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Chapter 94.
Detection-san did something??

94 The top needs the top, so let's aim at more top

Nai wa.
Mother, that's, nai wa.
Is there a monster that can win against that?
If that can be defeated, that person can be called as a hero unconditionally.

The top needs the top.
Though it's too high to the extent that there's no way.
This Mother encounter must have been the thoughts of the heaven.
I shouldn't get carried away, right? Hai.

Actually, whether the Earth Dragon or the Mother, I don't think that I stand a chance against them at all with the current me.
It's the level that death flag rises when meeting it.
It can be said that it's difficult to even escape before fighting.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Detection LV9』 has become 『Detection LV10』》

Detection-san reached max level?
But, it doesn't have additional skill or evolution.
Isn't that a little unreasonable?
I was made to have a hard time by Detection-san.
Certainly, the return is huge, but if I were to say my desire, I want more.
Even if it's impossible to defeat that Mother, I want to at least become stronger to the extent that I can escape.
Really, nothing?


What's that just now?
... Is it an imagination?

Well, there's no help for it even if I ask for the moon.
But, becoming stronger is the simplest and understandable solution.
If I become stronger without being self-conceited from now on, it might be possible to escape from non-standards like that.

Now that it's decided, let's put efforts to become stronger.
First of all, level up.
Let's hunt monsters a.s.sertively from now on.
Two seahorses was hunted after I evolve.
Because there's an increase in the experience points by the effect of "Pride", from my experience, my level should rise soon.
When level is reset after evolving, the necessary experience points for the next level will also reset to some extent.

The level up after evolving is faster than before.
Although it's faster, it's slower if I compare it with the time when I was level 1 before evolution.
Therefore, I consider that the necessary experience points is reset to some extent, but it doesn't reset completely.

From my experience so far, the next level up will probably be when I defeat the next monster.
Rather, it's not strange that I will even level up when the second seahorse was defeated.
If I defeat a monster of the catfish cla.s.s, my level might rise more than two at once.
For the time being, level up is only after I found a monster.

Next is skill.
Skill level raising was something that I have been doing while moving.
Appraisal-sama, aye. "Detection", aye. "Foresight" and "Thought Acceleration" are also the same.
Although "Detection" reached the max level, there's a lot of skills that I can raise.
Let's keep "Detection" activated while moving until all of my skills reach max level.

Parallel with it, let's start the level raising of the skills that seem to be able to raise while moving.
The safest one would be the enhanced five senses skills.
It will rise if I strain my eyes while moving and sniff while walking.
There are also skills that almost reach max level, so let's start from there.

And, one more.
I don't want to do this while moving, but I want stop somewhere and take time to do it.
It's the practice of "Magic Manipulation".

Come to think of it, skills can be acquired when the skill proficiency is acc.u.mulated even if I don't use skill points.
Then, I think that skill points should be used on the evil eye because I don't know how to acc.u.mulate its skill proficiency, and I will acquire "Magic Perception" somehow by myself.
Thanks to Detection-san, "Magic Perception" can be used without a problem.
If I concentrate my consciousness there, then I can grasp the flow of the magical power.
If I can somehow manipulate it or if I put some efforts to manipulate it, I should be able to acc.u.mulate its skill proficiency.
When the skill is acquired, it's the time to practice my heart's desired magic.

However, I can't forget about my aim that's to escape from this middle layer and return to the upper layer.
The skill level raising and level raising will only be done in the process.
Therefore, there's no need to stop specially to do it.
This is only if it can be done while moving.
This middle layer is only a place to pa.s.s through not a place to set up my residence.
I must not forget that.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Thought Acceleration LV3』 has become 『Thought Acceleration LV4』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Foresight LV3』 has become 『Foresight LV4』》

Yosh yosh.
Thanks to the "Ruler of Pride" t.i.tle, mind-type skills rise faster.
Let's raise the level steadily like this.

Similarly, thanks to the "Ruler of Patience", the rise of the resistance-type skills should improve, but these skills can't rise while advancing.
"Deadly Poison Resistance" and "Paralysis Resistance" can be raised by hurting myself with "Poison Synthesis", while "Slash Resistance", "Blow Resistance", "Destruction Resistance", "Corrosion Resistance" and probably "Shock Resistance" can be raised by hurting myself with "Universal Thread", but that can only be done after I set up my residence.
It can't be done in this middle layer where I can't take enough rest, and my recovery is slow.

Although I really want to raise the status strengthening skills quick if possible, I want to raise it slowly after setting up my residence.
Although it's better if it rises in combat, if it can't be raise in combat, then I have to do muscle training.
If I have such time and stamina, I should advance even a little.

For the time being, let's raise the five senses skills that can be raised while moving.
Especially "Enhanced Vision" that's now level 9 and soon going to reach max level, so let's give priority on it.

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