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Chapter 88.
Sorry for the late release. Going to change the release schedule. Added the release schedule at the side of the blog.
Anyway, thanks for voting and the suggestion.
Due to the poll, Omnipotent is changed to Universal. If you think it's not suitable, feel free to suggest more but this time with the knowledge of the skill's effect.

88 Zoa Ere

Good morning.
Though I don't know whether it's morning or not.
I was able to wake up safely this time.
Thank G.o.d.
The evolution this time might have been the most dangerous one ever.
It's good that I didn't ascend to heaven when I realized it.

Not heaven, but h.e.l.l?
There's no way that I who's a girl of great rect.i.tude will fall into the h.e.l.l.

Well then, for the time being, I want to appraise my status as usual, but first of all, I must confirm the safety here.
It doesn't seems that the eel shelter had any changes, but it's possible that I'm surrounded by monsters.
Then, let's peep the outside quietly.

Nothing in particular.
Yosh yosh.
Then, while eating the eel, ah, I can't do that.
Similar to the snake's case, I need to peel its scales off first in order to eat it.
Well, fine.
I don't feel hungry to the extent that I can't act, so is it because "Overeating" did its job?
Let's confirm my status while peeling the scales off.

『Zoa Ere LV1 No name
 Average Offensive Ability:251
 Average Defensive Ability:251
 Average Magic Ability:245
 Average Resistance Ability:280
 Average Speed Ability:1272
 「Automatic HP Recovery LV6」「MP Recovery Speed LV4」「MP Consumption Down LV3」「SP Recovery Speed LV3」「SP Consumption Down LV3」「Enhanced Destruction LV2」「Enhanced Slashing LV2」「Enhanced Poison LV4」「Fighting Spirit LV2」「Vitality Granting LV2」「Deadly Poison Attack LV3」「Corrosion Attack LV1」「Poison Synthesis LV8」「Thread Talent LV3」「Universal Thread LV1」「Thread Manipulation LV8」「Throw LV7」「3D-Maneuver LV5」「Concentration LV10」「Thought Acceleration LV3」「Foresight LV3」「Parallel Thought LV5」「Calculation Processing LV7」「Accuracy LV8」「Evasion LV7」「Appraisal LV9」「Detection LV6」「Stealth LV7」「Silent LV1」「h.e.l.l」「Heresy Magic LV3」「Shadow Magic LV3」「Poison Magic LV3」「Abyss Magic LV10」「Pride」「Overeating LV8」「Night Vision LV10」「Visible Range Expansion LV2」「Destruction Resistance LV2」「Blow Resistance LV2」「Slash Resistance LV3」「Fire Resistance LV2」「Deadly Poison Resistance LV2」「Paralysis Resistance LV4」「Petrifaction Resistance LV3」「Acid Resistance LV4」「Corrosion Resistance LV3」「Faint Resistance LV3」「Fear Resistance LV7」「Heresy Resistance LV3」「Pain Nullity」「Pain Alleviation LV7」「Enhanced Vision LV9」「Enhanced Hearing LV8」「Enhanced Smell LV7」「Enhanced Taste LV7」「Enhanced Touch LV7」「Life LV9」「Magic Amount LV8」「Agility LV9」「Endurance LV9」「Herculean Strength LV4」「Solid LV4」「Protection LV4」「Idaten LV3」「Taboo LV5」「n%I=W」
 Skill points:500
 「Gross Feeder」「Blood Relative Eater」「a.s.sa.s.sin」「Monster Killer」「Poison Technique User」「Thread User」「Merciless」「Monster Slaughterer」「Ruler of Pride」』

Wait wait.
See it once again properly.
My eyes might have rotted.
I look at the numerical value of my status properly.

Hae!? ( はえっ!?)

Wha, e-eeh?
It increased greatly.
It increased greatly!?

This, seriously?
Did it really increased this much?
The combat ability is high was really true....

Hey, is this really okay?
Is it okay for me to be this strong?
I will get carried away if I become this strong, you know?
Is it okay?
It's okay, right?
.... Fu, fufufu.
My heyday is here!

The poor numerical value of my status up until now was settled instantly!
Although it's low when it's compared with the eel, I have become strong to the extent that I won't die with just a poke from a small fry!
Up until now, my state was "Receive attack = Death".
But, with this, I have finally attain a pretty good status!
Ku, kukuku.

Skill level also rose considerably.
Good good.
What, "Taboo" rose!?
Level 5!?
That means, another half to max!?
This, if my expectation is correct, I think that something might happen when it becomes level 10.
Well, there's still half.
It's still safe, it should be.

Next, there are new skills added.
"Corrosion Attack", seriously?
Corrosion is that corrosion, right?
When I appraise it, it was that corrosion that's more dangerous than my expectations, right?
Can I use that?.
I'm so amazing.

The another new skill is "Silent".
Although I can expect its effect somehow, let's appraise it just in case.

『Silent:Generation of sound is suppressed』

As expected.
I did it!
My ninja level increased!
My ambush can only be used once from now on, I wonder?

And, I'm very interested in a skill.
"Spider Thread" and "Severing Thread" disappeared, and the "Universal Thread" skill is newly added.
Perhaps, it's the "Spider Thread" evolution, but where did "Severing Thread" go?

『Universal Thread:Customizable thread is created. Customize field:Viscosity, Elasticity, Resilience, Texture, Strength, Size, Attribute Endowment 「Slash」「Blow」「Shock」 etc, Resistance Endowment』

The attribute endowment is added in it.
Apparently, "Slash" has the same effect as "Severing Thread", "Blow" is blow attribute, and "Shock" is shock attribute can be endowed to my thread.
"Blow" is like striking.
The "Shock" seems to make my thread to generate shock wave for a moment.
If someone touches the thread in that state, the person will receive damage from the shock.
This will be extremely useful if it's not the middle layer!
Kuu, I want to get out from the middle layer and use it!

When I was confirming my status, the scale peeling finished.
Yosh, then, let's taste the eel.

... Delicious.
A different flavor from the catfish.
I'll say it again.

My SP was not exhausted in this evolution.
My stockpile of "Overeating" decreased completely instead.
It's the evidence that "Overeating" did a good job.
If that's the case, then I don't need to save up food at each evolution because I can just stockpile it in "Overeating".
Therefore, I will eat a lot, and increase my stockpile.
If I count backwards from the previous numerical value, it's possible to stockpile up to about skill level×100, so it's possible to stockpile up to about 800 now.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Overeating LV8』 has become 『Overeating LV9』》

Level up came as soon as I said it.
With this, the amount that can be stockpiled has increased even more.

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