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The white-robed man was shocked, immediately turning his body over, sword already poised. A look of incredulity flashed across his face. To think that Ling Tian actually managed to discover his tracking and even turn the tables to track him! Just based on this, he had lost! The white-robed man originally followed Ling Tian due to witnessing Ling Tian's mysterious movement techniques, but he never thought that Ling Tian would discover him. Since when had such a character appeared in Sky Bearing?

Casting his eyes forward, standing in front of him was a black-robed man, tall and slender, with a pair of orbs that looked as bright as lightning in the starry sky, staring back at him. He was totally stationary, yet he gave off the feeling of being ephemeral, present yet not present. Much like a dream, it seemed as though he could fade away at any given time.

As Ling Tian stared back, his lips twisted into an almost imperceptible smile. A pale white face, as though covered with a layer of powder, but with blood-thirsty eyes and an intangible killing intent not below Ling Jian! His eyes looked like ghostly fire, flickering in the darkness. Dressed purely in white, but with a blood red sash! Even at night, Ling Tian could differentiate his clothing with ease. This was the fabled ‘examining to the smallest detail, not even missing a drop of water’ ability.

The guy was dressed as such but wants to follow others to meld with the shadows? Ling Tian started to feel cautious. For someone to dress like that at night, either he was a fool, or he was supremely confident of his strength! Since the guy did not look a fool, then it had to be the latter. Furthermore, given his movement speed, the closest match other than those under him would be Gu XiYan, given that he could even tail himself!

"Who are you! Remove your mask!" The white-robed man finally spoke, but instead of questioning, he commanded Ling Tian instead!

Ling Tian jeered in response, "With just you? Do you have the qualifications?"

"Whether I have the qualifications or not, you’ll know very soon!" As the word ‘qualifications’ left his mouth, his sword had already thrust forward, and when the last word ‘soon’ was spoken, he had already made seventeen stabs! The sharp sword light seemed to cut the very air into pieces as it flew towards Ling Tian!

Ling Tian’s body resembled a dandelion floating in the wind, agilely avoiding all the stabs. Not even a piece of cloth on his body was harmed.

The white-robed man could only keep his sword and open up the distance between them. A glint of admiration appearing in his eyes. "Good martial arts, good footwork, good movement speed! You must be from The First Pavilion, right? As good as everyone says!"

A hint of laughter appeared in Ling Tian’s eyes as he slightly shook his head, "No, I’m not from the First Pavilion! Sword shattering the wind and clouds, golden leaves BaiFei; I’m Ye BaiFei!"

The white-robed man jerked in shock, and suddenly let loose a laugh. His face looked as though he had not laughed for a long time, for the laugh looked especially terrifying. "Turns out that you’ve realized my origins! That’s right, I’m Ye BaiFei! The Ye BaiFei who can kill anyone!"

Ling Tian had long heard from Ling Jian that another mysterious a.s.sa.s.sin had appeared in the pugilistic world these few years. He operated in solitude, heartless and without mercy. Every person killed by him would have a leaf of gold stamped onto their face; this killer was called Ye BaiFei! Today, upon seeing such a person, it matched perfectly with the description which Ling Jian gave, hence Ling Tian was able to recognize him at once.

"Able to kill anyone? Brother Ye doesn’t seem to possess that ability yet!" Ling Tian smirked as he commented.

"What did you say?!" A ruthless aura burst out from Ye BaiFei’s eyes!

"Six months ago, Brother Ye received a bounty to a.s.sa.s.sinate someone from the number one hidden family, family head of the Yu Family, Yu ManLou; this one here really has a lot of respect for you!" Ling Tian seemed to be reciting a mundane matter, but the contents were frightening beyond belief!

"What else do you know!" Ye BaiFei’s expression grew even more savage.

"Nothing much, just that you exchanged a few blows with the third master of the Yu family, and the end result was that he was pierced seven times by you, but you were unable to complete the a.s.sa.s.sination, and could only retreat…" Ling Tian seemed like he had finished talking, but he wasn't done yet.

"How much do you exactly know?" The killing intent in Ye BaiFei’s eyes seemed to recede a little upon hearing his achievements.

"I do know that the actual battle result was that the seven stabs you made in Yu ManTian were all superficial injuries, yet you received internal injuries due to getting struck three times by his heavy sword and were defeated, right? Haha!" Ling Tian burst out in sarcastic laughter!

"You do indeed know a lot, but do you know who I’m going to kill next?" Ye BaiFei’s expression seemed to have become more collected, like the calm before the storm.

"Will Brother Ye enlighten me on this? This younger brother is interested!" Ling Tian replied.

"Haha, the one I’m going to kill is naturally… you!" The killing intent came back in full force as his expression completely turned ice cold. He suddenly sprang up high, pointing his sword at Ling Tian as he borrowed the force of gravity to shoot down towards Ling Tian!

The sword shone resplendently, akin to a silver river descending from the heavens! Ye BaiFei looked as though he was shrouded in this brilliance, as though he was surrounded by thousands of swords! His sword style looked incorporeal yet substantial, locking Ling Tian down.

"Indeed famed as the ‘Void Swordsman’!" Ling Tian eyes gleamed as an expression of praise appeared on his face, hidden by the mask. This should be Ye BaiFei’s ultimate move, ‘Beheading Winds and Fragmenting Clouds’!

"Cut the cr*p, this day next year will be your death anniversary. Hand over your life!" Ye BaiFei’s momentum was rising to insane levels!

The look of praise on Ling Tian’s face disappeared as he replied, "I have some other matters going on, and will not be able to accompany Brother Ye for long. So, I can only exchange three moves with you! However, in these three moves, life and death will all be decided by fate, while wealth and glory will be decided by the heavens!" While his tone sounded humble, the words were completely contradictory; he was certain of a victory over Ye BaiFei within three moves!

Ye BaiFei laughed coldly, "Good-good-good, then I’ll see whether you can triumph over me in three moves, or I end you in three!" He stopped speaking, pouring all his attention into his sword and advancing towards Ling Tian.

Ling Tian did not dare to be negligent. Leaping forward, his hand also produced a short sword, and he actually rushed straight into the sword lights of Ye BaiFei!

"Ding ding ding" sounds unceasingly sounded as the two of them continuously fought with their all, countless human shadows seemingly colliding into a heap!

"Clang!" There was a harsh ringing sound, and the two of them separated. Ye BaiFei’s pale white face flushed an unnatural red color as he retreated seven steps, finally somersaulting onto a rooftop. When he glanced at Ling Tian, he found out that Ling Tian had already retreated over six to seven feet, laughing as he said, "Three moves have pa.s.sed, and while this battle delights me, this younger brother has something going on and can't accompany you any further. May we meet again! Hahaha…" As he spoke, he shot away like a comet, disappearing into the distance.

Ye BaiFei snorted coldly, "Today’s battle will not end unless someone dies! Where do you think you’re going!" As he prepared to give chase, he stopped as his facial expression changed, almost turning as red as the sash he wore!

If he had taken the step just now, so long as his lower body moved, his pants would have dropped. If not for his fast reflexes, holding it with his hands, he would probably have to streak around Sky Bearing’s rooftops naked!

If Ling Tian did not leave and saw this scene, then they would be irreconcilable enemies! As the saying goes, ‘A man can be killed but not humiliated’! Thus, Ling Tian chose to run!

Ye BaiFei was at a complete loss for words!

His own pants was actually cut apart by Ling Tian and he wasn’t aware! If Ling Tian had shifted his sword up a little further, towards his inner core...

As Ling Tian proceeded home, he couldn't help laughing at the thought of this legendary killer having to streak out naked. To be honest, Ye BaiFei’s martial arts were not weak, at most only slightly below Ling Jian! A pity that he had met Ling Jian’s teacher today! How could he not lose? Who was Ling Tian? He had defeated the very Yu ManTian which had crushed Ye BaiFei! However, Ye BaiFei’s const.i.tution was indeed better than Ling Jian, to not vomit out blood after receiving three blows of roughly 80% strength from him! The other time, didn’t he suffer from heavy injuries after receiving a heavy sword strike from Yu ManTian? Ling Tian didn't think any further; maybe he simply had a breakthrough!

Ling Tian stood alone in the little courtyard and saw Ling Chen sitting under the racks of grapes, dressed in a white top and white skirt. The moonlight shone on her face, and a light breeze blew on her white skirt. In that moment, she seemed to have become a G.o.ddess.

A jade flute was poised between her lips, and without much volume, a piece of soul-stirring melody began to sound, drifting about lazily in the wind as though it was the sound of nature. This was the ‘Plum Blossom Scar’ which Ling Tian had scored for Ling Chen. In it was the endless tunes of affection carved into one’s memory, and portrayed in vivid detail through the melody of the flute.

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