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Chapter 121: Variables 1

Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl

They moved very fast without the minions. If they took the minions, the monsters in the forest would have delayed their advance. However, they were three heroes and two experts, so they weren't in any danger.

While they were running in the forest, Sarang said to Junhyuk, "Big brother, there is an expert other than the two of us."

"What are you talking about?"

"The voice said that I'm the third expert?"

Junhyuk stopped running and looked at Sarang. Vera joined them and said, "That's right. Someone from a different battlefield became an expert. It's rare to see two experts on one battlefield, and your news travelled fast."

So far, he had only met novices, but now there was another expert. It was something to be cautious about. Even a novice was dangerous depending on his or her power. An expert was even more dangerous.

"Do you know what kind of powers he has?"

"I heard only a part of the story, so I am not sure, but it sounds like the expert has two offensive powers."

"Sure," Junhyuk was envious since he didn't have any offensive powers. "He sounds dangerous."

"To you? Why?"

"Because he has offensive powers?"

"No, you are superior to him," Vera said and shrugged. "Surely, an expert with offensive powers is strong, but your force field blocks all attacks, and you could just slash through him."


He didn't have offensive powers, but his regular attack stat was high, and he had defensive powers. He could simply block any incoming attacks.

"Could you find out more about him for next time? I might end up meeting him."

"You mean the expert with the offensive powers?"



"I met some novices in South Korea, and they almost killed me," Junhyuk said calmly.

Vera's stare turned cold.

"Someone came after you?"


Artlan turned back and asked, "What did you do?"

"One of them is a hypnotist, so I gouged her eyes out. The other one became my friend."

"A hypnotist?" Halo joined the conversation. "I heard about it. She's from a battlefield prior to ours. She made a huge mess of things."

"A mess?"

"Her allied heroes were all killed, and she controlled the enemies and got a triple-kill by herself."


She killed three heroes by herself?

"The enemy heroes that lost were at low health, and she used one to kill the other two."

"Why did the third hero join the fight?" Sarang asked, and Vera laughed at her.

"They had just arrived at the Dimensional Battlefield. They didn't trust each other and they didn't know they were hypnotized, so they killed each other. It was breaking news."

"She had nice equipment… So, that's how she got it."

"Why didn't you kill her?" Artlan asked.

Junhyuk scratched his head.

"I didn't want to commit murder."

Artlan stopped and grabbed him by the shoulder.

"Keep this in mind: you are important to us. If you get hurt in South Korea, I won't leave it alone."

"I understand."

He hadn't seen Artlan's killer intent in a long time. Vera tapped Sarang's shoulder.

"That's right. If anything happens to you, I will go to your dimension and beat the c.r.a.p out of you."

That statement surprised Junhyuk, and he looked at Vera.

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