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There was no need to compete anymore. Today, Third Master Yu was destined to have his name dragged through the mud for the next ten thousand years. A martial arts expert whose opponents could be numbered on his two hands, a brilliant star, actually took the initiative to challenge a weak scholar with no cultivation background! Even those strong bullying the weak weren't like this! Yu ManTian suddenly felt that he was a despicable and shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

At this point, Yu ManTian was between a rock and a hard place for the first time in his life! He suddenly felt as though he was a fool, a complete fool! He only heard from his brother how extraordinary this guy was, and how outstanding he was, which made him so unconvinced that he ran over here immediately. But did he even ask what point he was outstanding in? A grand total of a thousand miles of road! [1] He had sat on a horse till his b.u.t.tocks ached, and even met two lunatics and tasted his first defeat, though he had his fill of fighting! Ai! What a tough journey.

But now, what could he do? Compare martial skills? He could forget about it, his opponent didn't even have the ability to protect himself! Then what about the Four Arts? He might as well take his own life!

Of course, Ling Tian would definitely provide Yu ManTian a way out of this mess! Seeing how Third Master Yu stood there dumbly without doing anything like a maligned boy not knowing how to solve the problem, Ling Tian resisted the urge to laugh, and thinking quickly he replied, "Anyway, before we talk about competing or not, it is only right for me to host you well for coming a long way here. While I, Ling Tian, don't have much that could catch your eye, I do have a few good jars of wine. I wonder if Third Master would be interested?"

The moment wine was mentioned, Third Master Yu immediately woke up from his stupor, and looking at the two empty jars of wine held in his hands, he immediately opened his mouth, "There’s more of this kind of wine? You should have said so earlier! Where is it, I’ll go and grab it!"

In the time it took to finish his sentence, Third Master Yu’s expression went through an astonishing change, from shame and embarra.s.sment to a greedy and voracious look! His tongue that had just tasted the heavenly wine was already starting to peek out, tracing his lips.

Yu BingYan forced out another smile. That Third Uncle of hers was really a piece of art, and she couldn't even say that she didn't know him anymore, how embarra.s.sing!

"Cheh!" Ling Tian revealed a look of disdain, "How is that considered good wine! That’s for the servants to indulge. As for the actual top grade ones, this junior definitely isn't lacking!"

Yu ManTian had long forgotten his previous shame and humiliation, immediately taking a step and appearing in front of Ling Tian as he waved his hands in excitement, "Hahaha, brother, are… are you serious?" In his jubilation, he didn't even realize that he was here to cause trouble, and even called Ling Tian brother!

"Third Master, please have a seat, I’ll bring the wine!" Ling Tian turned to leave.

"Pa!" Third Master Yu gave Ling Tian a smack on his shoulder as he laughed, "Good! This brother really is generous! Please bring more jars over!"

Ling Tian laughed in response and walked away. The insensitive Third Master Yu never noticed how Ling Tian seemed to be unaffected by his good-natured slap on the shoulder! Given Yu ManTian’s strength, this affectionate gesture he saved for his pugilistic world friends wasn't something a weak scholar could take, even though there was no internal energy involved!

Gazing at his silhouette, Third Master Yu’s face broke into all smiles, "This guy sure is generous!" Turning around, he caught sight of his niece, holding onto the table for support for her dear life as she continued laughing madly. He felt his face heat up, and couldn't help but put on a stern expression of a berating senior as he hollered, "What are you laughing at! Haven’t you seen your Third Uncle drink before? To think that you are unaware of decorum, disgraceful! You’re tarnishing our family's name!"

Yu BingYan stood dumbly as she heard that. What was her uncle talking about? Talking about tarnishing our family's name, do you even need me? Why don’t you ask all the people on the scene, and see if whatever I did actually tarnished our family's reputation?

Having said this, Yu ManTian came to a stop once again as he remembered his original objective for coming here. It was to obstruct his precious niece from interacting with the famed silkpants of the continent. So why did he address Ling Tian as brother already?

Having thought about it for a while, he threw it at the back of his mind by comforting himself, thinking, Let’s think more after I’ve drunk his wine. His wine was really good, really fragrant! The more he thought about the wine he was going to get, the more comforted he felt and happily settled down on a bamboo chair, with the chair groaning, on the verge of totally collapsing.

A few minutes pa.s.sed when Ling Tian was seen briskly walking back. At his back was the head of the Residence Guards, w.a.n.g Tong, with each hand holding on to two large jars of wine, carrying them as though he was shifting furniture.

Yu ManTian leaped up from his chair, laughing, immediately appearing in front of w.a.n.g Tong. With a flick of his arms, he cradled all four jars in his bosom, akin to a child who had just gotten its beloved toy. That movement and speed was enough to prove that his skill was of high caliber.

w.a.n.g Tong only felt a blur pa.s.s by before the four jars disappeared into someone else’s bosom. His pupils shrank, revealing a gaze as sharp as a blade as his hands secretly stretched towards his own blade!

However, Ling Tian stopped him with a slight shake of his head, lightly waving his hands. w.a.n.g Tong understood the meaning immediately and bowed once before taking his leave.

Yu ManTian laughed at the scene. Seeing w.a.n.g Tong’s retreating figure, he grinned as he said, "That guard’s martial arts doesn’t seem too bad. Why didn't you let him try me out?" Yu ManTian might be insensitive, but that didn't refer to his senses for danger! While w.a.n.g Tong’s moves were stealthy and well hidden, how could it slip past Yu ManTian’s senses?

"Third Master is here as a guest, so how could I be disrespectful? The family servant was being impolite!" Ling Tian merely replied indifferently, as he smiled. "Furthermore, I’ve long heard that Third Master’s martial arts are unparalleled, so how could you place a mere guard in your eye?"

Yu ManTian beamed so hugely that his eyes were almost covered. If not for his hands holding onto the wine jars, he would have patted him on the shoulder once again. "Hahaha, that’s right, that’s right, this Third Master will not lower myself to his level." Walking to the table, he gingerly placed the jars down, before opening one of the cork seals. A heady fragrance wafted out, letting him close his eyes, breathing in the fumes in bliss.

Ling Tian’s white robe billowed as he came to his side. Fishing out one of the jugs, he smiled widely at the ladies as he said, "This jar was prepared specially for you ladies. Today is a happy day, and calls for celebration!" As for what he was happy about, or what he was celebrating, Ling Tian didn't say. Only Ling Chen understood the reason for his happiness, and her face immediately blushed a crimson red as she quickly turned her face to the side. However, a pink tinge that lingered in her eyes betrayed her current mood.

Ling Tian guffawed with laughter as he opened the cork in one smooth move. An ephemeral and illusory fragrance filled the air, like the stuff that dreams were made of. This was Ling Tian’s invention, his unique wine the ‘Maiden’s Heart’!

Ling Tian specially poured a cup for each of the three ladies present, carrying the cups to them. Yu BingYan and Wei XuanXuan stared on with curious looks, wondering why Ling Tian was so eager to s.n.a.t.c.h away Ling Chen’s job? However, the moment they took a sip, all coherent thoughts flowed away as they were conquered by the illusory fantasy they experienced from the wine. All they could do was continuously sip the wine while praising it.

Ling Tian walked over to Ling Chen, approaching her ear as he teased in a low voice, "Chen’er, how does the wine taste?"

Though it seemed impossible, Ling Chen’s face got redder from his words. Stretching out a hand smooth as jade, she nimbly and ruthlessly tugged at Ling Tian’s waist and twisted. Ling Tian was left to grin and bear it, as he couldn't let out any sound, which resulted in him having a weird expression. He couldn't help but inwardly regret digging his own grave. However, his heart was filled with the strands of love, resulting in a contradictory moment of feeling happiness amidst suffering...

Off to the side, Yu ManTian wasn't one to be polite, and before the three ladies had even finished their cups he had already downed five to six of the same size cups. Only then did he breathe out in satisfaction, praising, "Good wine!" He paused a while, pondering, before continuing, "Even better than the previous wine! But there’s no way to compare it, all the fine wines I’ve ever tasted were all dog sh*t compared to this!"

How could it not be good? This was the ‘Drunken Immortal Soul’ that Ling Tian had used to personally receive Ye QingChen! Under the vast heavens, only at Ling Tian’s place was it possible to sample it. This privilege was restricted only to their house and none others! Other than Ling Chen and Ling Tian, absolutely no one knew of its existence, let alone drank it!

Now that Yu ManTian was indulging in wine, he looked more refined, almost like a prince amongst wines! Other than drinking it a little faster than others, he displayed none of the coa.r.s.eness he normally brought with him. This was indeed ‘refinement within boorishness’, and you could even say that it was the epitome of refinement!

One could only see Third Master Yu carefully lifting up the wine jar, cautiously pouring it into the cups, and then gingerly taking up the cup to drain it in one shot, not even wasting a single drop!

[1] The Chinese mile (li) is 500 meters, so a thousand miles is 500 kilometers or 300 standard miles.

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