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Hearing the rapid galloping sound, you could imagine just how arrogant these people were! Furthermore, such an event seemed to be extremely common.

Ling Tian let out a sigh and a strange smile could be seen on his face. "These people are far worse than me when I was a profligate young n.o.ble in Sky Bearing. While I was incorrigible, I never harmed anyone's life." Ling Jian and the others immediately revealed a knowing smile and obviously understood what their young n.o.ble was thinking of.

Right at this moment, the rapid galloping sound stopped and it actually stopped outside the Leisure Jade River Restaurant. Following that, a commotion could be heard and an arrogant voice drifted up, "...WHAT? You are not receiving customers today? What kind of bullsh*t is that?! Opening a restaurant and not receiving customers? You are only telling this daddy when I am at your doorstep?! B*st*rds, are all of you tired of living?"

Following that, the pleading voice of the boss could be heard but it was completely useless. A loud crashing sound could be heard as though something was smashed and the scolding sound became louder, "D*mmit, there obviously isn't anyone inside. You actually dare to lie to this daddy? You really don't know what's good for you! What? A single table of customers? They actually booked the entire restaurant? Who are those d.a.m.ned idiots who are so arrogant? Little ones, bring them out for me! This young master will teach these nouveau riche country b.u.mpkins a lesson!"

Ling Tian looked at Ling One and the others with a strange smile, "Number one, are the three of you the nouveau riche country b.u.mpkins in their words?"

Ling Jian immediately added fuel to the fire, "The three of you can actually create so much trouble just because of booking an entire restaurant. To think that the three of you boasted that you guys were invincible in Heavenly Wind. Tsk tsk..." Ling Jian shook his head with a sigh, "You guys are really throwing the faces of young n.o.ble and me. Wait for me to teach you guys a good lesson."

The faces of the three turned red before turning white, green, and finally purple...

The three of them did not want to reveal their ident.i.ties as the Sky Alliance heads and were using the ident.i.ty which they took on on a day to day basis. While those ident.i.ties of theirs weren't as famous as that of the Sky Alliance, they weren't to be underestimated either. With the five experts gathered together, how would they be afraid of trouble? Thus, Ling One was certain that there wouldn't be trouble today. Besides that, the Leisure Jade River Restaurant also had a huge backing and was one of the safest places in the Jade River City. With the backing of the City Head of Jade River City, how many would dare to create trouble here?

Ling One had booked the entire restaurant to receive guests multiple times but had never met any problems before. However, they just had to meet with trouble when their most respected young n.o.ble and most feared brother Jian was here!

Hearing Ling Jian's sarcasm, the three of them did not know where to hide their faces.

Too embarra.s.sing! It was far too embarra.s.sing! The three of them hated the fact that they could not dig a hole to hide their heads! Especially when they heard that their brother Jian was about to teach them a lesson because of this incident, they even had thoughts to slaughter the person who was here to create trouble!

The three of them stood up angrily and were about to charge out. This was also caused because they had not revealed their true ident.i.ties. If it was a Hall Master of the Sky Alliance dining here today, there wouldn't be anyone who would dare to provoke them in the city. However, now that the three heads of the Sky Alliance were here, there was actually someone who wanted to bully them!

Was there still any justice in the world?! This was completely unbearable!

The three of them immediately came to a conclusion in their hearts: Not only must this troublemaker be sentenced to death, even the family behind him must not be spared! Even if they were to kill everyone related to this troublemaker, they still felt that this punishment wasn't severe enough!

"Since we have nothing else to do, why don't we accompany them to play? What are you so anxious for?" Ling Tian's words immediately settled the three who were about to fly into a rage. "Am I really going to wipe away all of your accomplishments and hard work over the years just because of a sc.u.m like him? All of you are grown-ups already. Can't you use some of your brains? Hmm?"

"You guys are still making a fuss out of such a small matter? You guys really lack training!" Ling Jian's sharp gaze landed on the three of them, "Sit down! Eat your meal!"

Ling Tian and his subordinates were currently in the biggest dining hall of the city and a hundred people could dine at the same time! Currently, in this huge restaurant, there was only a single table in the middle with five chairs around it! All of the seats were filled!

The commotion from the outside grew louder and louder. A burly man seemed to be forcing his way through the door violently but there were a few others who were trying to push him back. As a restaurant with backing behind them, if they weren't able to ensure the safety of their customers, their business and reputation would definitely take a huge hit! However, they knew that the five people inside wouldn't need their protection. After all, those who were capable of booking the entire restaurants wouldn't be a n.o.body.

Miserable sounds were heard one after another and the sounds of people being thrown out could be heard. Obviously, the people who were trying to barge in weren't weaklings and there definitely wasn't only one or two of them.

An extremely arrogant voice then sounded, "I do not believe that there is a restaurant in Jade River City that I, Song Kuang, cannot enter!" As these words were said, the fighting on the outside stopped and the staff of the restaurant also gave up their resistance. In truth, if they knew that the young master of the Song Family was in front of them, they would not even think of putting up a resistance.

Song Kuang was definitely not someone who they could provoke.

The Song Family was ranked third in the Heavenly Wind Continent and was only weaker than the Shui and HuangFu Family. In truth, these three families were powerful enough to rule over the Heavenly Wind Continent and there wasn't another family capable of being a match for these three families! Even if such a family existed in the past, it didn't exist any longer!

As for Song Kuang, he was the eldest son of the Song Family and also the future master of the family!

It was no wonder that such a character would be so arrogant and he did indeed have the ability to be so arrogant! Even if the City Head of the Jade River City was here today, he wouldn't be able to do anything.

As for the HuangFu Family who had their roots in the Jade River City, they wouldn't make things difficult for the Song Family because of a mere restaurant. As for the forces of the Shui Family, they were located in Mount Vacant Sky a hundred miles away from here.

"Song Family? Song Kuang?" Ling Tian twiddled with the wine gla.s.s in his hands and said, "What a coincidence. Just when I wanted to take a nap, someone sent a pillow over. The Heavenly Wind Continent is truly a land of treasures!"

Ling Jian, who understood his young n.o.ble the most lit up with a smile on his face, "Young n.o.ble has your eyes on the Song Family?"

Ling Tian gave a profound smile, "It would depend on whether or not the Song Family can live up to my expectations."

A flurry of footsteps stopped outside the dining hall and in the midst of the silence, the sound of a door being smashed could be heard.

"I would like to see who dares to be so bold!" A burly man who was two meters tall walked in with twenty plus people behind him.

However, the five people who were seated inside were unexpectedly calm. Their normal reaction should be that of being scared witless but these five people looked as though they didn't even notice what was going on. They carried on with their meal as they chatted merrily with each other. It was as though they treated the twenty plus people who barged in as air!

"Aiyah, these fellows really do have some composure. Hahaha..." That tall and burly young master Song was stunned for a moment before bursting out into laughter. He then turned around and looked at a black-robed old man as he joked, "Old Ding, I was originally surprised that someone would actually book the whole restaurant. However, I am now shocked to the point my face turned pale. There is actually someone in Heavenly Wind who dares to act cool in front of us. Don't you think that this scene is extremely amusing?"

The few burly men behind him burst out laughing as though they heard a huge joke.

The black-robed old man looked at the five calm individuals in the middle of the room and felt that something was amiss. For them to remain so calm in such a situation, they were either scared silly or extremely confident in themselves! Looking at the five in front of them, he was sure that they weren't scared silly!

Could it be that they met an iron board today? The black-robed old man had a bad feeling in his heart.

Just as the saying goes, "The older one is in the pugilistic world, the smaller his guts become". These words were not to mock the experienced for being gutless but to describe the astute senses of the experienced. When they took action, they would be more ruthless than anyone else but at the first wisp of danger, they would run as far as possible. After all, their lives were more important.

Thus, those who would fight each other because of verbal disagreements were usually the young and inexperienced and not the old and experienced. The experienced knew that while it was extremely thrilling to act in such an arrogant manner, the moment they kicked an iron board, they would have to pay the price of their life! For an arrogant young man like Song Kuang to die an unknown death on the outside, these experienced old fellows had seen far too many of such events.

"Young n.o.ble, something seems to be wrong. This old man thinks that we should not create trouble." The black-robed old man looked at the five individuals in front of him and felt the atmosphere in the room becoming more and more tense.

"Don't create trouble? Hahaha... what a joke!" Song Kuang stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. He then grabbed the manager of the restaurant and with a few kicks, the manager knelt on the floor before Song Kuang. Song Kuang lifted up his leg and arrogantly stepped on the head of the manager. "With things developing to such an extent you are asking me to not create trouble? Old Ding, are you alright? Are you sure you haven't been possessed?"

Lowering his head, Song Kuang said viciously, "Brat, straighten your waist for this daddy. If you dare to sway again, this daddy will take your life!"

The manager knelt on the floor obediently and allowed the dirty feet to step on his head. Despite being filled with humiliation, he did not dare to even tremble.

"Men, catch these five idiots who like to act cool. Let them kneel in front of this daddy. Their ten knee caps must touch the ground and form a straight line!" Song Kuang pointed at the five people in the middle of the hall and ordered viciously.

"Roger!" Five burly men pounced forward immediately like tigers. While Old Ding had the heart to stop them, he did not open his mouth.

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