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They didn't know that they were already in love to each other.

Zhong Qing thought that Ling Huanyu didn't like her while he also began to understand his own feelings for her too, secretly.

After they made themselves clear, their gestures were obvious.

Estrangement was not close.

At the same time, she tried to explore with the System how to make the strange manifestations of being attracted to him disappear.

Because for her, it was better to cut off her emotional threshold so that she can leave easily after she completed the task.

Her body language and expressions were obvious in the eyes of those who cared.

Ling Huanyu's feelings in his heart grew deeper and deeper while Ling Shen looked out of the room and became more and more puzzled.

"Did San Ye already confess to Miss Frost but she rejected him?

 So, Miss Frost is deliberately avoiding San Ye?" He thought.

But it didn’t look much like it.

His heart was very curious but remembered the face of Ling Huanyu when he told him rationally that this thing should not be mixed it up.

Zhong Qing thought that there was nothing unusual on her actions from the past.

However, Ling Huanyu clearly felt the sense of distance that the other party deliberately revealed.

He was very upset, but he was not a good speaker, so he didn’t know how to communicate with this woman.

Her actions became more and more indifferent and when two people got along, the atmosphere became more and more rigid.

Ling Shen looked at it but did not think of any solution.

Then the real breakthrough came.

Zhong Qing received a call from Ling Huanyu and she acted normal like nothing happened.

She went upstairs to the third floor.

There was no one at the entrance door of the study room which made Zhong Qing a little surprised.

She walked in and the door behind her closed.

At that time, it was an afternoon and the yellowish sunlight was striking through the huge french window on the figure who stood by it.

She can’t see the expression of Ling Huanyu but she felt that the breathing of the other party was very unstable at that moment.

Seeing her coming in, Ling Huanyu did not respond.

“San Ye?” She screamed tentatively.

Ling Huanyu responded with a low voice and did not make an extra reaction.

The man who was always so ignorant and didn’t care too much about other people, just walked over.

As she approached, she could see clearly that the situation of the man was not very good at that time.

His eyes were filled with a faint red color as before and the whole person was like a sword that was unsheathed, screaming for destruction.

But it seemed to be a little different than before.

Ling Huanyu looked at her. In his eyes, there seemed to be something else besides forbearance and restraint.

Zhong Qing was puzzled.

It’s just like the eyes of the other person seemed like a net, like a beast looking at its prey greedily.

And she felt a little nervous suddenly.

Zhong Qing breathed a sigh of relief and said softly, “San Ye, I am now relieving the violent energy of your body.”

Ling Huanyu did not speak but still looked at her like that.

Zhong Qing automatically understood it as a meaning of not rejecting.

She saw Ling Huanyu’s intention of not moving and took the initiative to reach out and hold his hand.

At that moment, the man who was just silent took her hand.

Zhong Qing's hands just touched his palm and the other party suddenly turned around.

The quick backhand took the palm of her hand and pulled it hard.

Then… Zhong Qing was dragged into his arms.

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