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Chap 135 – Miss Frost Soul

Ling Shen can’t help but sigh.

For him, that was just a great opportunity.

He couldn’t help but feel the want to go to Ling Huanyu and give his boss a signal, “You rushed to come over there to save Miss Frost. Go now and confess your true feelings!”

What a romantic idea indeed!

“Hmm? But is it too quick to confess his feelings right now to Miss Frost? I think he should also not take this opportunity to brush his feelings… But when?” He seriously thought.

But as soon as he saw the cold face of Ling Huanyu, all his excitement and courage vanished.

After thinking about it, he still cautiously asked, “Why did Miss Frost go so urgently?”

Ling Huanyu looked at the direction of Zhong Qing while she was walking away and replied to Ling Shen, “I don’t know.”

Ling Shen: “…”

“So, it is true that you can’t please people.” Ling Shen thought.

He was about to say something but saw that his boss already lifted his legs and began to walk away from him.

When Zhong Qing was already on her room, she sat on her bed and her delicate eyebrows were wrinkling at that moment, seemingly thinking about the many questions which were extremely puzzling her.

“Hey, System. What do you say, ah? Why do I… Will that be like that?”

The System suddenly flashed into a white light and gave the answer, “Host, your heart rate is accelerating. Breathing is not smooth. Blushing and looks seem like you feel hot. According to the general reaction of human beings to the opposite s.e.x, you are in love.”

Her heart suddenly jumped when she heard what System said. She felt that she had no idea what the System was talking about, but felt it inside her heart.

Zhong Qing: “…”

She quickly converged her mind and took the Frost sword back into her hands.

But her heart still did not relax at all.

Frost’s sword was her body and any response was based on her condition.

Just after the System said it, her heart… was suddenly chaotic.

Therefore, there were cases where the sword could be out of control.

Suddenly, she remembered the man she was with in the car that day.

The handsome and profound facial features, the cold-blooded eyebrows, and the long legs wrapped under the suit…

Zhong Qing always knew that this leader of the gang looked good. In fact, for her, the males of the first two worlds were not that handsome.

But she never cared about that before. Only at that time…

“Ugh! No way!” She shouted.

“Ugh! No. I should not think about him anymore! No, no!” She added and suddenly her face turned red.

She breathed a deep sigh.

Her face regained calmness and said to the System, “I can’t like him.”

The System flashed into white and answered her with silence.

Zhong Qing did not care about the System’s reaction and only said, “I am destined to leave. Anyway, he does not like me. After I complete the task, I will leave and he will live his own life.”

“I think that is fine.” She added but only on her thought.

The System moved and did not tell the truth about her first two missions in the world and the days when the two men pa.s.sed after she left.

“The host has always thought that they will live well in their respective worlds.” System thought.


In another room, Ling Huanyu just sat quietly.

He was also thinking about Zhong Qing.

From the first meeting of interest, to the mutual appreciation, and then to…

Knowing that she was kidnapped and began to feel worried and angry.

He always rejected the closeness of other people. But it was only her… That soft hand of Zhong Qing which touched the palm of his hand… He can remember that until then.

No disgust, no rejection, no discomfort.

Only incitement.

He seemed to have a different feeling for that woman.

Ling Huanyu thought about it and took out his mobile phone and typed his message:

 “Ling Shen, please come to the study room….

  I have a question that I’d like to ask you. Well, you don’t have to go to South Africa.”

Chap 136 – Miss Frost Soul

Ling Shen was shocked that time!

What did he just read?

His boss just texted him, asking him to go to the study room.

Ling Huanyu was cold to most people, not chasing other people, and preferred to be alone. Ling Shen always asked himself, “What does it feel like to be alone?”

But then…

That feeling……

Ling Shen couldn’t help but glance at the sky outside through the open window.

“Well, the blue sky and white clouds do not appear abnormal.” He thought.

Ling Huanyu grew up with Ling Shen. For him, this subordinate knew him already especially about his thoughts because Ling Huanyu knew that he was secretly an idiot.

Of course, other people can’t see it, but his close friends can read his mind even just through a glance.

For example, the moment that Ling Huanyu texted Ling Shen and saw his face, Ling Shen already knew in his heart that there was something bothering him.

Ling Huanyu looked at him coldly, “Put up your stupid illusions. I haven’t decided if I will still send you to South Africa.”

He knew very well the things that were most threatening for Ling Shen.

Ling Shen was shocked to hear this remarks.

He hastened his att.i.tude and looked at Ling Huanyu. And then…

Ling Shen suddenly felt muddled.

“What does it feel like to be alone? This is a good point to say. But how to pursue this person quickly and effectively?” He thought.

Also, as a subordinate to Ling Huanyu for a long time, Ling Shen also thought, “How will I know?”

But can he say that in front of Ling Huanyu?

Of course, he obviously cannot.

If he will really say that to Ling Huanyu, it will be sure that the person who cannot decide if he will be sent to South Africa will immediately come into a decision of sending him there right away.

While thinking, in the middle of his thoughts, he soon looked up and looked at Ling Huanyu’s eyes.

He suddenly felt something in his heart.

“Like an ordinary person, I think that it is normal to have that reaction. In the human physiological reaction, it causes blushing and rapid heartbeat. And every time, almost every day you are always thinking about her. This case should be clear to you, San Ye….

And as a matter of fact, Miss Frost is a very strong woman and she definitely likes the strong ones.”

Ling Huanyu didn’t expect Ling Shen to say something like that at the beginning. And for thirty years of being a subordinate to him, he was always tempted to share his real feelings to someone who was close to him.

Ling Shen followed him since childhood. After so many years, he was called a subordinate. But for Ling Huanyu, he treated Ling Shen almost like his brother.

It was not easy for him to have such a person.

But listening to Ling Shen, he suddenly felt a little reasonable.

 “Go on.”

Ling Shen took a hard look to Ling Huanyu and began to continue what he was saying.

“Miss Frost is a kind of woman who likes to be straightforward on her feelings. If she likes it, she likes it. If she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t like it. You should just show your true feelings directly from your heart.”

Ling Huanyu thought for a moment, “Directly?”

Ling Shen looked at him, thinking seriously about the feasibility of the matter.

“Does San Ye want to make some arrangements?” He asked Ling Huanyu seriously.

“I can’t imagine in my whole life that this day would come when San Ye will open his mind and thoughts to me.” He added but only on his thoughts.

Ling Huanyu looked at the man who was more excited than himself and refused him cruelly, “No, you go down now.”

Ling Shen sighed with relief and felt both lucky and disappointed while going downstairs.

Just pa.s.sing through the room of Zhong Qing, watching the closed door, he sighed a long time – hoping that they would be able to usher in a hostess.

Ling Huanyu looked at the window to the outside, with an infinite scenery and a lot of people.

He could see clearly and understand.

His life was so lonely.

He never enjoyed being loved, cared for, and remembered.

It was rare that he liked a woman.

And Ling Shen still believed that it was a good start and hoped to have a good result.

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