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Lin Ye made everything sound so good, and Hong Dali was one that spent without blinking. This Bugatti Veyron really suited him.

Bugatti Veyron was definitely the most eye-catching car in the auto show. Previously, a large group of people had gathered around to take pictures. When Hong Dali and the others came over, Lin Ye began introducing its performance. Especially when he mentioned its purchase, more people surrounded them.

Especially the auto show model. The way she looked at Hong Dali was incomparably charming, and she even posed very nicely.

Very attractive.

Then, Gu Feifei decisively ruined the atmosphere. Actually, she did not do much. She just walked over, opened the car door and attempted to sit in the car for a while—but she did not manage to. Then, she expressed her opinion. "The s.p.a.ce is not beautiful enough. Next."

Everyone's jaws instantly dropped.

Alright, if according to the design of s.p.a.ce, it was indeed not very nice…

Lin Ye's sweat was like a waterfall. He quickly moved on and led Hong Dali away. "En, I'm sorry for overseeing some things. En, let's look at the mid-size to large cars…"

Three of them walked toward the medium-large cars section. As they walked, Gu Feifei suddenly chuckled and nudged Hong Dali. "It's a small world. Isn't that Young Master Han?"

Hong Dali looked in the direction she pointed and indeed, he saw Young Master Han with a woman. They were looking at a BMW 5 Series. As they looked, he asked the woman for her opinion.

"Let's go take a look." It was not as tense as Shenglong Star, so Gu Feifei was clearly not afraid of anything. She tugged Hong Dali and approached them. "Let's see what they're up to."

How should this be put, Hong Dali and Gu Feifei were quite eye-catching together. As soon as both of them walked over, the woman saw them. Gu Feifei's toughness had left a deep impression on her, so, she subconsciously leaned on Young Master Han, poked at his arm and whispered. "Quick, look. It's them."

"Who?" Young Master Han turned around and was stunned when he saw Hong Dali. "Them?"

"Scram." Gu Feifei smacked Young Master Han and dragged him to the side. He almost fell on top of the woman…

Young Master Han held back his anger, not daring to speak out. He would be courting death if he fought with this tough woman. Hence, he only frowned and said indifferently, "We are all civilized people. Can you not be so rough?"

"No." Gu Feifei chuckled as she looked at Young Master Han. "How about you get two more security guards?"

Gu Feifei brooded over how Young Master Han had called for security guards previously—there were too few of them, it was not enough for her to fight.

"Forget it, I won't stoop to your level." Young Master Han decisively ignored Gu Feifei, then looked at Hong Dali. "It was an error of judgment on my part. Since we met here, let me apologize to you. I hope you won't take it to heart." He put out his hand. "Han Songyang. Nice to meet you." Then, he introduced his partner. "My girlfriend, Fang Ziying."

Since he had already said that, what could more could Hong Dali say? He nodded. "En, it's okay. It's a misunderstanding. I'm Hong Dali. h.e.l.lo, h.e.l.lo. You're looking at cars?"

"En, I intend to buy a BMW 5 Series. This car is not bad. It's suitable for ladies as well." Han Songyang nodded. "I'm buying it for her."

"It's suitable for ladies?" Gu Feifei walked over and went into the car. "Is it suitable?"

Well, this car could not be bought now…

Han Songyang's face turned green and ignored her. He looked at Hong Dali. "You're intending to buy cars too? I think ordinary small cars might not be enough. According to her size, perhaps only a Land Rover is suitable. It's a pity the Hummer has been discontinued. Otherwise, that's nice too."

"Actually, I always thought she should drive a tank." Hong Dali sniffled. "It's not easy to buy a car."

It was interesting to listen to Hong Dali. Fang Ziying covered her mouth and giggled.

"Alright." Gu Feifei came down from the BMW 5 Series and mumbled. "It's boring. I don't even get a chance to fight. Dali ah, quickly buy so we can go elsewhere. There's nothing nice here. The cars are so-so. It's too troublesome to drive them. There isn't any AI here either." In her eyes, cars without AI were all low-level…

At this time, Lin Ye quickly grabbed the opportunity. "Yes, yes, yes. Land Rover is not bad. s.p.a.cious, powerful enough, stylish! The system is quite intelligent as well!"

"Land Rover ah…" Hong Dali sniffled. The car was not bad, but he did not have enough money.

Right at that moment, the System's voice suddenly sounded. "Trading hours over. Host's squandered amount today: 32,064,872 Shenglong Dollars. Current attribute points: 355."

Wahahahaha. He was right to play in the stock market! The attributes points increased without him having to do anything! Exchange, exchange them for money first!

He exchanged ten million into his bank card decisively and kept the rest of the attribute points in case he needed to use them later. Hong Dali looked left and right. "Alright, let's go look at Land Rovers then. Hope it's satisfactory."

Han Songyang and Fang Ziying secretly looked at each other. It seemed this Hong Dali's background was rather powerful. He intended to go look at Land Rovers? Those cost about three million each. It was not easy even for Han Songyang to buy them.

A group of people walked towards the area for Land Rovers and soon arrived. At this time, Gu Feifei appeared interested when she saw the car's large body. Then, she sat in the car… still too small.

"Are there bigger cars?!" Hong Dali raged. "Change! Change decisively!"

Han Songyang and Fang Ziying gaped. Bigger than Land Rovers?

It was not easy to find an ordinary private car larger than a Land Rover. Fortunately, Lin Ye, as one of the managers of this auto show, knew the cars in the show quite well. He thought carefully, then slapped his thigh. "Yes! I remember now. This car is guaranteed to suit you!"

Bigger than Land Rover?

The few of them followed curiously and soon, Hong Dali's eye lit up.

It was a huge jeep comparable to an armored vehicle. It was black and looked a lot bigger than the Land Rover. Lin Ye introduced. "The 2015 George Barton Super SUV's aggressive appearance gives off a menacing look. In addition to speed, it embodies a full sense of power. In order to highlight a compact visual effect, both fog lights are intentionally moved toward the center, revealing a proud and overwhelming feel. Both sides of the car body are straight, the left and right horizontal lines run through the front and back, sculpting the side of the car body into a square, showing off a st.u.r.dy and menacing aura. It is equipped with a V8 engine with a displacement of 6.2L and a 6-speed automatic transmission. The interior is a two-tone mix and match. The seats are hand-sewn and are very comfortable. It has an elegant and cla.s.sic style. The driver's seat has a built-in night vision system, satellite navigation, as well as multimedia video and audio systems, high-tech satellite systems. This car definitely fits your requirements!"

The George Barton Super SUV had a domineering appearance, giving others the impression that it was an armored vehicle that could be driven on the road. Its length of about 6 meters made this iron beast close to 4 tons with no load. Four huge lights could guarantee night driving safety.

The huge rear-view mirror provided a good view to ensure safe driving. The two trailer hooks were fully exposed but did not conflict with the rest of the vehicle. The pentagon and G.PATTON nameplate identified the George Barton. The pentagon echoed the star ranking of General Patton.

The five-coil mono beam front suspension provided good support for this iron beast. It would travel well even on b.u.mpy roads.

The rear suspension was an iron-plate coil suspension, which could provide this iron beast with excellent load-bearing capacity. Even if it weighed nearly 4 tons, it could provide good support on rough roads.

Inside, the two-tone leather interior + mahogany decking made one feel like a local tyrant.

The wide and st.u.r.dy driver's seat was extremely comfortable. The thick and solid steering wheel provided the driver with confidence. The multi-function keys above could also facilitate the driver to control the vehicle's multimedia system.

The dashboard was very simple, but all the most commonly used information of the vehicle could be seen. The mahogany center console was luxurious. All the b.u.t.tons were very large and easy to use. It was very s.p.a.cious, it would be no problem to cross one's legs.

The backseat pa.s.sengers could watch TV freely, or enjoy their favorite DVD.

Hong Dali fell in love with this metal beast at one glance. This car was simply too powerful!

"This is good, this is good." Hong Dali nodded vehemently. "How much?"

"3.6 million." Lin Ye smiled. "This is a car with a great contrast between its interior and exterior. It not only has good off-road capabilities and a domineering appearance, but it also has luxurious seats and ample seating s.p.a.ce. It is very suitable for those who need to commute on rough roads. Or buyers who just like its domineering appearance. But with a 3.6 million price tag, it's not likely to become many people's toys."

En, 3.6 million was not a small sum, indeed. Even for Han Songyang.

But it was no problem for a nouveau riche like Hong Dali.

"En, this is it. How many of them do you have now?" Hong Dali asked casually. It was nothing to him, but other than Gu Feifei, the other four people opened their mouth wide—this person wanted to buy a 3.6 million George Barton so decisively? He even asked how many there were?!

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