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9th Chapter here.


9 Skill verification

Let's put away the matter about skill point for now.
To put things bluntly, there's no use worrying about whether it can be raised or not.

Well, the condition to acquire the "Acid Resistance" skill is totally different from the "Appraisal" skill.
If it's ability is just as it's name, then I will have my defense against acid increased.
I acquired this skill when I received the spit attack from that annoying frog.

I think that the saliva of that frog have acid and poison attribute in it.
I think that I acquired the skill after receiving damage from the acid.
I can't decide whether it's the damage received or the saliva's attribute.
I don't know which one served as the proficiency whether the it's amount of the received damage or that I keep receiving the same attack in a row or time lapse.

However, I acquired the resistance skill after receiving the related attribute attack.
Though I need to go through a painful experience, if I can endure it, I should be able to acquire the resistance.
For example, receiving a fire attack will make me acquire a "Fire Resistance" skill.
It's better to have resistance skill if I am going to stay defensive.
From now on, should I received the first attack if it doesn't seem to be able to kill me?
Umumu. No, I don't want to experience pain and there's no guarantee that I can get the resistance skill.
It's not necessary to purposely cross a dangerous bridge.
Un. It's not that I dislike pain.

I acquired the "Acid Resistance" skill and my "Poison Resistance" skill has leveled up from the frog's attack.
Apparently, from what the voice of heaven said, the "Poison Resistance" skill is a skill that I had from the beginning.
Well, I am spider that uses poison so it's not weird that I have resistance towards it.
It's not strange but what about the me who don't even know what skills I have?
If the voice of heaven didn't say anything, I would not notice that I have the "Poison Resistance" skill.
That means, is there any other skill that I have besides "Poison Resistance"?

It's not strange if I have some.
Is it poison attack?
If only I can confirm it but there's no such method.

Just to try it out, I shout "Status" inside my heart but nothing happened.
Can I see it if I raise my "Appraisal" level?
"Appraisal" level?
Skill proficiency?
Hey, doesn't that means that I can level it?

That means I need to keep using the skill until it reaches a certain point right?
If "Appraisal" is similar with the resistance-type skills, won't the level go up if I keep on using it?
I was convinced that it needs skill points to level up before because I acquired it by using skill points. But now, maybe this will go well.

I started appraising everywhere at once.
Information such as 『Wall』 and 『Floor』 started to flow into my head.
Ugh, I'm feeling slightly sick now.
I feel sick due to excess information.

《Skill proficiency reached。Skill 『Appraisal LV1』 has become 『Appraisal LV2』》

It was worth feeling sick!
Though it only rose by 1 level, the feeling moving a huge step forward sure feels good!
I tried appraising myself while feeling excited.

『Small Lesser Taratect No name』

Something like a species name appeared!
As usual, the information is still little but compared to LV1, it's better now.

However, I am small and lesser.
Somehow, it's like I am an inferior species.
Un, the tension whirled up by the "Appraisal" fell a little.
It's not like I had high expectations on it but I didn't expect that I am an inferior species.
Well, it's the same during my previous life so there's no use thinking about it now.

Leaving that aside, I should keep on appraising to raise it's level now.

.....It won't go up.
After that, I keep on appraising the wall but the level just won't go up.
By the way, the "Appraisal" result of the wall was 『Wall of Labyrinth』.
A doubtful result.
Well, let's a.s.sume it as something trivial. Now, why my skill level won't rise?

The highest possibility is that once a thing is appraised, the skill proficiency won't increase if you appraise it again.
Certainly it will be easy to increase the skill proficiency if it's not like that.
Just to be sure, I appraise my home  in every nook and cranny.
But, the level did not rise.
Looks like the skill proficiency is not enough.

That means that I need to go out from my home in order to level my "Appraisal".
Now that I think about it, I appraised a large crowd of monsters back then.
The skill proficiency might have increased through it.

However, the outside.
Especially when I have a comfortable home like this.

If I want to live safely, then I should just stay indoors.
I must go outside if I want to increase my level.
Though both has their own merits and demerits, the dangers of going outside is the biggest demerit.

I have decided it.
For now, I should enjoy my life here.
There won't be any retributions even if I slack a little.

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