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"Why?!" Ding Chengzhi was stunned when he heard what Hong Dali said. The cla.s.smates were all shocked as well.

Tang Muxin tugged at Hong Dali's sleeve and said, "Dali, it's 200,000 yuan. And it is just for them to use the song. Why not?"

Two hundred thousand as the licensing fee was not a small amount. This was not just a monetary transaction. This meant that a well-known company like Penghui Films acknowledged Caiwei Entertainment. This meant that with just one song, Li Nianwei could shoot to stardom and no longer be an unknown singer bullied by others.

But Hong Dali disagreed. It was no wonder these people were so shocked.

All of that meant nothing to the superprodigal Hong Dali. He rubbed his nose and said naturally, "Who knows what kind of standard Wind Pursuer has. I don't want Sister Nianwei's first famous song to be destroyed by a lousy movie. I'm not short of money anyway."

Normally, even if Ding Chengzhi was not able to obtain the song to use as the theme song for the movie, he wouldn't be concerned about saving face. "Lightning Pursuit" might be a good song, but he could always find another song, even though the new song might not be as suitable. As the saying went, one could hit his head and bleed, but one couldn't lose face. This prodigal young master had actually said that his film was a lousy film. He could not tolerate this any longer.

Ding Chengzhi exasperatedly said, "Our Wind Pursuer is a blockbuster with more than 10 million invested. It is in no way a lousy film. Within the country, the number of films of such a caliber is lower than five!"

In this world, a film with a production budget of more than 10 million was really a blockbuster.

When the surrounding cla.s.smates heard the production budget, they all drew in a cold breath at the same time.

What kind of person was Hong Dali? He had died on Earth and been reborn to this world. Ten million yuan in this world was only equivalent to 50 million yuan on Earth. That was peanuts in the film industry. There was no way this number could scare him. Hong Dali continued to appear listless. "It is just 10 million yuan… Wind Pursuer , just the name sounds like it will be a lousy film…"

Ding Chengzhi was fuming with rage. This person in front of him was the young master of the Hong family, the only son and descendant. He could not afford to offend this young master. Hence, he could only try his best to calm down and use his gentlest tone to ask Hong Dali, "What would be considered a blockbuster in Young Young Master Dali's opinion? Ten million is the most we can gather for the production budget."

Hong Dali sniffed. "It seems your company is just average. Show me the movie first. If it is good, I will invest another three million yuan. As for the name of the movie, Wind Pursuer does not sound impressive at all. How about The Gale Flash ? That sounds good."

An additional three million yuan investment in the end?

Ding Chengzhi felt like his heart could almost not take it. Previously, he had heard that the Hong family's young master Hong Dali was a prodigal. But he could finally see it for himself today. Not only was Hong Dali a prodigal, but he was also a superprodigal.

To invest three million yuan just like that? The only condition was that they change the t.i.tle of the movie?

This was like money dropping from the sky. There was no way he would miss it. Ding Chengzhi hurriedly replied, "Okay. I will report to my boss now. On my return, I will bring what has been filmed to show to you, Young Master Dali. The percentage of profits from the box office will be according to the usual rules, in proportion to whatever Young Master Dali has invested."

Hong Dali shrugged his shoulders. "It is no use saying all this. Show me the movie before I decide if it is worth investing in. I may be a prodigal, but I will not throw my money away. Um, when can I see the movie?"

As the music producer for Penghui Films, Ding Chengzhi had some special privileges. This was a good time to gain a greater investment for the movie. He had to do it even if it was beyond his level. He fished out a USB from his pocket and said, "Young Master Dali, do you have a computer here? I have some scenes here. Please take a look."

Hong Dali snapped his fingers. "Do we have a computer? Bring it over."

Everyone around shook their head. "No."

Hong Dali: "Go buy one, then. Who is that?" Hong Dali pointed at a lackey. "You, come over! Go get 10,000 yuan and bring back a computer. It must be a good one. You can keep the change."

"Yes, Young Master!" The lackey had gotten lucky. Just running an errand would earn him seven to eight thousand dollars as pocket money. Who could meet with such a good opportunity! He disappeared in an instant.

Ling Yi took the chance and asked Hong Dali, "Brother Dali, give me an errand too!"

Hong Dali: "There will be a chance for everyone!"

After half an hour.

Hong Dali stared open-mouthed at the computer screen, almost drooling. "I can tell at one glance that this is a fake background. Is this what you said was a blockbuster?!"

"Yes, that's right. Is there anything wrong?" Ding Chengzhi wiped the sweat from his forehead. "Our 3D creation team spent more than half a month creating the background for this scene. This is the most advanced technology within the country. It might look a bit fake, but not to the extent that one can tell at a glance, right?"

Hong Dali had seen all sorts of intriguing CGI on Earth. Although the animation looked real, it did not match the surrounding environment at all. Hong Dali gloomily said, "This is just a scene that has mountains and rivers. You even had to do CGI? Are you kidding me?"

Ding Chengzhi helplessly said, "I didn't wish for this either. But where can we find a suitable background for this scene? This was the last resort. Young Master Dali, do you know? Just this short section of CGI cost us 500,000 yuan! How many 500,000 yuans do we have?"

Hong Dali ignored him and continued with his criticism. "The scene is bad, even the storyline is bad. Where are the ups and downs? Where are the exciting parts? The storyline is like the flow of a river, slow and steady. Were you intending to make this a cradle movie?"

"The storyline is bad?" Ding Chengzhi tried his best to defend the show, saying, "This is the best storyline we have. Those who have seen it have said it is good!"

I forgot the standard of the entertainment industry in this world. What a bother.

Hong Dali continued to mumble, "I had such high hopes. This is bad. the storyline should be good in order to make a movie. The CGI animations have to be flawless and up to standard. The actors have to be beautiful! Look at this, is this really a movie?"

Ding Chengzhi stubbornly replied, "Yes, of course, it is! This will definitely be one of the best films this year."

Hong Dali decisively said, "I'll invest five million yuan! Do it according to my instructions. Change whatever can be changed!"

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