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True Account of How to Seal Nanaki

As a habit from Nanaki’s childhood, Nanaki will definitely wake up once morning comes no matter how tired Nanaki is. And this is also the first time in a while that Nanaki slept outdoors. Perhaps due to that, it seems like Nanaki’s senses are back to when Nanaki lived in the forest, Nanaki reflexively searched for any presences around when Nanaki woke up.


No presences around, just the usual deserted wastelands. Judging by how grey the sky is, the morning sun should rise soon.


Looking towards that small voice, there was Nanaki’s sister still sleeping soundly. It seems Envy, born and raised in civilisation, is not used to camping on the hard ground, her sleep seems to be quite shallow.

In that case, would it be kindness to let her sleep a little more? Nanaki would not mind spending the time until Envy wakes up just hugging her like this.

But that is being spoiled.

“Envy! It’s morning!”

Goodmorningnanaki to that pretty face. Clamp Envy’s smooth cheeks between Nanaki’s hands. And there we go, a very ugly sister. Somehow, when people that are usually pretty make strange faces, it looks even funnier. Interesting.

“Good morning. Envy.”

Envy seems to be somewhat disgruntled after her cheeks attacked by Nanaki’s hands as she sat up.
Hey hey, there’s an unsettling presence, Friend. Specifically, Nanaki thinks this sister’s anger gauge is filling up. Do you have any idea why? Nanaki has none.

“Nanaki, come here for a bit.”
“I refuse.”
“Just come here.”
“Okay okay.”

Right after Nanaki stepped forward while saying that, both of Envy’s hands flew forward, so Nanaki crouched to dodge. Fufun, did you think such an obvious attack would hit this Nanaki? No matter what that is just too crude. You’re welcome to try again.

“You dodged.”
“I dodged.”

Nanaki nodded to the glowering Envy.
No matter how much Envy glowers, Envy’s hands will not touch Nanaki’s soft cheeks. Nanaki has survived in the wild against beasts when Nanaki was young. Even if there is a limitation on usage of magic, this is Nanaki’s forte.

“……if I remember, Nanaki brought a book right?”
“Are you talking about this?”

While feeling something off about Envy’s sudden change in topic, Nanaki took out the book in question from a pocket. The t.i.tle is “Keyhole Death”. A mystery light novel that Nanaki borrowed from the study with master’s permission to kill some time.

The light novel is set in the world from more than a thousand years ago.
It is a story of the old world where it was natural to have science. Seven characters, seven doors, seven keys. The keys were numbered and Nanaki still does not know how that would affect the story since Nanaki has just started reading it, Nanaki is looking forward to finding out.

“I’ve read that before.”
“I see……? Was it good?”
“Mhm, it was interesting.”

Envy nodded with a smile, something really feels off. Certainly master did say that this light novel is quite a famous mystery one. So it isn’t strange that Envy has read it, but the question is why she brought out the topic of this book right now.

Now then, what is this sister thinking of——
oh no
“The final reveal was particularly exhilarating. Who would think the secret of the keyhole and the culprit was——”
evil, pure evil


don’t ever do that

After Nanaki was taken down by Envy’s cowardly tactics, we returned to the road and continued our march towards Freegrant.

“It’ll be the Highway of Lamentation soon. Just in case, be careful, Nanaki.”

The Highway of Lamentation.
The road with such a gloomy name, this is apparently where those that could not adapt to this world spend their final days. The place where those that could not overcome their fear of magic necrosis gather to survive, a place overflowing with resentment towards this world.

Well, in the end it is just a place where people who were not blessed with talent huddle together and lick each others’ wounds, telling themselves it’s not their fault. The remains of humans who have lost their pride. Their final destination.

Really makes Nanaki want to puke.
Being weak is fine, if you ask for help, Nanaki will help you. If you are not an enemy, Nanaki will even offer to help on Nanaki’s own accord. But that is for humans that are earnestly living. I will not recognise those who blame their own weakness on others, those who are rotting away, as humans.

Exactly because they are weak, they must work hard. Being weak inevitably means they have less options. That’s why they have to put their lives on the line to live, yet they renounced that. Fearing magic necrosis, they stopped being human.

All that is left, is just the voices of envy, jealousy and resentment.

If the plan master talked about goes well, if Freyline becomes a country, the smouldering remains on the Highway of Lamentation will be able to become humans again. That must be a wonderful thing. To humanity, that can certainly be called a revival.

But I probably will not call them humans.

“By the way, Envy.”
“What is it?”
“When will these hands let go?”
“No, at first it was just retaliation for this morning. But they’re softer than expected……”
“Hard to walk~”

Nanaki raised an objection towards the sister playing with Nanaki’s cheeks from behind. In addition to the cowardly tactics this morning, what is this treatment of Nanaki’s cute cheeks. Even though Nanaki just woke her up this morning.

Seriously, at this rate it will take quite a while longer to reach Freegrant. Nanaki wants to get this over with and go back to Freyline.

“Envy, eighteen people ahead.”
“That’s a lot.”

While thinking about that, multiple presences of people from in front. Now then, there is still some distance to the unidentified party, but conversely, it is a group that has enough mana to be noticed from this distance. Of course they are nothing compared to Nanaki and Envy, but it’s quite troublesome if they pick a fight.

That is also because while wearing this cloak that the Empire developed, magic is restricted.

For example, if it was just magic to strengthen weak physical abilities, this cloak has the effect of intercepting the wearer’s mana and presence, activating it’s stealth effect. But if magic beyond a certain level of strength is used, the invocation on this cloak would be overwhelmed and lose it’s stealth function. It seems like it takes a while for it to reactivate.

Well, basically we cannot have any intense battles with magic. If we did, then this journey would go to waste.

“Some light flames were enough for yesterday’s bandits, but these people seem a little troublesome.”
“It is not decided that there will be a fight yet.”
“I’m sure you understand, but no magic. Nanaki’s power is too strong, it’ll probably be noticed even from here.”
“Then let us pray that there will not be a fight.”
“Who do we pray to when we are defeating the G.o.ds.”

Of course, to Mother.
Nanaki’s Mother in the heavens, may Nanaki and Envy’s journey end safely.

Nanaki put both hands together and prayed towards the sky.
But then again, Mother had more of a trouble-loving personality, so it might have the reverse effect.


And we finally came across a bunch of people in white knight armour. They marched neatly in formation around three carriages, it can be seen that they are well trained.

From the looks of it, they are guarding the carriages.
They were probably hired as guards by merchants heading to Freyline. Then we can just keep going and pa.s.s by them.

This is definitely Mother’s divine protection.
As expected of Mother. She endured her trouble-loving personality and saved Nanaki from trouble. What do you think Friend? Nanaki’s Mother is amazing right?

Ah, Nanaki can envision Mother’s kind smile.
Thank you very much, Mother.

“Oi, the two you there, wait!”

d.a.m.n it! As expected of Mother!
Nanaki can envision Mother laughing!

the end

鍵穴の死, keyhole death(?). Doesn’t seem to be real book based on a quick google search, but does it reference something or is it just made up by the author?

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