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Chapter 77.
I bold some Appraisal-sama's result just to make it easier to read. I hope so.

77 Unlucky 7

I can feel something unpleasant.
Because the seahorse is a dragon.

『Dragon:A kind of monster called as the lower rank dragon species. Although it's a lower rank, there's also one that's equal to the dragon species』

The lower rank monster that belongs to the Earth Dragon.
Will it become a Fire Dragon?
The Earth Dragon exists, so the Fire Dragon might exist.
It's not in this middle layer, right?
Let's pray that it's not here.

Well then, although my thoughts have gone into escapism feeling for a moment, let's think seriously on what to do about this problem in front of me.

『Elro Geneseven LV7
 Average Offensive Ability:368
 Average Defensive Ability:311
 Average Magic Ability:161
 Average Resistance Ability:158
 Average Speed Ability:155
 Failed to appraise its status』

『Elro Geneseven:The lower rank monster who belongs to the dragon that inhabits in the Elro Great Labyrinth Middle Layer. Omnivorous and it can swallow anything with its big mouth』

That monster is swimming slowly in the magma.
Even though it's called as the lower rank dragon, its appearance looks like a catfish.
In addition, the 'Seven' in the name doesn't suits it.
It's no use even if I complain about this world's naming sense.

It's characteristic is the big mouth like the catfish after all.
I don't want to be swallowed by that, and if it's my size, it seems to be able to swallow me completely.

Having succeeded in appraising the status contributes a lot.
The probability that the status appraisal succeeds is roughly once every three times.
It's lucky that it succeeded by one time.
Attacking the catfish without knowing its status is too dangerous.
In this middle layer, most monsters are weak, but this catfish is way stronger than the others.

If possible, I want to pa.s.s through it.
But, the catfish is swimming near the path that I'm using.
When thinking about the tendency up until now, the probability that it will attack is high.

What should I do?
No, I think I can run away with my speed if I thought of it, but it's troublesome if it chase after me with its excessively high red stamina gauge.
Even though the yellow gauge is little, still, it a few times more than me.
Above all, I can't see until its skill.
If that catfish have "SP Consumption Down" at a high level, then I might not be able to run away from it.
Well, I think that it doesn't have it.

It's a little strong to fight.
Then, as expected, should I run away?
I shouldn't challenge the impossible.
Although recently, my condition is improving, being carried away at such time will only experience pain.
I have already learned my lesson.
I must not get carried away.
I must be modest.

Thus, let's begin moving.
I will escape with all my power when I'm found.

Then, another catfish came up from the bottom of the nearby magma.

That's not what was said before!?
I'm at a pinch even though I never get carried away!?

The catfish matches its eyes to me, and after it look blankly for a moment, it opened its big mouth.

Back step!
The catfish closes its mouth at the place where I was.
The catfish goes up to the land sluggishly as it is.
This guy, although I didn't notice it when it's in the magma, it has limbs.
Besides, its whole body is covered with dragon-like scales.
Indeed, the defensive ability is high.

Let's escape.

When I look at my escaping route, the catfish that I saw before crawled up to the land.
This, it's impossible to run because from my position, I will get attacked on both sides!?

What should I do!?
Eei, if it's like this, then I will defeat the catfish in front of me immediately.

Poison Thread is wrapped around the catfish's body.
Although it will burn at once, I just need the poison to enter it even a little!
The thread that burns at once just as I thought.
In order to confirm the effect of the poison, I see the catfish's HP.
It decreases a little.
It looks like poison is effective.
Then, I must somehow administer poison.

The catfish opens its mouth wide.
It rushes as it is.
Nuoo! ( ぬおー!)
But, I attract it to the very limit intentionally!
When the big mouth reaches just in front of me, "Poison Synthesis" activate!
I withdraw by a paper-thin difference!

The catfish swallows the synthesized Deadly Spider Poison instead of me.
In an instant, the catfish's HP begins to decrease at an incredible rate.
The speed of the decrease is incredible.
Besides, the catfish writhes painfully.
Oh, my poison has become this powerful....

And, the other one!?
When turning my gaze, the another catfish feels a little frightened after looking at its comrade's disastrous scene.
Well, seeing your comrade to suffer this much, of course you will think that 'this is dangerous'.
I thought that the dragons don't escape, but it was the seahorse only.

The healthy catfish turned back and escape as it is.
At first, I'm the one who thought of escaping though.
I never thought that the other side will escape.
This, isn't it okay even if I get carried away?
Aren't I considerably strong?

For the time being, I will kill the suffering catfish.
I use "Poison Synthesis" towards the face of the catfish.
The twitching catfish's movement stopped.

《Experience points has reached a certain degree. Individual, Small Poison Taratect LV6 has become LV7》
《Every basic ability rose》
《Level Up Bonus:Skill Proficiency was acquired》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Concentration LV9』 has become 『Concentration LV10』》
《Conditions met. Skill 『Thought Acceleration LV1』 was derived from Skill 『Concentration LV10』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Evasion LV4』 has become 『Evasion LV5』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Life LV7』 has become 『Life LV8』》
《Skill points gained》

Apparently, "Concentration" have reached the max level at the same time as level up.

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