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Miss Frost soul

Gene-enhancing drugs were not known in the modern era.

Because twenty years ago, that kind of thing was listed like a banned article. Even the name of the state organization was banned.

All those who were related to such thing were forcibly removed.

This was also the reason why Zhong Qing came into this world. There was no such information transmitted by the System.

When genetic enhancement drugs were announced at that time, some people praised it as a gift from G.o.d while others said it was a devil’s work.

Because it was invented to generate genetic chains that break the natural evolution of human beings and make two supernatural evolution of organisms.

At the beginning, all of them were caught up in the fanaticism of 'the human being is about to become the G.o.d of the world' advocate by its inventors.

Countless people went bankrupt just to purchase such kind of drug to become a "human superior".

However, soon, that huge scam was uncovered.

At that time, there was no way to create the perfect gene strengthening drugs.

The side effects of such drugs were far more terrible than a person's ability.

Of the first 100 people who voluntarily took the drug, more than 90 people became violent in one month. Among the remaining ten people, five had mental problems. The two were admitted to a mental hospital and the remaining three people became serial murderers who shocked the world.

The remaining five had their IQ evolved and the remaining four showed no significant change, but none of them survived until they reached the age of forty.

In terms of the per capita life expectancy of the world, at the age of 130-150, forty was the brightest age of a person.

Later, those drugs were bought by the capitalists and became the weapon for them to seek for their own benefits.

The entire world was alarmed in the expectation of those genetically potentiated drugs, but it took more than a year.

At that time, the state machine finally began to intervene. It was explicitly ordered that all finished products be destroyed. All relevant research personnel should be detained and isolated.

More than two decades later, few people thought of such thing again.

The famous Ling Huanyu, unexpectedly…

Seeing the shock on Zhong Qing's face, Ling Huanyu said lightly, “You really want to know ah?”

Zhong Qing did not deny.

Then she was only slightly curious to ask, “If I remember correctly, when you were four years old… The genetic strengthening drugs should be destroyed?”

Ling Huanyu looked her with sarcasm. “This kind of thing is only for ordinary people.”

"If it was destroyed as thoroughly as the rumors say, how could his appearance look like this?" She thought.

Ling Huanyu gave her a look. “You already know the truth. I've already told you.”

He went on to say, “Since the age of four, my mind and body have undergone amazing changes. They are far superior to their peers. Perhaps the role of this gene-enhancing drug has been perfectly reflected in me. As for side effects -“

He paused and continued, “As you see today, you will go into a state of mania periodically, especially when blood is not stimulated. Moreover, this feeling, as time goes by, is getting stronger and stronger and getting out of control."

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