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Chapter 95.
Deadly Poison Attack is level 3 in the previous chapter with the status.
Made a mistake when translating it.
Changed from 4 to 3.

95 Higher rank species

A little while after I'm determined to become stronger, I found the next prey at last.

『Elro Debegiad LV4
 Average Offensive Ability:56
 Average Defensive Ability:48
 Average Magic Ability:21
 Average Resistance Ability:18
 Average Speed Ability:41
 「Swim LV2」「Heat Nullity」』

It's a monster of a strange appearance like a round globe with four feet.
Although I call it as the round insect, to be frank, this guy is weaker than the seahorse.
However, there's a troublesome thing about this guy that's this guy will escape to the magma immediately when it senses danger.
Therefore, it's necessary to kill it quickly while it's on the land.

It's on the land now, so either one-hit kill, or paralyze it using poison with paralysis attribute.
Let's use the Deadly Spider Poison that satisfy both conditions.

I spring out from the shadow of the rock, and approach it quickly.
I activate my "Poison Synthesis" before it senses my existence.
Although I don't know where's the mouth of the round insect, I will just pour it for now.

The round insect's HP became 0 immediately.

《Experience points has reached a certain degree. Individual, Zoa Ere LV1 has become LV2》
《Every basic ability rose》
《Level Up Bonus:Skill Proficiency was acquired》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Enhanced Slashing LV2』 has become 『Enhanced Slashing LV3』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『SP Consumption Down LV3』 has become 『SP Consumption Down LV4』》
《Skill points gained》

Oh, well, level up as planned, no problem, no problem.
Though I'm surprise that it's too weak.

Let's pull myself together and confirm my status.

『Zoa Ere LV2 No name
 Average Offensive Ability:269(18up)
 Average Defensive Ability:369(18up)
 Average Magic Ability:255(10up)
 Average Resistance Ability:390(10up)
 Average Speed Ability:1342(70up)
 「Automatic HP Recovery LV6」「MP Recovery Speed LV4」「MP Consumption Down LV3」「SP Recovery Speed LV3」「SP Consumption Down LV4」「Enhanced Destruction LV2」「Enhanced Slashing LV3」「Enhanced Poison LV4」「Fighting Spirit LV2」「Vitality Granting LV2」「Deadly Poison Attack LV3」「Corrosion Attack LV1」「Poison Synthesis LV8」「Thread Talent LV3」「Universal Thread LV1」「Thread Manipulation LV8」「Throw LV7」「3D-Maneuver LV5」「Concentration LV10」「Thought Acceleration LV4」「Foresight LV4」「Parallel Thought LV9」「High-speed Calculation LV1」「Accuracy LV8」「Evasion LV7」「Appraisal LV9」「Detection LV10」「Stealth LV8」「Silent LV2」「Conviction」「h.e.l.l」「Heresy Magic LV3」「Shadow Magic LV3」「Poison Magic LV3」「Abyss Magic LV10」「Patience」「Pride」「Overeating LV9」「Night Vision LV10」「Visible Range Expansion LV2」「Destruction Resistance LV2」「Blow Resistance LV2」「Slash Resistance LV3」「Fire Resistance LV2」「Deadly Poison Resistance LV2」「Paralysis Resistance LV4」「Petrifaction Resistance LV3」「Acid Resistance LV4」「Corrosion Resistance LV3」「Faint Resistance LV3」「Fear Resistance LV8」「Heresy Nullity」「Pain Nullity」「Pain Alleviation LV7」「Enhanced Vision LV9」「Enhanced Hearing LV8」「Enhanced Smell LV7」「Enhanced Taste LV7」「Enhanced Touch LV7」「Divinity Area Expansion LV2」「Life LV9」「Magic Amount LV8」「Agility LV9」「Endurance LV9」「Herculean Strength LV4」「Solid LV4」「Protection LV4」「Idaten LV3」「Taboo LV7」「n%I=W」
 Skill points:50
 「Gross Feeder」「Blood Relative Eater」「a.s.sa.s.sin」「Monster Killer」「Poison Technique User」「Thread User」「Merciless」「Monster Slaughterer」「Ruler of Pride」「Ruler of Patience」』

Somehow, didn't the status increased considerably?
Up until now, I think that my status only increase by 1 each without "Pride" and growth corrections.
It increases more now, right?
Does this means that the growth value changed because I evolve?

As expected from the species that has high combat ability!
I never thought that growth value by level up will evolve!
This is really amazing.

Besides, there's also 50 skill points!
Before, it was only 20 points, so it's 2.5 times!
I might be able to acquire evil eye on the next level up!
This is good.

If it's like this, it probably won't be necessary to practice "Magic Manipulation" specially.
Ah, but, there's no loss in trying to acquire it myself.
I don't know whether evil eye can be acquire at 100 points or not, so it's still early to count chickens before they're hatched.
Un, I must not be in high spirits.
When I say "Hyahha", most of the time, nothing good happens.

However, when I see my status again, it's considerably balance and it's unexpectedly stable.
Although it doesn't change that it's speed specialized, in addition to this, the defense and resistance rise by "Patience" makes my overall defense ability high.
Although attack looks lower than defense, the essential is the strength of the poison, so this is also high.
Attacks won't hit me easily because I'm evasion specialized, so even if it hits me, I'm tough.
Furthermore, I have "Poison Attack" that's a one-hit kill attack.
When hearing it like this, aren't I the strongest?
No no.
I must not get carried away here.
I must go with a modest heart.

Author note: I wrote the increased numerical value of the status. How is it?

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