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Chapter 265: Heading to the Mother Nest

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Tang did not expect Bai Wu to return for him. He felt guilty for not believing that Bai Wu could penetrate the barrier set up by Qiao Yi. Tang was embarra.s.sed to the point that he could not even raise his head in front of Bai Wu.

“Oh, you feel sorry now? What were you doing all this while then?” Xu Lan was dissatisfied at how Bai Wu was badly injured and still had to drag along a disabled dragon with him.

Tang shivered and his eyes under the scales turned red immediately.

“Xu Lan!” Bai Wu said displeasedly.

“Forget about it. I’m dumb and don’t know anything.” Xu Lan shrugged and turned his head away.

“Xu Lan? You’re the human that Qiao Yi was talking about?” Clearly, Tang did not expect to see Xu Lan as he knelt there. He was so shocked that he asked in Mandarin.

“Tang, too many questions,” Bai Wu spoke sternly. Tang glanced at him and kept his mouth shut.

In Whitehorse City or other places, Bai Wu was once Xu Lan’s child and his current lover. Bai Wu had not failed in making Xu Lan feel loved.

When Bai Wu was in the midst of the dragon clan, he was n.o.ble and strong. He felt obliged to lead the dragon clan, which was why he spoke with solemnity and grace.

“Qiao Yi is controlling the entire dragon clan now. He even said that he would begin invading other parallel dimensions after his wedding with Ka Daiwen, turning them into the territories of the dragon clan. He is going to start with… your area.”

Tang glanced at Xu Lan and replied with heavy breathing. He took into account the fact that Xu Lan did not understand their language and chose to converse in Mandarin.

“What!” Xu Lan almost jumped in shock! “If he’s attacking after the wedding, doesn’t that mean that he’s going to make a move tomorrow?”

“Uh huh. He told the entire dragon clan that this is his gift to Ka Daiwen and the dragon clan. After becoming the leader, Qiao Yi allowed for marriages between dragons of different ranks. There will be growth in the population. Hence, everyone supports Qiao Yi’s operation.”

Tang was not fluent in Mandarin and it took him a lot of effort to get his point across.

“Uh huh, I know. Ka Daiwen mentioned something about this,” Bai Wu murmured. He was unsure where to lead Tang to.

“How are you dealing with this so calmly? They have the ability to enter every parallel dimension, disturbing the peace and order in the process. The universe is going to fall into a state of chaos! Do you want the Bai Ling incident to repeat itself?”

Tang scolded after failing to elicit a response from Bai Wu.

Bai Wu took a glance at Tang and retracted his dragon’s might. Without the protection of the dragon’s might, Bai Wu fell. The black dragon and the white dragon were stuck on the cliff of Cangsu Mountain.

Fortunately, Bai Wu managed to muster up the strength to catch Xu Lan. Otherwise, Xu Lan would be crushed from the fall.

“You! How serious are your injuries?” Both Tang and Xu Lan were surprised. They spent a significant amount of time with Bai Wu, and yet they did not realize how serious Bai Wu’s injuries were.

There were countless holes on Bai Wu’s wings and some of his bones were broken. There were wounds all over his body and his scales were falling off. The wound on his stomach was beginning to rot, giving off an unpleasant stench. The fresh scars on his back were a b.l.o.o.d.y mess, it was uncomfortable for Xu Lan to look at them.

The injuries he sustained on his leg had yet to heal. He was limping and his bone poked through the scales and exposed itself to the air.

Besides the injuries on his leg, all the other injuries Bai Wu sustained showed no sign of recovery.

“Why didn’t you tell me! You!” Xu Lan’s eyes brimmed with tears. When he ran his hands over the smelly wounds, he found himself at a loss of words. He wondered how did Bai Wu survive the battle when his body was in such a terrible state.

‘Why didn’t he say anything about this? Am I not worthy of his trust?’ Xu Lan thought.

“My wounds will heal when I get back to the dragon clan. These injuries are only here because I’ve received heavy blows these two days. Otherwise, I would’ve recovered long ago.”

“This is what I’m worried about. I don’t want you to cry and worry for me. It’s fine, don’t cry.” A rush of white mist flashed by, Bai Wu hugged Xu Lan gently and consoled him.

He consoled Xu Lan the way Xu Lan once consoled him.

“Leader, what do we do now? Going up against Qiao Yi in our current physical state is as good as. .h.i.tting the stone with eggs!”

Tang spoke with impressive fluency in Mandarin, yet that did not capture Xu Lan’s attention. Xu Lan’s gaze fixated on Bai Wu’s wounds. At that moment, he became sure of his decision.

“Let’s head to the Mother Nest.”

“What?! Are you insane? Why would you go to the Mother Nest?” Tang replied loudly and stared at Xu Lan as though he had seen a ghost.

“Yes! You’re coming with us. Bai Ling told me the way to emerge safely from the Mother Nest. She guarded this piece of information with her life and I trust her,” Bai Wu said with certainty.

“Alright then.”

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