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Chapter 415: Epilogue 6

Translator: miraclerifle

This was a chance.

He had been a bit fl.u.s.tered at first, but there was no way that they wouldn't know about Ju-Heon's younger days.

This Ju-Heon right here was just a high school student who didn’t know anything!

He just happened to find Ju-Heon who was being beaten up by the art dealing thugs, but that wasn't important.

‘This is before artifacts appeared in the world.’

Actually, artifacts already existed but Chairman Kwon and those Pandora b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were keeping it under wraps, but it didn't matter.

If he could work this young guy over and turn him into his subordinate?

‘My life struggling underneath the Captain would change completely!’

That was right.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

It was a chance to take the mighty Seo Ju-Heon as his subordinate!

Because of that...

Jaeha smiled slyly while looking at the confused high-schooler Seo Ju-Heon.

“Just trust this hyung. You can have a great life if you do as I tell you to do. You can get rid of all of your debt as well.”

“R, really?”

Jaeha snickered internally while looking at the innocent look on Ju-Heon’s face.

He looked as if he could get angry, but this was still the Captain's innocent years.

He wondered how that cruel Captain b.a.s.t.a.r.d could have such a cute past like this, but it was just an extra benefit for Jaeha.

He was the former Monarch of Fraud for a reason.

‘It’s easy peasy working over a single high schooler!’

Jaeha, who used his heavenly glib tongue to lure the young Ju-Heon, slyly handed him a piece of paper.

This was a slave contract.

He would treat his Captain as a slave the same way his Captain had treated him as a slave!

“Alright, then sign this first...”

But at that moment...


Jaeha was smacked by something and fell to the ground. The thing that suddenly appeared ruthlessly smacked down on Jaeha’s head.

[Do you want to get in trouble? Do you want to get in trouble?]

It was the rope!

Jaeha, who was being choked by the rope, opened his eyes wide.

‘If this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is here, then?!’

“Ugh! H, hold on......!”

“This motherf.u.c.ker wants to die.”


Jaeha’s grand vision of changing the past had failed and he was turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y pulp by the rope before he was dragged away.

"d.a.m.n it, it hurts so much!”

Jaeha was rubbing his bruised face as he grumbled.

It was now Ah-Rin’s first birthday.

Jaeha, who had been beaten to a pulp by Ju-Heon, was sniffling as he picked up a pencil.

“Man, no matter what, why the h.e.l.l did he need to beat me up so much? Ugh.”

The other team members, who were holding money, a book, or other items, peeked toward Jaeha.

“You deserved the beating.”

“Who told you to try to think about changing the future?”

It would be one thing if he just tried to change the future.

“You tried to screw over the young Majesty.”

“You were going to use the Captain to put us to work as well, weren’t you?”


Jaeha pouted.

“Imagine if you guys were in the same situation. You would probably want to change your future as well.”

Well, that was probably true.

It would be impossible for any of them to boss Ju-Heon around as their subordinate unless they went back to the past and changed the future.

Jaeha quietly chuckled.

“You just wait and see. I am going to go back to that world at some point. I can’t just live being on the receiving end like this forever.”

“The Captain's going to kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d again...”

And at that moment...

“Ah-Rin! Don’t grab that one! It’s dirty!”


Julian was calling for Ah-Rin with a serious expression on his face.

Julian had some ricecakes in his hand as he shouted with desperation.

“Ah-Rin! Come grab this! You need to grab this! That is dirty!”

Ah-Rin, the princess celebrating her first birthday, called Dol in Korean, was laughing while roaming around toward the money, bow, brush, rice, yarn, etc.

These were the Doljabi items that the team members had each prepared for her. [1]

It was odd to see Ju-Heon sitting in the middle of all those things, but it didn't matter.

Julian shouted toward Ah-Rin who was getting closer to Ju-Heon.

“That is dirty! You'll get dirty if you grab it! Your future will be very dirty!”

‘Why I oughta...’

Ju-Heon only stared at Julian for a moment before the other team members started shouting as well.

“That’s it, Ah-Rin, grab this. Come grab this one!”

"Don’t grab your dirty daddy and grab this!”

‘I'm going to kill them all.’

But Ju-Heon was calm. It was because the item Ah-Rin would grab during this Doljabi had already been decided.

“Okay, Ah-Rin. Come right into daddy's arms...”

But at that moment...


Ah-Rin seemed to have no interest in any of the Doljabi items for some reason and crawled away.

She even crawled right past Ju-Heon.


Everybody gasped after Ah-Rin laughed and tightly grabbed something.

“Aaah! Noooooo!”

Ilya gasped the loudest.

It was because Ah-Rin had grabbed Galina while laughing.

It made sense since Galina was a rare SS-Grade holy artifact Ju-Heon used the Akashic records to recreate!

She must have a good eye for these things or really liked artifacts just like her father.

Ilya turned extremely pale as Ah-Rin tried to take Galina.

"Wait, you can't take Galna!”

Ah-Rin just laughed without showing any signs of letting Galina go.

Julian started laughing at Ju-Heon, who ended up not being chosen by his daughter.

“You lost to an artifact as well. You reap what you sow.”

Ju-Heon’s eyebrows twitched as he put on the Goblin mask.

The chaotic black fog spread around the room and turned it into pandemonium, but Ah-Rin's eyes sparkled as she tightly hugged her dad she loved so much.

Ju-Heon then took the goblin mask off and gave a serious order to the Akashic records.

“Hey, library. Get rid of all artifacts in the world right now.”


Ju-Heon truly might end up as the Monarch of Destruction of the world.

“Did you fail again?”

[Please forgive us, my liege.]

[The Majesty on the other side is too strong.]

“He’s that strong?”

[Yes sir. He is almost incomparable to you my liege...]

“You s.h.i.theads!”

The man who was sending suspicious artifacts over from the other side of the hole was sighing.

It didn’t matter what he sent to get in Ju-Heon’s way.

The plans kept failing, sometimes for unbelievable reasons and other times because of Ju-Heon's incomparable strength.

The man could not hold it in anymore and his eyebrows twitched in anger.

“Hey. Is that the best you can do? Is it, you r.e.t.a.r.ds?!”

The ones reporting to him seemed to get angry as well.

[d.a.m.n it, you think you’re the s.h.i.t because we keep calling you our liege?!]


[You deal with it if you think it's so easy.]

“W, what? Did you forget who your master is?!”

[Shut up and increase our pay, you d.a.m.n King b.a.s.t.a.r.d!]

The man was grinding his teeth before he slowly changed the topic.

“I guess there really is no way to defeat the Captain, the greatest Majesty in history.”

That was right.

This man was Yoo Jaeha.

He had ended up as the Majesty in the world where Ju-Heon had disappeared from.

He didn’t have to suppress Ju-Heon to do it; the position naturally came to him with Ju-Heon disappearing after taking out Chairman Kwon and all of the Knights of the Round Table.

How had all of this happened?

In the former future that Ju-Heon ended back in during the fight against the apocalypse artifacts...

Ju-Heon had taken care of Chairman Kwon and the others while healing all of his team members of their tomb syndrome.

Ju-Heon then disbanded the team and disappeared, but that allowed the team members of that world to learn the existence of the parallel world artifact that n.o.body should know about.

That was the condition to be able to use the parallel universe artifact.

Anyway, there were talks about choosing a ruler to rule over the artifacts once Ju-Heon was gone, but the number one candidate, Kwon Hyuk Soo, declined it saying that it was too annoying.

Zhen Cai Yuan was dead and the other potential candidates were Kongming and Ju-Heon's other team members, but they all rejected it.

They believed that the position should belong to Ju-Heon who had disappeared.

But they couldn’t let the artifacts continue to run wild so Jaeha was forced and pushed into the position on a temporary basis, but...

[Ho, the Majesty on the other side really seems to be mightier......]

“Hey. Shut the h.e.l.l up.”

[What the f.u.c.k, you d.a.m.n human?! I am just speaking the truth.]


The artifacts kept talking about how much he sucked.

They kept trying to bring Ju-Heon over here for that reason, but they continued to fail.

He even tried to push the version of him in that world into a gate to change the future.

He was trying to see how much impact the parallel universe artifact could have.

He thought that the Captain might remain in this world if Ju-Heon ended up as his subordinate.

“I guess we have no choice. We will have to cancel the plan.”


“Well, all I did was send some artifacts over as an experiment since the gate happened to be open.”

All of it was the capricious nature of the parallel universe artifact.

This special artifact, an artifact they couldn’t even tell if it had a conscience or not, will continue to exist forever and open all sorts of gates.

‘I feel like it is testing the Majesty or something.’

It probably appeared in front of him for that reason as well.

It seemed as if there should only be one Majesty, the person who will record the history of all artifacts, throughout all dimensions.

The artifacts became excited after hearing that they were canceling the plan.

[Wow, then can we play?]

[Ah whatever, just hand over our salary. We’re going to go on strike if you pay us in counterfeit bills again!]

[Hurry up and pay us 100 million each, you d.a.m.n pushover!]

[We're all going to jump over to that world if you don’t. We will also kill all humans. You got that?]

“Ow! “These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!”

The man started pulling at his hair.

Later that night...

Irene and Seol-A tilted their heads in confusion after seeing that Ju-Heon was not in their bedroom.

“He didn't mention he was going anywhere today. Where did he go?”

“I have no idea.”

He probably went to a new tomb or a gate, but both of them looked upset.

They thought that they would get some lovey dovey time with Ju-Heon because the children went to bed early for once.

Well, they needed to decide who would be with Ju-Heon, but Ju-Heon was gone.

As for the man who had disappeared, he was frowning.

"d.a.m.n it, what is it this time?”

After the birthday party...

He was resting in his bedroom with the rope by his side when suddenly everything changed.

‘Did I unintentionally get swept up into a hole?’

What he knew for sure was that this was not the present.

There were burning flags and corpses all around him. As he was looking at the armor of the fallen soldiers...

“Sometime in BC?”

It happened at that moment.

“Norus! What are you doing here? Hurry up and find his Majesty!”


An unfamiliar man scolded Ju-Heon. He seemed to be an attendant at the palace.

However, ignoring the fact that the man called him, Ju-Heon was frowning at the familiar name.

‘Norus is definitely...’

He was right.

[My king.]

He heard the voice of the Akashic records.

It was not showing itself.

[This is bad, my king. You are currently in the former Majesty’s era.]

‘Just as I expected.’

Norus was one of the names that that former Majesty b.a.s.t.a.r.d had had during his slave years.

That meant that......

‘This is the time of the great battle for the former Majesty position?’

It was the time when the Heirlooms were battling with the 13 Majesty candidates.

He didn't know whether he was transported into the body of the former Majesty or if this guy got it wrong because they looked similar, but...

‘I fell into an annoying place.’

He could speak to the Akashic records but could not use any artifacts, his Dominance, or anything.

It was a different situation from anything he had experienced until now.

The Akashic records was the keeper of records for all of the universe so it could chat with him no matter where he was, but it was unable to use its powers right now.

‘Well, I guess it doesn't matter.’

Ju-Heon smiled.

It was because artifacts he couldn't find in his world because they had already perished would be in this world.

In addition...

[Did you call me? Did you call me?]

Although it looked like the bridle of a horse now, there was this thing that was always by his side despite which world he ended up in.

He suddenly saw fire and people started shouting.

“It’s the Romans! The Romans have appeared!”

"f.u.c.k, it is the power of artifacts! Run!”

“His Majesty has ordered us to capture anybody who has an artifact!”

Ju-Heon smiled.

“Now then, what would be good as a present for my daughter?”

‘But before that, I need to find an Heirloom so that I can get out of this s.h.i.tty slave ident.i.ty.’

The Indomitable Majesty finally started to make his move.

1. Do you remember babyrifle’s Doljabi? Go here to get more information about doljabi and see what babyrifle chose last year. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-5t15plYen/

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