée sitting beside, what could he do?!

After Hong Dali dragged Zhang Yi away, he soon found the president's office within the White House. En, it's not bad here. Speaking of which, as someone from Heavenly State, I'm using the Merika President's office to pick up girls, that's f**king awesome. It's an entirely different level-up.

As soon as Zhang Yi entered the room, she quickly turned around in embarra.s.sment. There was no one around, Hong Dali gently approached Zhang Yi and stretched out his hands to hug Zhang Yi's waist and said softly, "Sister Zhang Yi, I'm sorry…"

"Ah?" She did not expect the first thing he said to be words of apology. Zhang Yi was shocked. She started trembling as she asked softly, "Why… why are you sorry?"

Zhang Yi's figure was really good. Her waist was delicate and smooth, full of elasticity, especially since she often wore a small black leather outfit, her waist seemed even more slender. But her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were puffy and well-developed, almost bursting out of her clothes.

"Because I already have a fiancée." It was not appropriate to say this at this time. Hong Dali was such a person. He was honest and did not know how to coax girls. He showed all his feelings—you see, this is me. Like me if you wish, I won't force you if you don't like me.

He was the same when he was on Earth, single—see, I have neither money nor power. I have no parents. If you like me, good. If you don't like me, fine with me.

Unsurprisingly, no girls liked him…

"I, I know…" Of course Zhang Yi knew about Hong Dali and Tang Muxin. She closed her eyes briefly but could not stop trembling. "But, I… I know… I already like you…"

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