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What was that smell?

Alchemists were all sensitive to smell. Who released the alchemy substance? Some of them could not help but looked back.

"Aah!" A sharp and horrified cry came from the back. More cries followed. No one expected someone to be following them. If one of the alchemists had not been careless and accidentally released his alchemy substance, the entire group would have been neatly and silently wiped out .

There were b.l.o.o.d.y corpses everywhere. The ambushers came in huge numbers, killing their victims from behind their masks. It was a chilling sight.

However, most of the alchemists were prominent characters of the alchemy world on Dankwood planet, all seasoned fighters themselves. They quickly released their own alchemy substances. Colorful smoke drifted into existence, enveloping the entire place. Human figures were vaguely visible through the smoke.

The situation turned chaotic.

Ye Chong sat on the ground, gasping for breath, his mind blank after strenuous physical exertion. The room was filled with impenetrable smoke. Ye Chong pressed his palms to the ground for support, but was cut by a fragment of broken alchemy flask. He felt a sharp pain on his hand and retracted it. The pain also woke him up from his daze.

The ground was covered with broken fragments of alchemy flasks. All his days of hard work were lost. The whipper snakes were too quick, and the broken fragments of the alchemy flasks flew just as quick, spraying off like deadly weapons. It was these broken fragments that caused most of the alchemy flasks to be broken.

The smoke had a faint, sweet smell. Ye Chong jolted abruptly, cursed himself, and quickly pushed himself up, fighting against his fatigue.

He remembered that he had synthesized a few more dangerous products. Could they be released into the air as well? Ye Chong was anxious. He knew exactly how dangerous they were. Besides, his smoke pearl was only useful against knockout agents and the like. He had no intention of trying out his latest products.

Ye Chong picked up his wooden spear from the ground in a hurry and stumbled to the front door, leaving the mess behind him. His gaze fell on the wooden box placed beside the door. A stroke of luck for him. Ye Chong brought the box with him as he exited the room.

The sudden burst of smoke knocked Guang Wei out instantly. He never would have guessed that this would save his life.

Looking down from above the city, it was h.e.l.l down below. The ambushers had decided to attack without reservation in their brute force attempt. There were no preambles or intel gathering beforehand. The battle escalated quickly.

The maidservant who had been waiting by the door all this while was surprised to see the mysterious alchemist suddenly appearing before her. The alchemist had stayed inside ever since he arrived. She heard the ruckus from inside, but ever since she began serving the alchemist, there would be noises from within the room, so she had grown used to them.

"What are you doing?" She saw Ye Chong with a spear in one hand a wooden box in the other, and asked respectfully. It looked like he was about to leave. She was baffled, but dared not stop him. Now, she was thinking informing the news to the Mayor immediately.

With the box in his hand, Ye Chong felt much safer. He had kept all the maps and money that Han Yue had given to him in the box. On the other hand, he was using up more and more of his raw ingredients. His research these days were exhausting his raw materials rapidly. However, he had no choice. The price for improving himself faster would of course be higher.

"Nothing," Ye Chong answered politely, almost reflexively. He quickly moved on to other matters, as he was struck with a brilliant idea.

He looked around him and saw a flower vase. He picked it up and freed the vase from its flowery contents, leaving them on the floor.

Just what was he up to? The maidservant looked at the rumored legendary alchemist, and could not figure him out. The vase was a valuable item that not even her annual salary could afford it. Even the flowers were just delivered this morning from the largest florist establishment in the city.

Ye Chong did not reply her, only testing the material of the vase, and seemed quite happy with it.

He immediately took out a few chemicals and began to do some alchemy right in the corridor.

The maidservant looked at the alchemist with interest as he chucked in all sorts of strange things into the vase as his left hand swirled the vase rhythmically.

People had given him an almost G.o.dly reputation. She watched nervously at the vase in Ye Chong’s hands. Just what would this turn out into? To her, Ye Chong was just like a magician performing his magic trick.

He looked at the final product in the vase with satisfaction. The snow white vase now carried a yellowish thick fluid. It filled almost half of the case.

"Take a few steps back," Ye Chong said to the maidservant.

The maidservant hurried a few steps back.

"A few steps more."

The maidservant took another half a dozen steps back. She steadied herself and looked at the alchemist curiously, eager to see his next move.

Ye Chong looked solemn, holding the vase carefully in his hands. If any combat experts were here, they would notice that Ye Chong’s did not tremble at all, almost like a statue.

Ye Chong did not know why the people outside wanted to attack him. However, since he had just escaped from death, he did not feel like reasoning with them. He would teach them a lesson, one they would never forget!

The room he was staying in was filled with many alchemy products. Perhaps it was out of habit, but most of them were dangerous or lethal ones.

He would not enter the room now. The room was full of dangerous materials. Entering without sufficient preparation would only kill him. Besides, there was a huge variety of them. Mixing the chemicals together might lead to some surprising elements.

Ye Chong switched the vase to his right hand, and held onto the door k.n.o.b with his left.

He took a deep breath and opened the door by a small crack, then he threw the vase into the room. Before the vase made its landing, he quickly shut the door. After that, he pushed hard against the door, bracing for what came next.


It was the sound of a m.u.f.fled explosion. The door shook violently, but the quality material of garnetwood held.

The maidservant was shocked. She covered her mouth tightly, trying not to make a sound. That m.u.f.fled explosion had startled her, and her heart was still racing. Just what was he up to? Her dim, blue eyes betrayed her fear and uncertainty.

Ye Chong did not linger for long, and made to leave. Leaving this place as soon as possible was his best option for now. The maidservant was scared frozen, still standing where she was.

Ye Chong had did something quite ruthless.

He had thrown an explosive into the room. The explosive was much stronger than the one he used back in the tent. This explosion would definitely break all the remaining alchemy flasks in his room. The room was sealed well, and the only entrances were through the door and windows. Since he had kept the door shut, the only possible venting points were the windows. The explosion pushed the air from inside the room out into the open. The air was filled with all kinds of dangerous products of alchemy.

Not far out from the windows, the alchemists and ambushers were still in the thick of the fight. This deadly airflow was about to deal a heavy blow to them.

The first to react were Qi Wei and Pei Libei. Both them were surprised. While they were not exactly alchemists themselves, they were involved with alchemy for years and had seen their fill. They knew how terrifying this airflow could be.

Guang Wei was very lucky. Since he tried hard to push himself forward, he was now just between Qi Wei and Pei Libei. He had them to thank for his surviving the airflow.

A frontal attack depended entirely on brute strength. Tricks were usually difficult to execute, especially against a place so tightly defended as the Mayor’s Mansion.

However, they were left with no choice, since now was the time when the Mayor’s Mansion was least defended. Just a few days after, not only would combatants from nearby cities arrive, even the Han Family’s strongest warriors would be here.

But can they really take down the place? Looking at the stubbornly defended Mayor’s Mansion, the leader of the ambush squad felt a moment of doubt.

In the corridor, Ye Chong ran ahead quickly.

Crash! A window was broken, spraying gla.s.s every which way. A figure darted towards him.

Ye Chong reacted quickly, lifting the spearhead and aiming towards the throat of the attacker.

Crush! A crimson flower bloomed! A second figure appeared behind the attacker just then, but Ye Chong pushed forward and ran right into the first attacker.

Ye Chong was like a mech flying at high speed, while the now dead attacker was just like a sandbag. He was flung straight out the window. The person right behind the first attacker never expected it, and was caught off guard. Everything happened so quickly, and Ye Chong did not give him time to think. The second attacker reflexively tried to catch his comrade.

Wham! The two sandbags collided! They both flew out the window.

Ye Chong ignored them and continued running down the corridor.

As he pa.s.sed through a door with a semicircular arch, what he saw gave him quite a surprise.

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