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Chapter 91.
This time, it's Detection-san.

91 Detection-san, you were a formidable enemy

Ah, now that "Heresy Resistance" became "Heresy Nullity", won't the headache by "Detection" disappear?
That's a heresy attribute attack, right?
Although I say that it's an attack, it's fine, right?
The pain that can even penetrate that "Pain Alleviation" skill shouldn't be an ordinary headache.
If the attack of the heresy attribute that's included in "Detection" is nullified, then won't the headache disappear?
You'll never know unless you try.

Suu, haa.

"Detection", on!

... Waa.
It's unbelievable.
It's seriously unbelievable.
Although I didn't have the time for it because I have to endure the headache, it's such an amazing thing when there's no headache.

There was no headache even though "Detection" is activated.
No, to be exact, there's a little, but it's a level that can be ignored thanks to "Pain Alleviation".
This headache is surely something like the teething fever when the brain is used too much.
The volume of information that "Detection" brought was enormous to that extent.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Calculation Processing LV8』 has become 『Calculation Processing LV9』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Parallel Thought LV6』 has become 『Parallel Thought LV7』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Detection LV7』 has become 『Detection LV8』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Divinity Area Expansion LV1』》

It looks like my skill increased, but confirmations can be done later.
I want to be immersed in this impression now.

I'm also happy that "Detection" succeeded.
But, I was overwhelmed by the thing that "Detection" brought.
The s.p.a.ce that I can recognize, all of that information seemed to have gathered.
The flow of magical power, the state of material, the flow of air, various information flows into my head.

Even the almighty feeling seem to spring out.
Everything in the surroundings can be understood.
The information that can't be understood usually became possible to understand to some extent using the skill's power.
Even that 'to some extent' is like catching a glimpse of the universe's truth. It was such an overwhelming sea of information.
Even this tiny s.p.a.ce that I recognize is this.
The wideness and greatness of the world are understood well once again.
c.r.a.p, I'm going to cry even though the meaning is not understood.
Though I don't know whether tears fall from the spider's eyes or not.

Let's stop "Detection" for a moment.

It was amazing.
I wonder what is this impression that can't be understood.
If I were to compare it, then it's like being impressed by looking at the wonderful starry sky.
It's the feeling close to it.

Ah, although I want to be immersed in the impression a little more, let's switch feelings.
"Detection" succeeded.
If that's the case, then should I activate "Detection" continuously from now on?
However, it might be inconvenient because it's too efficient..
Because I will understand too much, my mind will get distracted, so it might become impossible to concentrate in combat.

However, will it be okay if I get used to it?
Although activating it is the best I can do now, I got used to Appraisal-sama now even though I feel sick when using Appraisal-sama in the beginning, so I think that I will get used to it eventually if I activate it constantly.
It might be a little dangerous in the beginning, but let's activate "Detection" continuously.
The level of other skills also will rise, so this should be better for the future.

Thus, "Detection", on again.

Really incredible.
Now's not the time to be impressed.
Let's confirm the newly acquired skill.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Parallel Thought LV7』 has become 『Parallel Thought LV8』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Divinity Area Expansion LV1』 has become 『Divinity Area Expansion LV2』》

The skill level of the above-mentioned skill rose when I thought about it.
What's this skill, I wonder?
Come to think of it, this 'divinity area' is also in the explanation of "Patience".
It certainly said that it 'is expanded' in "Patience", right?
This also expand?
That means, my divinity area is expanding greatly?
At any rate, let's appraise it.

『Divinity Area Expansion:Divinity area is expanded』

Just as the explanation.
Well, it's fine.
The reliable one here is Appraisal-sama!
Now, double appraise!

『Divinity Area:The deep area of soul that the life possess. The root of all lives, and it's also your own final dependence area』

I don't understand.
Well, I somehow understand the important part of the soul, but is there anything in there when it's expanded?
After all, its effect is unknown.
Although it's good that my skill increased, there's no subjective symptom.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Calculation Processing LV9』 has become 『Calculation Processing LV10』》
《Conditions met. Skill 『Calculation Processing LV10』 has evolved into Skill 『High-speed Calculation LV1』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Detection LV8』 has become 『Detection LV9』》

The skill level rises quick as usual!?
"Calculation Processing" has reached max level.
Evolves into "High-speed Calculation".
This is completely the higher rank skill.

Well, the ability that I want from "Detection" was originally enemy searching.
But, because my enemy searching ability is high, I manage to live until now even without "Detection".
And now, it's coupled with "Detection". I can't help saying that I became perfect.
You could say that surprise attack is already impossible against me!
I won't allow an ambush!

The next that I want from it is "Magic Perception".
If my expectation is correct, I can use magic when this join together with "Magic Manipulation".
With this, I can use the "Abyss Magic" and "Heresy Magic" that have been h.o.a.rded until now!

But, skill points!
d.a.m.n it!
Although I don't regret acquiring "Patience", it's painful that there's no skill point.
I mean, I thought that I can use my next skill points for the evil eye!
What to do?
I want to acquire both!
Although I know that it's a luxurious worry, which one should I pick!?

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