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Chapter 2193 Finally killed!
“Impossible!”“This is not possible!”

The Blood Emperor yelled hysterically.

At that moment, Blood Emperor went mad.

As the Restrictions of Heaven and Earth came, his Opposing Blood Formation dissipated straight away. The reason why he could be in the Chaotic Divine Demon Realm was due to the Opposing Blood Formation. If the formation dissipated, his power would too.

He was originally in the Chaotic Divine Demon Realm, before dropping to Half-Step Divine Demon Realm instantly. He was now in the realm as Emperor Thirteen.

As his realm dropped, his overall power and the power of his techniques dropped.

“Impossible. My Opposing Blood Formation has already shaken this world. Everything was originally peaceful and I was in the Chaotic Divine Demon Realm. Why did the Restrictions of Heaven and Earth increase so suddenly?” Blood Emperor widened his eyes in shock as his face twisted in anger.

Soon, he locked his vision onto the figure that had just appeared.

“You! This is all because of you!”

The Blood Emperor stared at Xuan Yi, who stood there smiling.

Blood Emperor’s irises constricted when he recalled what Xuan Yi had just done to influence the Restriction of Heaven and Earth.

He could guess his true ident.i.ty.

“It’s you! It is you!”

“You were that man back then?”

“That is you!”

“The Restrictions of Heaven and Earth exist because of you!”

Blood Emperor roared in anger as he was in disbelief.

While the Blood Emperor was in disbelief, the majestic province descended and crushed the Ancient Blood Beast.

The Ancient Blood Beast had been created by the Ancient Blood Beast and its power was determined by that of the Blood Emperor’s.

Blood Emperor had been in the Chaotic Divine Demon Realm before, hence the Ancient Blood Beast was powerful.

Now that the Blood Emperor was in the Half-Step Divine Demon, his power dropped and he could no longer cast many techniques.

Under these circ.u.mstances, even Emperor Thirteen could kill him.

This was the same for Jian Wushuang, who cast soul ignition and gave his all.

As for the seventh seal of the Nine Province Seal, only about ten percent of the total power remained after it crushed the Ancient Blood Beast.

However, this power was more than enough to kill the Blood Emperor, who was in the Half-Step Divine Demon Realm.


“I will not resign myself to my fate!”

“I will not!”

His yells reverberated throughout the battlefield.

The majestic province descended onto the Blood Emperor and completely crushed him.


The terrifying momentum continued to push the province downwards onto the earth. Once the two collided, abundant amounts of divine power swept out in all directions.

After a long while, the battlefield turned peaceful once again.

As for Blood Emperor, he lay there motionless.

A top tier expert from the ancient past died!

“He is finally dead?” The experts from the Eternal Chaotic World widened their eyes as they looked at this scene.

They had yet to fully comprehend what had just happened.

They could not believe their own eyes.

Their defeat seemed inevitable. However, the tides of the battle had turned right when Blood Emperor was about to win.

After a brief delay, everyone looked up at the two figures floating high up in the air.

The two figures were Jian Wushuang and Xuan Yi.

After the seventh seal of the Nine Province Seal dissipated, they realised that Xuan Yi was simply a blurred mirage.


Xuan Yi moved forwards towards Jian Wushuang.

“Little one.” Xuan Yi smiled warmly.

Jian Wushuang could barely keep his eyes open. His consciousness was fading.

Xuan Yi frowned slightly. He stretched out his palm and pointed to Jian Wushuang’s forehead.

A unique energy gushed into Jian Wushuang’s brain.

Instantly, what remaining soul power that Jian Wushuang had stopped burning under the influence of this unique energy. His soul fire was extinguished and a very small portion of his soul power remained.

Seeing this, Xuan Yi heaved a sigh of relief.

“Little one, you are too tired. Sleep well.” Xuan Yi said softly.

Jian Wushuang smiled slightly, as though he had heard his master’s words.

It was a peaceful and relieved smile.


Jian Wushuang fell backwards.

Xuan Yi waved his hand as an unknown force guided Jian Wushuang towards Emperor Bai.

Emperor Bai caught Jian Wushuang and stared at Xuan Yi with a meaningful look.

Xuan Yi smiled at Emperor Bai and muttered to himself, “The time is not yet right. It has yet to reach the decisive moment. Luckily, the amount of power I used is small. If not…”

He shook his head as his body turned transparent.

It eventually disappeared from sight.

Seeing this, the experts around were confused.

They did not know who Xuan Yi was, how he had appeared and why he had disappeared so suddenly.

His appearance and disappearance were both without warning.

In the eyes of the experts from the Eternal Chaotic World, Xuan Yi was a complete mystery.

Emperor Thirteen would probably be the only man who had the answer to this mystery.


In the sky high up above, the beautiful Picture Scroll World disappeared as it turned into a scroll and fell towards the earth.

A figure appeared and caught the Mountain River Map. This man was Emperor Thirteen.

Emperor Thirteen then appeared in front of Emperor Bai.

“How is he?” Emperor Thirteen looked at Jian Wushuang’s motionless body and asked.

“He is in a terrible state. Even though his divine body is unharmed, he has used too much of his soul power and only a small amount remains. He should fall into a deep slumber,” Emperor Bai said in a serious tone.

This phenomenon should only have appeared in the ancient past.

Some experts from the ancient past had control and usage of powerful soul attacks which could severely wound the soul.

If the soul was wounded to a certain extent, it would fall into a deep slumber.

It was extremely difficult to wake up from this slumber.

“Even though he fell into deep slumber, at least his life was preserved. This is all thanks to that man just now who helped to stop soul ignition. If not…” Emperor Bai exclaimed.

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