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Chapter 419

Translated by BerryBunz


New Deer City Compet.i.tion


Su Yun removed the treasure concealing his proof of qualifications and handed it over.

The counter man casually gave his plate a glance, and chuckled: “What is there to hide with fighting strength of only 3000? No one will do anything to you.”

He then buried his head and recorded down Su Yun’s information on a white piece of paper. After completing it, he placed the proof of qualifications on the piece of paper, stamping the aura of the proof of qualifications on it and returned it back to Su Yun, handing him a card at the same time.

“Oh, take this, when it is your turn to compete, it will light up, at that time, just head over to the compet.i.tion grounds. The compet.i.tion will commence in three days, come earlier, but I reckon, with your fighting strength, you can only last a few rounds, take it as a lesson, kid.”

Su Yun accepted the card and without saying a word, he pulled down his hood and turned, heading back to the tavern.


The man called out.

Back in his room in the tavern, Su Yun went into closed doors cultivation. He took out the 400 thousand cultivation coins that he earned and took out 300 thousand, then he started to absorb and to cultivate.

The goal of the compet.i.tion was to raise his fighting strength and only by killing people stronger than himself could he raise his fighting strength, but it was impossible without strength, thus absorbing cultivation coins to cultivate was the fastest method for him.

Su Yun could only absorb half of what was inside a cultivation coin to use. Furthermore, the benefits from the cultivation energy that was absorbed inside the body varied from person to person. It was like nourishment, some people could absorb more while some could absorb less. The absorption did not look at the physique, but more on the person’s own harmonizing with his Spirit Essences and Qi channels, it was more like exercising.

Towards these, Su Yun was still rather unfamiliar with them, he was like a person who had just learnt of what exercise was about, his physique was still weak, harmonizing the Qi channels and Spirit Essences required a long period of time and acc.u.mulation.

The spirit card that had all the cultivation coins sealed in them was placed on the table. Upon activation, Su Yun started to take them out and absorb them.

The cultivation coins emitted a snow white smoke that flowed along Su Yun’s skin, which then permeated into his body and were absorbed into the Qi channels, after which, it flowed into the Spirit Essences and gradually increased the strength of the Spirit Essences, helping the Spirit Essences to produce new Spirit Essences, continuing the growth in cultivation.

It looked simple, but it required a lot of focus, if he absorbed less of the cultivation, it would be a waste, one cultivation coin might not look like much, but 100 thousand of cultivation coins added together, that number would be horrifying.

Thus, the cycle of absorbing cultivation coins started, the cultivation coins that lost the cultivation imbued in them would turn into stones and were constantly piled inside the room. Su Yun was able to clearly feel that his own cultivation was rising, and after absorbing 10 cultivation coins, his fighting strength rose slightly.

Slowly, the soft rocks piled more and more in the room, they turned into heaps and piles. Su Yun became faster and faster, he finished absorbing the 10 thousandth cultivation coin on the second day morning.

He stood up and gasped for breath, swaying around as his legs and went numb, his entire body was extremely tired as he fell onto the bed and fell for a nap.

After two hours, he sat up once more and continued absorbing.

He bec

ame faster and more adept as he kept on absorbing and when he reached the end, he was already absorbing ⅘ of the cultivation inside each coin, when he reached the 11th thousand coin, the spirit essences in his body spewed out Profound Spirit Qi like fountains, causing his body to heat up, and a strange energy was birthed in his body.

Seeing that, Su Yun immediately stopped absorbing cultivation coins and immediately meditated.

It was the sign of a breakthrough.

An agile fish like blue Spirit Qi was born in his main Qi channels, it followed the flow of Spirit Qi in his Qi channels and started swimming. Wherever it went, his Qi channels would change beyond recognition, transforming with golden l.u.s.ter. Finally, this blue ‘fish’ swam through all the Qi channels and knocked into his heart and disappeared.

Su Yun trembled as though an electric current had attacked him, after that, an indescribable happiness surged within him, the Monarch Occult Force in his body seemed to have been affected, and released dazzling five colored light auras.

Buzz buzz buzz

Just then, all of his Spirit Essences were jolted awake, and in unison, they all released a great amount of Spirit Qi, all of which gathered at his main Qi channels, after that, they gushed out towards the TianLing accupoint.

In that moment, Su Yun felt an unprecedented sensation of enlightenment, as though the him now could see the world in a panoramic view, everything could be seen, nothing could be hidden.


Gold light shot out from his head and through the roof, into the clouds. This lasted for five breaths of time before finally stopping.

He took heavy breaths, he raised his hand and moved it slightly, he realized that his body was filled with limitless power.

~Spirit Master Cultivation realm, is this the realm of the Spirit Master Cultivators?~

The Spirit Qi in his body had swelled up exactly nine times from before, furthermore, his strength, speed and senses had all gained an increase in strength, and if we were to say that previously, the tenth stage of the Spirit Star Realm was equivalent to a child that had not gone through p.u.b.erty, then Su Yun was now like a grown man.

“That’s great! With the continuous absorption, maybe I can use this momentum and step into the second stage of the Spirit Master Realm!”

Su Yun gasped for breath, and without wasting time, he continued to absorb the cultivation coins.

At the end, the absorption of the cultivation coins had increased his fighting strength by a great deal, there were times that there would only be a slight increase after absorbing 100 cultivation coins, but he was ecstatic to find that he already had a fighting strength of 5000, which was not far off from 7000.

After continuing on for a full day, another 10 thousand cultivation coins were absorbed like that, but this time, he had no signs of a breakthrough.

~Seems like increasing a stage in the Spirit Master Realm is much harder compared to the Spirit Star Realm.~

After absorbing a total of 210 thousand cultivation coins, Su Yun stopped and laid on the bed to rest.

~Seems like even if I were to finish all my cultivation coins, I will barely reach the peak of the first stage, if I want to break through to the second stage, I think even another 40 thousand cultivation coins will not be enough.

After resting, Su Yun continued to absorb the following 90 thousand cultivation coins. After the 300 thousand cultivation coins were absorbed, half of the room was filled with the rocks, which was a sight to see.

After calling the waiter to clean the room, Su Yun left the tavern alone.

He walked out of the New Deer City and found a forest north of the city. He unsheathed the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, he closed his eyes, and used his ears to listen carefully.

He remained unmoved like a statue, with the sword pointing downwards.

Just then, a gust of wind blew by, causing the large trees around to rustle and the tree leaves to float with the wind.

Su Yun’s eyes remained closed, his ears moved, he leapt out and he suddenly made a move with the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword.


The sword only made a few big gestures of slashing, but if time was slowed down by ten times, in that moment, Su Yun had already unleashed 900 slashes and the few leaves were sliced so finely they crumbled, and were dissipated by the wind.

“There are no limits to speed, but my sword is only able to unleash 900 slashes in a breath, it isn’t enough and the frequency of moving the sword is too fast, which will be difficult for Spirit Qi to follow up. The might of every slash is insufficient, although it has adequate quant.i.ty, the might was made up for the numbers, in terms of value per sword, the might is definitely insufficient, if I am able to maintain the supply of Spirit Qi and maintain its might, then the power of the Divine Wind Sword Technique will shock people.”

Su Yun thought, he activated all of the Spirit Essences in his body, the Monarch Occult Force only transformed the Spirit Qi into Pure Divine Spirit Qi and only by imbuing Pure Divine Spirit Qi could it be maintained.

Upon thinking back about the methods that Nan Gong Wen Tian had taught him, he focused his state of mind onto the sword, and then used his sword to focus on his mind, interchanging the positions of the sword and heart, he reached the state where the sword would move according to his thoughts.

There were limits to a human’s body, and to want to reach a fanatical speed, humans had to rely on a limitless potential to achieve it.


Just then, another gust of wind blew by, about 10 leaves floated with the wind, gently down towards Su Yun.

Su Yun stared at the leaves, he suddenly raised his sword and the sword tip slashed upwards, his movement looked extremely big and slow, but in fact his sword was already moving at a speed so fast, a frequency so fast, that close to a 1000 sword slashes had already been unleashed, the hundreds of Sword Qi were fearsome with boundless might.

The Pure Divine Spirit Qi’s sharp attributes seemed to have enveloped the entire sword tip, every sword unleashed would produce a Sword Qi, but for the last 300 swords, the Spirit Qi that he was imbuing was far more than he could handle, the frantic flow of Spirit Qi in his Qi channels suddenly had a gap, causing the Spirit Qi in Su Yun’s body to become chaotic, he flew back a few steps and threw up fresh blood, almost falling onto the ground.

Hh anxiously sat down on the ground and swallowed a special Qi restoring pill that was given by Huai Rou Mu Yu, and started to meditate.

“No, even when using Pure Divine Spirit Qi, I can only unleash 500 swords filled with Spirit Qi, if it were any other type of Spirit Qi, even 200 swords would be difficult.”

The Ultimate Martial World was a place filled with experts, geniuses were everywhere, and to any sword user, it was in fact not difficult to unleash a 100 swords in a breath of time, but to unleash a thousand, it was considered an astonishing speed and was extremely difficult.

~One cannot become fat with one mouth, I need to persevere.~

After meditating for a while, Su Yun stood up, and began training again.

Three days later.

The day of the start of the compet.i.tion arrived.

Su Yun packed up in the tavern and rushed over to the gigantic compet.i.tion grounds in the middle of New Deer City.

At that moment, the compet.i.tion grounds was packed full of people, it was extremely crowded and bustling with activities.

Su Yun took his partic.i.p.ant card and followed the human traffic.

“Hey, you, partic.i.p.ants are supposed to go there, this is the queue for spectators! Amateur, don’t mess up!”

A facilitator for the compet.i.tion saw Su Yun’s card and immediately shouted.

With that said, the people around immediately laughed out loud.

Su Yun looked left and right, and without saying a word, he headed towards the direction that he was given.

At that moment, a few yellow robed male and females holding onto the cards also walked over, all of them were dressed uniformly, with single blades on their waists, they all looked rather overbearing.

The spectators who had entered noticed them, and started discussing.

“Quick take a look, aren’t they people from the ‘Quick Blade Sect’?”

“Quick Blade Sect? The Quick Blade Sect from the Southwest mountain?”

“That’s right! The so called South Heavy Sword and North Gentle Blade, South Heavy Sword’s Power Sword Sect and the North Gentle Blade’s Quick Blade Sect, I never expected New Deer City’s compet.i.tion to actually have attracted them.”

“Tch, what are the Quick Blade Sect considered? Don’t you all know that there are many big figures that are interested and are coming to this compet.i.tion!”

“Big figures? Who? Who’s coming?”

“All the major important figures from the big trading organisations around! Furthermore, there are many geniuses appearing in this compet.i.tion! Cold Fairy Han Yue Xin, have you heard of her before? And there is also the Blade Sword Saint of War, Shen Wu Ya, and Dragon Spear Zhong Ye! All of these are all powerful figures!”

“What? They are coming too?”

“Although this compet.i.tion is a huge matter for New Deer City, but to these people, it shouldn’t be much, or could it be that they are interested in the million cultivation coin prize?”

“A million cultivation coin is not a small amount, if they have the means to obtain it, why not?”

“There will definitely be a good show to watch now.”

“Quickly enter the grounds, quickly enter now!”

Everyone started moving much faster.

Su Yun was listening to the conversations with his head lowered as he pondered about it, but just as he was thinking, an impatient voice came out from behind: “Hey, stinking brat, what are you waiting for? Why aren’t you moving?”



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