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The dark, starry sky was lit up.

Numerous laser beams fired together, raining down onto the mysterious creatures. Words cannot describe this magnificent sight. The laser beams fired from the beam guns were all in a faint red color. Each beam gun fired approximately 120 shots per second.

In just a few seconds, hundreds and thousands of laser beams tore through the wide, open s.p.a.ce!

The laser beams were tightly concentrated like the holes on a sieve, heading towards the mysterious creatures.

Laser beams were bright, but usually observable with the naked eyes. However, the holographic screen was now saturated with an intense brightness that would eye hurting!

The power of the laser beams from the beam guns shocked the people watching from inside the meeting room.

Ye Chong stared dumbfounded at the red beams on the holographic screen. This was a plan that he ,Mu and Shang came up together, but the effect was much beyond his expectations. He never put much hope in the laser beam guns.

Laser beam guns were invented quite some time ago, but they had never been the primary means of a.s.sault in the past. These weapons were practically immobile, mostly inaccurate, and consumed energy like a sponge would absorb water. Hence, they had never been widely used. Compared to laser beam guns, long range mechs could shoot far more accurately.

Of course, more importantly, be it the Five Galaxies or He Yue Galaxy, it had been a long time since an actual war had happened.

Ye Chong never imagined that their creative use of the laser beam guns would later change people's perceptions about these long abandoned toys. Despite the many flaws of these weapons, they had an overwhelming advantage in at least one respect - they were cheap.

Everyone in the meeting stared the holographic screen that was now completely saturated in bright red.

Sang Pu was even more puzzled. If he could not see anything on the screen, then how could he direct his men?

The meeting room was in an uproar in the next instant.

Just like in the meeting room, this bright light was seen from every other corner in the He Yue Galaxy. Surprised by the sudden brightness on their screens, many people cried out in fear and quickly shut their eyes. The weak hearted ones were even more shaken.

Compared to Sang Pu and others, members of the public who were watching the live broadcast were surprised even more, since they had no warning at all.

The entire He Yue Galaxy was in turmoil.

The reporter's cry of surprise was also broadcasted to the entire He Yue Galaxy. However, the reporter managed to act professionally as befitted a man with his rich experience in the field. He immediately switched to a filtered feed of the spectacle. This filtered camera was rarely used in interviews, and reserved for more unusual occasions, like this one.

By now, the spectators had mostly recovered from the a.s.sault on their eyesight.

When they opened their eyes again, they saw something that would forever be burned in their memories!

Since a filter was used, the holographic screen was now in various shades of green. However, on this thoroughly green screen, numerous light beams drew straight lines across the sky. The entire holographic screen was filled with these bright light beams. The light beams flashed and vanished, but the number of laser beams in the screen continued to increase.

Everyone was shocked.

The entire He Yue Galaxy, be it in bars or in the city square, as long as the holographic screens were showing the live broadcast, the people watching them were all dead silent.

The laser beam guns rapidly depleted their energy reserves, especially when they were firing so intensely. This was another reason the beam guns were not favored - they could not be used in a prolonged a.s.sault.

Five minutes! The energy cells in each laser beam gun could only sustain a total of five minutes of firing in maximum capacity.

After the five minutes, the holographic screen finally dimmed. During the firing, Ye Chong and the Sang Family Legion had not thought of using filters, a sign of their lack of experience.

The laser beams left an afterimage that lasted for three seconds.

The bright holographic screen was like a huge ball of glowing yarn, and right now it was slowly unravelling, losing brightness with every second that pa.s.sed. The laser beams that once lit up the sky, providing a dazzling performance to the people, were now slowly vanishing from the universe.

Ye Chong and his group could finally see everything there clearly now.

Silence! The meeting room was dead quiet, so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

They were all wearing colorful expressions. Everyone's mouth was wide open as they stared dumbfounded at the holographic screen. However, many of them quickly recovered and looked away, feeling sorry for the creatures. Most of them sharply inhaled, and one could hear all the sharp inhales across the room.

The holographic screen showed a terrible sight that even a warmonger like Sang Tie with a heart of stone could barely continue watching it. The destruction caused during the five minutes before was devastating!

Outside, floating around in s.p.a.ce were many of the creatures' dead bodies. They were pieces of flesh, torn off limbs, and organs flying around. All the creatures received multiple wounds, and most of them were just full of holes. It was hard to wholly preserved bodies. This was a problem for Ye Chong and his company, since it was difficult to reconstruct the complete image of these unknown lifeforms.

That round of a.s.sault was simply too violent! Ye Chong believed that even Mu or Shang would not be able to survive an attack like that. In fact, no mech could survive an overwhelming attack like that. Ye Chong thought that this intense firing a.s.sault was more powerful than a warship's cannons, especially against small sized enemies like mechs.

Ye Chong made a note to himself that should he find himself within range of laser beam guns, he should run away as quick as possible.

Ye Chong now knew that the devastation they wrought was being broadcasted to every corner in the He Yue Galaxy. He Yue was not a peaceful place, but the conflicts were often on a small scale. There had never been any large scale military warfare. Most of the people here still lived relatively peacefully, and had never seen anything so shocking as this! If even the Sang Tribe members were affected by this battlefield, how could the commoners even manage?

The horrible images of flesh, innards and severed limbs were everywhere. The reporter was daring enough to focus the feed on those things.

Everyone who was watching the holographic screen turned pale, their eyes widening with fear.

Blergh! Someone finally could not hold it anymore, and vomited. Like a catalyst, people began to vomit everywhere. The sound of people throwing up did not stop. Here and there, people bent over to empty their stomachs.

Here and there were sounds of vomiting, children crying, adults swearing, nonsensical mutterings … The symphony of chaos began as fear spread amongst the people. It was as if the apocalypse was here!

Ye Chong and the Sang Tribe Legion's reputation skyrocketed overnight. However, they were mainly famous for their violence! This caused most starship fleets and mech squads to stay far, far away from Ye Chong and his Sang Tribe Legion for a long time after.

Nonetheless, Ye Chong and the Sang Tribe Legion would not have minded being known for this particular reason.

Ye Chong studied the holographic screen quickly, summarizing the results of their a.s.sault.

Ye Chong may look calm on the outside, but on the inside he was shocked. He could already identify some crustalades among the unknown lifeforms. However, there were more types of unknown lifeforms here than the last time when he and Rui Bing were at the Gateway. He had not seen many of them before.

It was a pity that their bodies were now mostly unrecognizable.

Ye Chong's eyes fell on the huge, dark fuschia colored gas cloud on the holographic screen. This cloud was so huge that it seemed to fill up the entire background of the holographic screen from every angle.

He focused on the gas cloud intensely, as though he could see through it by pure willpower.

Abruptly, he noticed something and leaned forward. His gaze turned even more penetrating, and his expression turned slightly grim. He stared at the fuschia colored gas cloud without moving.

No one in the meeting room noticed Ye Chong's expression change. After the initial shock, they were now discussing excitedly about the brief a.s.sault earlier. Everyone was talking about the surprisingly powerful laser beam guns. That magnificent spectacle was just amazing! They had never seen a large scale war before, and never before had they thought of fighting in this way. This experience had completely altered their perception of war.

The Sang Tribe members were natural warriors. They were all physically and mentally trained for combat. While they were not as familiar with modern weaponry as even the average mech pilots were in the He Yue Galaxy, they understood battle far more deeply than the so called elites here.

This round of battle was an eye opener to them. Like Ye Chong, they had an innate sensitivity to all things combat.

Ye Chong was now speaking with Mu/Shang.

"Mu, it is growing larger?"

"Yes. It's rapidly expanding, and it's now 56 percent larger than before," Mu reported with characteristic precision.

Ye Chong felt his heart skip a beat!

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