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Able to increase the individual combat ability of soldiers—that was a great ability. The Bureau Chief left quickly and came back even quicker, and very soon, he brought back two people.

One of them was Mu Huishou, and the other was the hypnotist.

"Mu Huishou is my nephew, his loyalty can be said to be undoubtable. Previously, he'd been working for Dali, and their relationship is not bad. If we do the experiment with him, I believe that the effects will be better." The Bureau Chief pointed again at the hypnotist. "w.a.n.g Chaoen, currently the top hypnotist in Heavenly State. He's just happened to be within Tianjing City, so I sent a helicopter to fetch him."

The mysterious middle-aged man carefully sized up the two of them. The hypnotist aside, he'd heard about Mu Huishou—he was dependable and very close to Hong Dali. If he hypnotized him, there shouldn't be too much resistance. In conclusion, he was indeed a good candidate. As for the hypnotist w.a.n.g Chaoen… The mysterious middle-aged man pulled the Bureau Chief over and whispered, "The matter is serious, it definitely cannot be leaked."

"Alright, I'll go and let him know." The Bureau Chief went to w.a.n.g Chaoen's side and whispered something, and w.a.n.g Chaoen, upon hearing it, desperately nodded his head. Then the Bureau Chief came back, smiled, and said, "No problem, it will definitely not be leaked."

The mysterious middle-aged man looked at w.a.n.g Chaoen, and upon seeing w.a.n.g Chaoen happily nodding towards him, he was satisfied, smiled, and said, "In that case, let's start now. You can tell Mr. w.a.n.g about the specific requirements."

"OK, no problem." The Bureau Chief leaned over to instruct again, and w.a.n.g Chaoen desperately nodded again, then the experiment started.

w.a.n.g Chaoen took out the hypnotizing instruments. Though Mu Huishou wasn't clear about what was exactly happening, there was one thing he was very clear about—the middle-aged man talking with the Bureau Chief had an extremely powerful background, so powerful that he didn't even dare to think about it. Thus, there was only one choice for him—to do whatever he was told.

Thus, the initial stage of the experiment was extremely smooth, and Mu Huishou was soon hypnotized.

"I'm Mu Huishou, my mission is to absolutely obey any orders from Young Master Hong Dali, even if he asks me to die…" The hypnosis started. The Bureau Chief and the mysterious middle-aged man didn't even dare to observe from nearby, in case they were implicated. Mu Huishou was the first target in being hypnotized. After he entered the state of mind, he followed with totally no consciousness. "I'm called Mu Huishou, my mission is to absolutely obey any orders from Young Master Hong Dali, even if he asks me to die…"

The hypnotist continued, "My loyalty towards Young Master Hong Dali has definitely reached the max… I'll definitely not betray him in any way…"

Mu Huishou: "My loyalty towards Young Master Hong Dali has definitely reached the max… I'll definitely not betray him in any way…"

This process continued for approximately half an hour. After the experiment ended, the hypnotist's forehead brimmed with sweat. Mu Huishou, on the other hand, was evidently in a daze, then he slowly recovered his conscious state of mind.

"What exactly did I do just now?" Mu Huishou felt very strange about the matter today because he totally couldn't understand what was going on. But fortunately, the Bureau Chief and that mysterious middle-aged man walked over. After the mysterious middle-aged man had waved his hand and invited the hypnotist w.a.n.g Chaoen out to take a rest, he said to Mu Huishou, "Huishou, don't ask about anything first… Um, Wu Di, is there a place for us to test it out?"

The Bureau Chief instantly said, "Yes, we have a gymnasium here, let's go there."

Instantly, with the Bureau Chief leading the way in front, the three of them exited from the office and went down the spiral staircase to the front of a big iron door in the bas.e.m.e.nt. The Bureau Chief said, "We're here. This is our gymnasium. Everyone usually likes to exercise here, but it's just that the noise is too loud, so we've arranged it to be underground."

Looking at the scene within the gymnasium, the mysterious middle-aged man smiled and said, "It's quite good here. Not bad, not bad."

The huge gymnasium had all sorts of equipment, and its scale was close to the largest luxurious gym center in the city. At a corner of this gymnasium, there was a game machine like those in an arcade center. This game machine was not like the other ordinary battling types, it was a punching machine to test strength!

"Huishou, I don't need to say more right. Muster your strength," The Bureau Chief slowly said, "And punch it."

"OK." Mu Huishou took off his sweater and slowly walked over.

The mysterious middle-aged man and the Bureau Chief were quite nervous. Would the Mu Huishou after undergoing hypnosis really have any change?

Upon reaching the front of the punching machine, Mu Huishou adjusted his breathing and tried his best to elevate his physical condition to the best state. Then, he slowly clenched his right fist, his eyes revealing a mysterious blaze, and in no time, Mu Huishou was like a lazy lion which suddenly became triggered. His spine instantly became tight and his leg strength spread to his waist, then transported through the spine, and he threw out his punch.

Mu Huishou's movements were as if they were in slow motion to the max in the eyes of the Bureau Chief and the mysterious middle-aged man. Every minor gap, the path of the fist traveling, all the movements throughout Mu Huishou's entire body, they were all clearly shown to the two of them. And they knew that the speed of this punch by Mu Huishou would definitely not be much slower than a bullet.

The contradiction between time and s.p.a.ce, the gap between sight and mind, made both of them feel extremely vexed, and a tight feeling emerged in their chests, to the point where they were almost going crazy.

Within a split second, his fist had already struck the punching machine.

It sounded very contradictory. It should be the fist that struck the punching machine, but currently, the two of them felt that the fist and the punching machine had struck each other at the same time.

With a huge explosive "bang," a current of air was released from the area of contact between the fist and the punching machine, and the air on both sides was as if it was fluctuating, and an impact wave that could almost be seen by the naked eye expanded outwards and rapidly started spinning.

After everything had ended, a number was displayed on the punching machine screen—328 kg.

"328 kg!" The Bureau Chief looked at the number on the punching machine and was instantly stunned. "Gosh, this strength… This strength!"

Mu Huishou was stunned as well, as he stared at his fist and was full of disbelief. "Is my punch so strong now? It can't be, right? Is this machine faulty?" As he spoke, he looked towards the Bureau Chief with an expression full of terror. "Bureau Chief, it can't be that that hypnotist just now fed me some stimulant drug while he was hypnotizing me, right?!"

"Stimulant drug my foot. Go out first, I have something extremely important to talk with this leader," said the Bureau Chief in a deep voice. "Remember to guard the door. n.o.body is allowed to enter. Remember, it's n.o.body! This involves the top secret of the nation, no mistakes are allowed!"

"Top secret of the nation!" Mu Huishou's tongue stuck out in shock and he hurriedly went out to guard vigilantly.

"328 kg!" After Mu Huishou left, the Bureau Chief excitedly shouted, "328 kg! Indeed useful, indeed useful!"

"Looks like the effect is indeed quite good." The mysterious middle-aged man nodded, then he curiously asked, "But Wu Di, what exactly does this 328 kg entail? Currently, I only know that our experiment has succeeded, but I'm still not very sure about what effect it'd be able to manifest."

"328 kg, I'll put it this way for you to understand." The Bureau Chief slowly said, "The highest record by the world boxing champion doing a straight punch as Huishou did just now is 309 kg. That's already publicly acknowledged to be close to the maximum strength outputted by humans. And Huishou's punch just now was 328 kg!"

"Limit of humans!" This time, the mysterious middle-aged man was truly shocked. "That means that as long as one reaches 100% loyalty towards Hong Dali, they'd very easily be able to reach the maximum strength of humans?!"

"This differs from individuals." As the head of the National Security Bureau, the Bureau Chief naturally couldn't be careless about it. After thinking for a while, he said with certainty, "Huishou has been in the National Security Bureau for so many years, he trains regularly, and his strength is greater than normal people. That means that if the maximum strength index between humans is 100 points, and Huishou, a military officer who has undergone special training is able to display 95 points and above, then probably it would already be good for ordinary people to display around 80 points or so."

"Mm, then does it also mean that," The mysterious middle-aged man's eyes lit up the more he spoke. "In the future, we can 'ma.s.s produce'… special forces whose strength can reach the max?!"

"More or less so." The Bureau Chief excitedly said, "If I'm not wrong, currently, the speed and reflexes of Huishou has definitely increased by a large amount, and it's very possible that it has reached the limit of humankind. At least, it won't be worse than those five people from the Flying Bull basketball team!"

"Good! Good!" The mysterious middle-aged man fiercely clapped. "Wu Di, start to carry out this project right away. In the future, that hypnotist will be expropriated by the nation, and his yearly salary will be 10 million. Get him to watch his words, not the least bit of news is allowed to be leaked. Then, go and pick 1,000 of our most outstanding soldiers amongst those who are absolutely loyal to the nation. We can't wait, let's start right now!"

"It's definitely not an issue to find people. I'll get the various military zones to recommend suitable good soldiers. It's just that…" The Bureau Chief cautiously asked, "Are you really not afraid that there a problem will occur?"

"That prodigal Dali is simple-minded, he won't be able to stir up much trouble." Speaking of Hong Dali, the mysterious middle-aged man laughed. "Aiya, I really like his personality. Playful, no ambition, and he's lucky, and now he also has this type of supernatural power. This is really the good fortune of our nation, we must use it well!" After he said this, the middle-aged man thought for a while again. "But what you said makes sense. With 1,000 super-soldiers, it'd be troublesome if a problem really ensues… How about this, during the hypnosis, apart from being absolutely loyal towards Hong Dali, the second condition is to be absolutely loyal towards the nation! In this case, as long as Hong Dali doesn't request for them to do anything, they'd be good soldiers of the nation!"

This could be said to be the current best solution. After all, Hong Dali was a simple-minded prodigal. He only pursued happiness from squandering. Anyway, he didn't know the existence of these soldiers. Thus, these soldiers would only be the most loyal soldiers in the nation.

The Bureau Chief also felt that this was currently the best solution, thus he instantly agreed. "OK, I'll get it done right away!"

"Remember to treat it as the number one secret of the nation, it definitely can't be leaked!" After giving the Bureau Chief instructions, the mysterious middle-aged man was evidently in a good mood, as he grinned and said, "It's really good news today, such that now I even feel that the big drop in the price of gold recently is not a big matter anymore, hehe. Wu Di, I'll leave this task to you. I'll think of a way to stabilize the price of the gold."

"OK, I'll do that right away."

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