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Chapter 403: Killing Someone Without Spilling Blood

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Very soon, from 8:00 AM on the next day onwards, a new round of advertising for Dream Dota League had started.

And the focus this time was mainly concentrated on the advertis.e.m.e.nts for the compet.i.tion!

First place in the group compet.i.tion, reward of one million yuan! Second place reward, 500,000! Third place reward, 300,000! Even the lowest partic.i.p.ation award was of a Dream Dota League's official logo style keychain, which was close to 10 yuan.

Once this news was announced, everyone got excited once again.

After all, this was the first time there was going to be a compet.i.tion with such a huge amount of rewards in the online gaming industry! Previously, for the compet.i.tion of Draconic Continent, there was also prize money given as reward, but that was only a small scale compet.i.tion with regards to game-related products. After all, Draconic Continent wasn't a true compet.i.tive game.

However, this time it was different. This time, according to the various news that had been released officially, Dream Dota League was a fully compet.i.tive game. This game only had two or three maps, and all the battles would happen on them.

Thus, the style of the entire game could be described as—Fight!

It was a fight between players!

For this type of game, the battles would definitely be spectacular.

Thus, ever since this piece of news was published on Dream Dota League's official website as well as various web portals, the popularity of Dream Dota League rapidly rose once again!

On the official Tieba forum, it started to increase from 550,000 people to 640,000 people within one afternoon. On Play Together forum, the number of posts about Dream Dota League had also risen by leaps and bounds, and within one afternoon, the number of posts had reached more than 40,000. After all, during the previous day, the Tieba forum of Dream Dota League only had a little more than 60,000 posts throughout the entire day.

Even on the internet, quite a number of game special zones on various web portals had stated that this time, Dream Dota League was definitely madly fighting back, and their target was, needless to say, Flying Dragon Network's Spiritual Sword!

In Tianjing City, at Shiroishi Kazuma's secret den.

Shiroishi Kazuma crossed his legs and clicked on the computer screen, seeing the latest progression of things. He insipidly said, "Compet.i.tion with prizes. Hehe, this is indeed a good idea. But unfortunately, this type of trick has totally no use at all."

"Mr. Shi." Qian Youjin respectfully asked, "Then what do we need to do? The hype created by the other party this time is very big. They're offering such high prize money for the first place in the compet.i.tion. In the face of such an attack, it's indeed not easy to withstand it."

"Hehe, it's not difficult to deal with this move of theirs." Shiroishi Kazuma disdainfully smiled and said, "I heard that Hong Dali doesn't care about matters related to online gaming, and currently, Tang Muxin is working with Liu Mingxin on Hong Dali's behalf?"

"According to the latest intelligence, that's the case." Qian Youjin answered, "Tang Muxin herself is an extremely intelligent girl and has a very deep relationship with the Hong Family. She's Hong Dali's fiancée."

"En, unfortunately, she's still too young." Shiroishi Kazuma softly said, "Let her understand that our Jaban empire will not be threatened by them little children. Oh right, currently, how many people do we have online?"

"It's already broken past one million people, and every day, more than ten new servers are added in order to deal with the rapid increase in the number of players." Currently, Qian Youjin was looking at Shiroishi Kazuma as if he were the most devoted follower looking at his deity.

And in fact, Shiroishi Kazuma indeed deserved such a gaze from him.

Previously, when he was competing against Hong Dali in the online novel website aspect, Shiroishi Kazuma lost because he'd underestimated the enemy. And he obviously would not make the same mistake twice. Now, Shiroishi Kazuma was careful and prudent, carefully taking every step. He'd already crushed the other party till they couldn't even breathe.

Within just a short few days' time, the popularity of Spiritual Sword had already broken past one million people online at the same time!

With such an ability, it had to be admitted that he indeed lived up to his name.

"En, one million…" Shiroishi Kazuma thought for a while, then said, "This figure is more or less still fine. But according to the population base in Heavenly State, it's just so-so. What we need to do next is to compress the market of Dream Dota League. If I don't remember wrong, they're officially starting their open beta testing tomorrow at 2:00 PM, right?"

"Yes, Mr. Shi." Qian Youjin cautiously asked, "Should we make any moves?"

"Of course. At such a good time, we'll naturally have to give them a big present." Shiroishi Kazuma smiled and softly said, "Tomorrow at 2:00 PM, double the drop rate of the equipment at the server. Continue it for four days. Go."


Upon getting the orders from Shiroishi Kazuma, Qian Youjin instantly went out.

Just after he went out of the room, Qian Youjin fiercely shook his head and softly mumbled to himself, "This old fox is so ruthless! Double the drop rate for four days! According to the current equipment price in Spiritual Sword… Gosh, won't the server be packed till it explodes during these three days? This time, the other party will probably break down. Haha, as expected, he lives up to his name as the chief consultant of Toyoda Conglomerate. He's just too scary."

Play Together forum, Spiritual Sword special zone.

Spiritual Sword comprehensive discussion zone—

"Latest news, latest news, Spiritual Sword's official announcement, starting from 2:00 PM tomorrow, all the servers will have double the equipment drop rate! Double! Brothers, it's for four consecutive days! A whole four days! Hahahaha, I've already prepared cup noodles and soda. I'm just waiting for a big overnight battle!"

"I said it long ago, I've applied for leave already! Double the drop rate, as long as it drops a valuable piece of equipment, that would be worth hundreds of yuan! If I'm luckier and it drops a better one, I can live on this sum of money for one year!"

"Tsk, look at how little ambition you have. I already prepared myself. Once it drops something valuable, I'll go find girls!"

"What the heck, this makes sense!"

At the same time, Dream Dota League special zone.

Different from the Spiritual Sword special zone, at the Dream Dota League special zone, it could be said that the morale was wavering, and countless people were hesitating and undecided.

"We're done for, we're done for. Brothers, Spiritual Sword's side says that the server will have double the drop rate tomorrow at 2:00 PM. What do we do? I still have an account there. I was initially thinking of supporting Dream Dota League, but this…"

"Don't be so troubled, aren't I facing the same problem? My account over there has almost reached level 40. If I play with all my might these few days and get some valuable pieces of equipment and sell them, just by thinking of it feels so great!"

"But there's an activity here at Dream Dota League too. The compet.i.tion will start three days later, and I heard that the first prize is one million!"

"Forget it, don't we know ourselves what kind of standard we are at? We won't be able to get that reward. Instead, at Spiritual Sword, the dropping of equipment totally doesn't depend on skills but on luck. I feel that it's worth a try!"

"Makes sense, it really makes a lot of sense! Then we'll wait and see!"

Mingxin Network, in Liu Mingxin's office.

Tang Muxin tightly pressed her lips and sat on the sofa, staring at the laptop screen on the coffee table in front of her.

The atmosphere in the room was extremely tense.

As Hong Dali's fiancée, Tang Muxin wasn't as resistant towards Hong Dali now. That meant that in the future when they were at a suitable age, there was a 90% chance of them becoming husband and wife.

But Hong Dali usually liked to squander. Though his ideas were all very valuable, hard work was needed to discover the potential within. Initially, Dream Dota League had relatively big potential, but now that Hong Dali was developing a new technology and wasn't free, as Hong Dali's fiancée, Tang Muxin could only personally come and help to handle matters. After all, she was a girl who wasn't willing to be a pretty vase.

But the opponent this time was especially powerful. If they didn't deal with it properly, this golden idea of Hong Dali's would very possibly be completely crushed.

If everything went by without any change, this online game would definitely have very good prospects, and a yearly profit of more than 100 to 200 million would totally not be a problem. But now, because the opponent this time was too tough, it was on the verge of being destroyed. How would Tang Muxin be able to take this lying down?

After all, even Tang Muxin's father's Tang Medical Enterprise only had a yearly profit of around 100 million.

"Young Master Liu, Spiritual Sword's side has grasped the timing too ruthlessly!" Tang Muxin fiercely said, "They aimed exactly at these few days when we are going to open our servers, and with double the drop rate of equipment for four days, I'm afraid that the popularity of our opening server…"

Four days of double drop rate, it would just nicely cover the time period from the opening of Dream Dota League's server as well as its first compet.i.tion that was going to be held.

If the popularity was really low during the open beta testing, it would directly make a first bad impression on the players towards this game—if the popularity was low even on the first day of the open beta testing, then the quality of the game was definitely questionable.

This was also the reason why many online gaming companies, on the first day where they opened their servers, would rather spend money to hire professionals to increase popularity.

Popularity, it was popularity! Online games played exactly with the word popularity!

"This Flying Dragon Network is very impressive." Liu Mingxin rubbed his forehead and said in a troubled voice, "The problem is not money, it's their popularity that is too high. This is an obviously open and upfront battle now. The business world is like a battleground, killing others without spilling blood."

"Miss, why don't we ask Young Master about it?" Seeing the situation, Ling Xiaoyi thought for a while and softly persuaded, "Young Master should have an idea, right?"

"Don't ask him!" Unexpectedly, upon hearing this, Tang Muxin firmly said, "n.o.body is allowed to disturb him!"

"This…" Liu Mingxin curiously asked, "Miss Muxin, why is it that this time…"

"Sigh, I'm also hoping that I can do something for him." Tang Muxin sighed and softly said, "Sister Nianwei is a big star; she can be of great help to Dali in the entertainment business. Sister Chuyin is a technological geek; the things which she manufactures are very useful. But I… I… I'm Dali's fiancée, yet I'm the only one who is of no use. I don't want to be a pretty vase. I also want to do something for Dali, even if it's just a little bit!"

Speaking up to this point, Tang Muxin firmly took in a breath, her expression extremely determined. "Before Dali finishes what he's busy with, we have to hang in there no matter what!"

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