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Chapter 79.
More Appraisal-sama.

79 How's a spider who's full of dangerous t.i.tles?

Because of Appraisal-sama's power, the t.i.tles can be seen. Let's appraise the details immediately.

『t.i.tle:The reinforced code acquired by meeting specific conditions. When obtaining it, two skills can be acquired. Among the t.i.tles, there are those with special effects and those that have the effect of raising status』

The t.i.tle doesn't only acquire two skills.
I surely thought that it was like that.
That means, my t.i.tles might have some special effects.
This is making me getting excited to appraise it.
Thus, let's go!

『Gross Feeder:Acquisition skill 「Poison Resistance LV1」「Corrosion Resistance LV1」:Acquisition condition:Intake a large amount of poison for a certain period:Effect:Stomach becomes stronger:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who made poison as food』

Ah, yes.
That's right, I have only ate poison since I was born.
Then, I can't complain even if I were to be called "Gross Feeder".
I mean, what's with that stomach becomes stronger effect....
Well, I have only ate poison, was it unexpectedly useful?
If I don't have this t.i.tle and the "Corrosion Resistance", then I might die at the moment I ate the snail insect, so I might be indebted to it.
However, the name is like that.

『Blood Relative Eater:Acquisition skill「Taboo LV1」「Heresy Magic LV1」:Acquisition condition:Eat blood relatives:Effect:None:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who ate their blood relatives』

Effect, none.
Is there a point to acquire this t.i.tle?
No matter how I think, when there's the "Taboo" skill that has a negative effect, isn't this a must-not-acquire t.i.tle?
"Heresy Magic" can't be used, so it not a gain.
At present, only the bad one haven't play their role.

『a.s.sa.s.sin:Acquisition skill 「Stealth LV1」「Shadow Magic LV1」:Acquisition condition:After the number of succession in a.s.sa.s.sination by surprise attack reaches a certain point:Effect:Damage bonus to the first attack of the surprise attack:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who repeated a.s.sa.s.sination』

Although it's the same as the acquired skills, the effect is also quite real.
As expected, this is ninja.
Because ninja also had the a.s.sa.s.sin side, it's not wrong.
Can I  behead someone in a surprise attack with bare hands sooner or later?
Ah, in the first place, even though I'm bare-handed, I have claws, so I can do it if I want.

『Monster Killer:Acquisition skill 「Powerful LV1」「St.u.r.dy LV1」:Acquisition condition:Defeat a certain number of monsters:Effect:A slight increase in damage when the opponent is a monster:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who defeated a lot of monsters』

As expected, the number of monsters killed was related.
Although I don't know how much exactly is the certain number, when I acquired this t.i.tle, I have defeated quite an amount of monsters.
The effect is also quite delicious, so this is a good t.i.tle to acquire.

『Poison Technique User:Acquisition skill 「Poison Synthesis LV1」「Poison Magic LV1」:Acquisition condition:Use a certain amount of poison:Effect:Enhanced the poison attribute:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who uses poison』

The very useful t.i.tle number 1.
I'm indebted to "Poison Synthesis".
I mean, the effect is also amazing.
It's like the t.i.tle for me.
If I can use "Poison Magic", then I have nothing to say.
The acquisition condition, a certain amount of poison, is it unrelated to the strength of the poison?
If I a.s.sume that, my poison is considerably strong, so I might have use only a little amount.
Even though I have been using poison ever since I was born, the reason that I can't acquire this t.i.tle easily might be that.

『Thread User:Acquisition skill 「Thread Manipulation LV1」「Severing Thread LV1」:Acquisition condition:The number of attacks using the thread reaches a certain point:Effect:The offensive ability using the thread is increased:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who take thread as a weapon』

The very useful t.i.tle number 2.
It's the t.i.tle that super-strengthens my main weapon, thread.
It won't do much in this middle layer though!
However, the acquisition condition, effect and the explanation are fine, I never thought that this t.i.tle is a t.i.tle for those who use thread to attack.
In my case, the adhesion thread was my main force.
That, rather than an attack, it's more like a support.
So, I acquired this t.i.tle quite slow.
With the adhesion thread, it didn't judge it as an attack.
When I began to use k.u.morning Star and Cast Net, were those counted as attacks?
If only I know the acquisition condition a little more early, it might be a little easier to acquire it.

『Merciless:Acquisition skill 「Heresy Magic LV1」「Heresy Resistance LV1」:Acquisition condition:Take merciless action:Effect:Feelings of guilt disappears:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who became merciless』

Vague overall.
Elaborate the explanation more.
Isn't the acquisition condition too vague?
Hmm, the effect is also strange, so it's a strange t.i.tle overall.

『Monster Slaughterer:Acquisition skill 「Herculean Strength LV1」「Solid LV1」:Acquisition condition:Defeat a certain number of monsters:Effect:An increase in damage when the opponent is a monster:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who defeated a great amount of monsters』

This is completely the higher rank of the "Monster Killer" t.i.tle.
Perhaps, when I defeat more monsters than the "Monster Killer", I will acquire this t.i.tle.
Looking at the effect or explanation, it feels like that.

『Ruler of Pride:Acquisition skill 「Abyss Magic LV10」「h.e.l.l」:Acquisition condition:Acquisition of 「Pride」:Effect:Every ability of  MP, magic and resistance rise. A+correction whenever mind-type skill proficiency gained. The Ruler cla.s.s privilege is acquired:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who rule pride』

Wait for a while.
What's with that effect?
The reason my status skyrocketed suddenly is you!?
I mean, not only that, but a plus correction whenever skill proficiency is gained!?
Even though the effect of "Pride" has already been added?
So that's why my "Prediction" rises so fast!

I mean, what's the Ruler cla.s.s privilege?

『Ruler Cla.s.s Privilege:The authority to manage a part of the world given to the Ruler』

What's that?
Can I use that?

《Received the use request of the privilege form the Ruler of Pride. There's no authority that the Ruler of Pride can use now》

Seriously, what's this?
The "Pride" skill is too mysterious.

Well, I understood various things about t.i.tles.
As expected, Appraisal-sama is reliable.

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