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Chapter 98.

98 Look at my eyes!

"Evil Eye of Curse LV1" was acquired.
Now that I have acquired it, I must look for a monster that will become my guinea pig.
Thus, let's look for the thing like that from the information of Detection-san.

It looks like there's something over there.
Although I can't grasp the information accurately because there's still a distance, it looks like it's coming up to the land.
It's just right in time, so let's have this guy be the guinea pig.

『Elro Geafrog LV4
 Average Offensive Ability:67
 Average Defensive Ability:59
 Average Magic Ability:46
 Average Resistance Ability:46
 Average Speed Ability:43
 「Poison Synthesis LV3」「Acid Attack LV3」「Shoot LV4」「Swim LV2」「Night Vision LV7」「Poison Resistance LV2」「Acid Resistance LV2」「Heat Nullity」』

Ah, it's the frog's evolved form.
I think this guy is the frog's evolved form.
Although it didn't became so strong, I think that it evolves to adapt in the middle layer's environment.
There's "Heat Nullity".

And, I think that the guy that has "Night Vision" even though this area is bright probably is from the upper layer.
Because the upper layer and the lower layer are pitch-dark.
Something like it strayed off from the upper layer and evolved driven by the necessity.
I hope that there are no monsters that come up from the lower layer to the middle layer.
If such monsters evolve to adapt in the middle layer's environment, it's frightening.

And, I noticed something after looking at this frog's skill, the attack that I thought was a saliva seems to be the same "Poison Synthesis" as me.
It seems to fire it with the "Shoot" skill.
What a good skill.
I want it too.
Then, I can shoot a powerful poison bullet that can't be compared with this frog.
Will the skill proficiency acc.u.mulates if I shoot out threads vigorously from my b.u.t.tocks?

Let's kill it quickly while Information in charge is thinking about stupid things.
First of all, I set all of the damage of Weak Poison to the lowest by "Poison Synthesis".
And, increase paralysis to the maximum.
The frog has "Poison Resistance", so it won't die with the Weak Poison like this.
I approach quietly towards the frog's back, and Weak Poison Synthesis.
Yes, the frog's experiment body is completed.

Ah, Body in charge, Good Job.
With this, I can experiment my "Evil Eye of Curse" without reserve.
Yosh, then, Evil Eye activate!
Activated without a problem.
How does it feel?

The frog's HP, MP and SP are decreasing slowly.
As expected, the damage is slow if it's level 1.
Although both yellow and red decrease in SP, the yellow one recovers fast, so there's no effect on it.
The damage might become higher if the level rises.
Then, I wonder can I always make my opponent into the state of shortness of breath.
How nasty.
Ah, but the HP will be exhausted before that.
HP and SP have roughly the same numerical value.

Oh, the status also decrease.
There's a character said as "Decreasing" added next to the numerical value.
And, the maximum value with the parenthesis is displayed next to the current numerical value.
When receiving an attack that decreases the status, it's displayed like this.
If I were to see this, I would know that I received an attack.
As expected from Appraisal-sama, no blunders at all.

And, as expected, this Evil Eye is not a pa.s.sive skill that has no consumption.
My MP decreases.
But, the decrease is not so fast.
It decrease by 1 for about 10 seconds.
Because the damage to the frog is 1 for around 5 seconds, it's not bad for its efficiency.
When I think from my MP now, I can activate it for more than 50 minutes, so the cost-effectiveness seems to be efficient.
The damage speed will increase if the level rises.

Ah, the frog's paralysis seems to expire.
Just when I thought of it, Body in charge added "Poison Synthesis" once.
As expected from me.
Quick correspondence.

Although its HP keeps decreasing smoothly, the decrease of its status became not good enough.
Although it decrease until half of the status at the same speed as HP, it hardly decreases after that.
I wonder, is there a limit value in the status decrease.
Well, if I think about it, that's obvious.
If it continues to decrease, it's likely that the defensive ability will become 0.
What's that paper.
It's a weak const.i.tution that can't even be called as a paper anymore.

But, it's considerably big if it decreases until half.
Although it doesn't have much effect on small fries like the frog, if status of powerful monsters like the eel is reduced by half....
Because monsters rely on status more than skill in the battle, status weakening means that it's a great weakening of that guy.
If the status of the eel becomes half, there's no great difference between the eel and the catfish.
This can become the trump card of anti-powerful monsters.
I must give priority to raise this skill level in the future.

The frog died!?
I'm sure that it still has HP remain.
Somehow the HP decreased rapidly, but why?
Ah, the red SP is exhausted before the HP decreases.
Ah, that's why.
When the red SP is exhausted, the HP will decrease rapidly.
Then, it would be very dangerous immediately after evolution.
Thank G.o.d that there's meal.
Although my red SP will not be exhausted quickly thanks to "Overeating", let's be careful from now on.

Anyway, "Evil Eye of Curse" is quite useful.
I will activate it when I have extra MP in order to acc.u.mulate skill proficiency.
When something happens, I will leave half of my MP, and I will allocate the remaining MP in the Evil Eye.
I can activate Evil Eye even while I'm moving.

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