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38 Representative Battle 2  Kirishima Kaname vs Kongou Minae

『『Well then, Representative Battle……second match’s partic.i.p.ants, please get into the starting position!』』

The announcement telling the partic.i.p.ants to enter the arena resounds in the coliseum.
In accordance with it, I walk into the arena……I just head towards the wide field alone.

『『The match of Teihen High School 「Kirishima Kaname」 vs Takasei Academy 「Kongou Minae」 will start……』』

Even if I re-think about the previous match……it was an unthinkable battle.

Immediately from the start, this field was covered with flames, and the bombing storm of fireb.a.l.l.s. On top of that, a pitch black human monster appeared. Its tentacles broke the ground and it approached Akai-kun at the speed of a out-of-control truck……Those all were just one part of strategy. Taking advantage of the opening created by that, the opponent, Takasei Academy’s student won. Our team’s Akai-kun who was the last ray of hope, lost.

That……is the battle of Level 3s.
And I, the eternally 「Level 1」, am partic.i.p.ating in it.
When thinking so, as I approach the starting position, my body trembles little by little……I can feel the match-use blade in my hand shaking. I can feel my heartbeat speeding up, and and my mouth is dry.

And when I realized it, I am already at the starting position.

『『Well then, second match……Representative Battle, battle, start!!!』』

The match starts.

The next moment, I can see the opponent school’s representative, Kongou Minae charging towards me at a great speed while blowing up mineral dust with her Talent.
Fast. 5 seconds until she reach my position.

After all, that person is still not here.
But I am sure that he will come. He will.
In order to fight in the final match.
If I lose here, then, him coming here would be meaningless.
Therefore, I, in order to pa.s.s it to him

「……I need to win……」

「『Quartz Fan』!!!!」

Kongou Minae approaches to a point-blank range, and starts attacking.
Quartz. In other words, silicon. Her Talent is 『【Mineral Arbeiter】』.
She is probably using the silicon in the ground to attack.
A translucent fan shape stone pillar rises up from the ground, and approaches me to penetrate me.

「『Ouka  Shield』」

In order to deal with that, I create countless small blades and create a scale-shaped impromptu shield.

The cl.u.s.ter of crystals clashed with the micro blades, and in just a blink of an eye, my shield broke, but on that occasion, I make use of the shock to jump back, avoiding the cl.u.s.ter of crystals.

「You thought you got away with that!? 『Quartz Wall』!!!!」

As if pursuing me, she tries to create a wall of crystal behind me. She is probably trying to surround me so that I have no place to run. Without stopping, I run to the right immediately. But…

「『Quartz Bullet』!!!!」

She coped with my movement immediately, and the cl.u.s.ter of crystals that rose up from the ground a while ago, was fired as fist-sized bullets.

「『Ouka  Guarder』」

I form a scale-shaped shield again, and without going against the flow of the crystal bullets. I averted the countless bullets, and all of those clashed with the crystal wall behind me.

「You’re quite good in evading, huh. But……」

Saying that, she held out her hands to the left and right…

「Have you realized that you’re already surrounded!? 『Quartz Bullet』!!!!」

「Crystal bullets」 fly towards me at high speed from every direction. I don’t have enough time to evade. Then…

「『Ouka  Thousand Edge』」

I create a storm of blades that surrounds me, and increasing the density of the s.p.a.ce instantly, I create a vortex of rotating blades with me in the center.
The cl.u.s.ter of crystals that came flying, broke the moment it clashes with the vortex of blades, and was repelled to the surroundings.

「Hey hey…is that a 「Level 1」? That’s too extreme even for a level fraud. Such thing is impossible usually. Or did your father do it for you………?」

Even I……never expected that I would be able to do this kind of thing two weeks ago. I couldn’t imagine it.
At that time, I was always in a hurry.
Why am I the only one who is different from my sisters? Even though we are sisters, why can’t I do the same thing as them? With the same blood flowing in my veins, why did such useless Talent manifest?
I chase after the back of my sisters…and my father. I was trying to catch up with them desperately. And I felt irritated because I couldn’t catch up, and as a result……I caused trouble for him.

But he told me that I didn’t have to chase after their back…that I can do something else.
And with that trivial thing as a start, I reached to the point that I can imagine it. That I can do many things.

Just like that, when it became possible to image for a moment.

「Sorry. I don’t feel like losing for today」

Somehow, I am smiling naturally.
Just like that, I will do what I can do the most now.

「『Ouka Ranjin』」

It is a skill that can’t be called as a skill where…I continue to create the small blades just now…as much as possible…until the limit.

The countless blades that were created, cover me in a spherical shape instantly……blocking my vision.

I push the spherical surface that became the storm of high density blades to expand…

「『Billion Edge』」

All of it head to the opponent.
The next moment, along with the explosive sound……the quartz wall created from the ground, broke, and I can see that the opponent, Kongou Minae flew out of the arena.

『『Game, set!!! Representative Battle second match, the winner is Teihen High School’s Kirishima Kaname!!!』』

I won. I managed to win.
With this, I manage to pa.s.s the baton to him.
I felt a little relief.


His opponent is 「Level 4」 Hikawa Takeru.
I don’t know what kind of opponent is he.

But…if he comes, he can manage it somehow.

He will do something about it.
I have such hunch.

Right, he is far stronger than me……he is several times stronger.

Protagonist 「Huh? I feeling a chill…?」

Character File 035

NAME: Kongou Minae

CLa.s.s: 【Mineral Arbeiter】S-LEVEL 3

A first year representative of Takasei Academy. A female student with a blond short hair. She always wears a red earring. Her Talent manipulates minerals, so she can extract and manipulate the mineral particles from the ground, building, mechanical structure, etc. It is a Talent that relies on the environment. Therefore, depending on the situation, it may be strong or weak. Because the ground comprised of silicon when fighting outside (Depends on the place), she usually forms hard crystal (Quartz) and make use of it.
Because she herself is a hard worker, she has the tendency to be jealous of blessed people. Therefore, she has many enemies. She shows a man spirit to her juniors.

Iron Cutter
Quartz Fan
Quartz Bullet
Quartz Wall
Diamond Shield

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