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Ling Tian had yet to speak, but the busily drawing Yu BingYan immediately expressed her dissatisfaction due to her uncle’s shameful behavior, "Third Uncle, how can you speak like that! What are you even saying?! You’re here as a guest, but why is your mouth full of vulgarities? If you continue like that I’ll report you to First Uncle!"

While she was already used to her uncle’s cussing, what he said just now was a mess, evidently making her lose face in front of all present! Thus, her words were also very impolite. But then again, both of them always had close relations with each other, so her being impolite was not much of a deal.

Only now did Yu ManTian notice that the lady painting at the side was actually his niece. He could not help but blush, noting that he hadn't displayed any manners. Actually, it should have been a given that she was here. If Yu BingYan was at a place but the Xue brothers weren't at her side, then their heads would roll.

While Third Master Yu was uncouth, he still paid attention to his own image when he was in front of juniors. He could only bitterly laugh as he scratched his head, racking his brains on how to placate his niece. If she were to tattle on him, then his own elder brother would take action to prevent him from roaming. If it was only that, maybe it wouldn't be too bad, but a house arrest included not being able to touch a single drop of wine. Now THAT was torture!

When Yu ManTian was under the rack of grapes, Ling Tian had sized him up once more, noting that he looked like the archery target boards the Ling Family had in their backyard. The corners of his lips rose in a smile as he wondered if people could tell the difference if he placed Yu ManTian together with all the archery boards… most likely, there would not be an arrow that could shoot through it, right?

Wait! Ling Tian’s expression turned stiff as he suddenly thought of something… Archery target board… target board… HAHAHA! Wasn’t this the best target board he could have?

The definition of a good target board wasn't for Ling Tian’s own use, but rather for Ling Feng, Yun, Lei, Dian, and Chi. Given that their cultivation had reached a stagnant point, staying in closed-door cultivation would result in twice the work for half the success, and they lacked experience in fighting a real master! Especially one with lots of trump cards! The opponent must also be able to pull his punches, not putting in a half-hearted effort because it wasn't a life-and-death battle! Use Ling Jian? While he was good, it was a pity that all Ling Jian learned were killing arts that couldn't be used for a simple spar unless he had achieved great success in restraining his intent! While Ling Tian himself had achieved thus, he was like a G.o.d to them, so how could they attack with their full force when they were faced with a G.o.d they revered?

Actually, it wasn't just them. All of those under the direct command of Ling Tian weren't able to use their fullest abilities when sparring; unable to release the savagery ingrained in their bones! Thus, their improvements would naturally slow down! If Ling Jian didn't experience such hardship in his youth, he would be just like the rest: mediocre!

But what would happen if he allowed Yu ManTian to exchange blows with them?

With Yu ManTian’s strength, it was enough for him to act as a tutor for the rest, albeit without his knowledge! The five Ling brothers all had superior movement speed techniques when compared to Yu ManTian and thus, Ling Tian believed that ensuring their own safety was not a problem. Judging by Yu ManTian’s strength, the five of them probably couldn't kill him. As such...

Ling Tian let out a sinister smile in his heart!

Seeing Yu ManTian stare at him with an excited and unbelieving look, he knew that his ident.i.ty was already under suspicion.

Ling Tian only laughed inwardly, as he pretended to be confused, scratching his head. He then saluted in a very scholarly manner, "Oh, this must be Third Master Yu? This little junior here has long heard of your name, which resounds like thunder. As the saying goes, to have a friend come from afar, isn’t that a joy? However, why does Third Master Yu say that you have seen me before? This is obviously the first time we’ve met!"

Yu ManTian stared with a pair of brown cow-like eyes, unwittingly raising his hand to scratch his head, thoroughly confused! This scholarly person, wasn't he the same as that white-robed j*rk the other day? Yu ManTian remembered that the youth’s eyes were cold and indifferent, yet filled with a sparkling light, as though they were a treasured sword that had been unsheathed.

However, this youth had warm eyes, and although his gaze was clear without a doubt, there wasn't a hint of an edge. Obviously, this person was a bookworm who never practiced martial arts!

"How bewildering!" Third Master Yu let out a cry of surprise, walking around Ling Tian a few times as his expression turned from suspicion to disappointment. He began to feel that he had met a different person, and was embarra.s.sed by this incident. He couldn't help but viciously spit out, "d.a.m.n! You little b*st*rd, to actually pretend to be a ghost to scare your elder! You can even say 'it’s such a joy to meet you'. This daddy here will help your parents to teach you a lesson!"

This last phrase "teach you a lesson" reminded Yu ManTian about his purpose for this visit, and he couldn't help but let out a loud howl. Thinking about how his elder brother thought so highly of this weak scholar who could be poked dead with one finger, he felt a sense of fury bubbling up and hollered, "Ling Tian, I’ve long heard about your capabilities. Let Third Master have a good practice with you today, and teach you the meaning of ‘there will always be someone stronger’!"

Yu BingYan had long since moved over, staring worriedly at Ling Tian as she grabbed onto her Third Uncle's arms. This la.s.s was certain that if Yu ManTian were to really flip and become violent, only she could hold him back! What would happen if this extraordinarily strong bear of her Third Uncle injured the love of her life?

Ling Tian was seemingly unaffected, straightening his sleeve, he spoke with a face full of joy as though he had met a long time friend, "Third Master Yu must be joking. What I’ve said was all spoken by the saints of the past; if that’s nonsense, then I pray for Third Master to educate me! As for comparing notes with senior, might I know whether you would like to compete in composing songs? Or poetry? Maybe even the Four Arts [1]? So long as Third Master commands, Ling Tian will comply!"

Ling Tian gave the impression of being prepared to seek his death, his heroism reaching the clouds! It looked as though he was countering soldiers with arms and a flood with dry earth, having a high fighting spirit as he prepared for a battle!

When Yu BingYan heard that, she immediately burst out into peals of laughter! And the frowning Ling Chen, as well as Wei XuanXuan who was ma.s.saging her poor feet, also exploded with a ‘puchi’ sound! In that instant, all three ladies were covering their mouths and shaking uncontrollably. Were it not for their upbringing as n.o.ble ladies, the three of them would have long ended up rolling on the floor as they laughed!

Looking at the uncouth appearance of Third Master Yu, akin to a gorilla, who would think that he was well versed in literature, let alone playing the zither or painting! This brat Ling Tian was actually too evil — asking a gallant martial arts expert to compare notes through the Four Arts!

Yu ManTian stood rooted to the spot! He opened his mouth wide but didn't know what to say at all. He could only scold himself for being silly. How could he have challenged a scholar? What could he challenge him with? He didn't know anything that Ling Tian did, and if they were to fight and he ‘won’, his name would be in disrepute for the next hundred years in the history books! A core member of the Yu Family, a great expert of the golden jade stage, actually thrashed a scholar with no martial arts background. If that wasn't a taint to his name, then what was it?!

Seeing Yu ManTian tongue-tied, Ling Tian resisted the urge to laugh, instead coughing loudly twice as he put on an even more unimaginable expression of shock and surprise, saying, "Err… Third Master Yu… did you… did you actually want me to compare martial arts with you?"

"You brat!..." Yu ManTian’s face was completely black, with black lines! After a long while, he recovered his voice, and it was the same words, ".... You….. brat!"

"Oh…" Ling Tian suddenly came to a realization as he nodded his head, seemingly fully understanding Yu ManTian’s intentions, "So Third Master Yu really had that idea, well… coughcough, this is a little difficult. This junior here has been reading books since young, and my shoulders can’t lift, neither can my hands carry. This…" At this point, Ling Tian shook his head and shrugged with an apologetic expression, "I only can say that you are looking for the wrong person! If you really insist on it, then this junior can only admit defeat and say that you have wasted your time in coming here!"

The moment he finished speaking, Ling Tian’s face displayed an expression of shame that he could not fulfill Yu ManTian’s request!

At the same time, the three ladies had already laughed until they were having trouble breathing. Each was clutching their stomachs and holding onto the table for dear life, one hand holding onto their painful stomachs, but peals of laughter still sounded from them.

Third Master Yu stood there as though he had become a statue, his face now turning white, then black, and finally an ash-grey color as though he had just died. The originally shameless Third Master had met his match today, feeling guilty as cold sweat beaded down his face! The sweat was not because of the hot weather, but because of shame!

[1]: The Four Arts of a scholar are the zither, Go, calligraphy and painting.

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