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Chapter 76.
Releasing until Q&A 8. Enjoy.

76 Let's become even hotter!

The middle layer capture is going well.
Although I met with several kinds of monsters other than the seahorse, all of them are not a big deal.
If only that there's no disadvantage in the terrain, I don't think I can lose.
However, the disadvantage in the terrain is a problem.

First of all, magma.
This is hard.
When the other party is in the magma, I can't do anything but throwing stones from here.
It won't deal a great damage even if I throw a stone.
After all, if the other party doesn't go up ash.o.r.e, I can't do anything from here.

It's good if it comes up when its MP is exhausted like the seahorse, but it's troublesome that there are some monsters that stay inside the magma and some monsters that run away.
There's also a guy who starts on the land and once it gets cornered, it runs into the magma.

It's also hard that thread can't be used.
Although it can be used to throw stones, it will catch a fire on the land if I keep releasing it.
I'm troubled about the threads that I release unconsciously.
When I move, I will release threads unconsciously, but if I release it here, it will burn.
Having burnt, it moves like a fuse, and my b.u.t.tocks will become hot.
At first, I panicked when my b.u.t.tocks caught a fire.
My HP decreased considerably because of that.
My HP decreased further because I used "Poison Synthesis" to extinguish the fire.
After all, that's the only thing I have that can extinguish the fire.

Because it can't be helped, I cut the threads frequently.
If I don't do that, my b.u.t.tocks will catch a fire again.
It's not a metaphor.

The bed is also a problem.
If I make a nest in such state, the nest will be burnt.
I have to give up on it because it can't be helped, so I decided to sleep in the shadow of the rock.

Well, there's no way I can sleep.
I have to sleep in this continuous damage terrain while being afraid of the monster's presence.
No matter how bold my nerve is, there's still a limit.
But still, I must sleep.
Although it can't be helped that I didn't sleep much, I make sure to sleep when I found a suitable rock.

Well, although the surroundings is more worse than the lower layer, the sole reason I survived is that the monsters are weak.
There's no great difference in strength if I were to compare the monsters here with the monsters in the upper layer.
There might be strong monsters in the area like the snake, but up until now, I have only encounter weak monsters.

The difference with the monsters in the upper layer is whether they use the terrain or not.
Because of this, the monsters that are not very strong become troublesome existence.
Really, it's good that I do my part by myself, but when it's done by the opponent, it's a troublesome thing.

Well, the number is large, but it's possible to do it.
As the result of training for leveling, I have become stronger.
If it's an opponent of this level, it's possible to win even if I think about the disadvantage in the terrain.
However, as long as the recovery means are few, it will be a pinch even if I receive only one attack, so I must be on guard.

Besides, the monsters here have another troublesome property.

Three monsters appear in front of me.

『Elro Piek LV8
 Average Offensive Ability:137
 Average Defensive Ability:123
 Average Magic Ability:121
 Average Resistance Ability:117
 Average Speed Ability:143
 Failed to appraise its status』
『Elro Piek LV8
 Failed to appraise its status』
『Elro Piek LV8
 Failed to appraise its status』

This guy is a monster that have the appearance of a red dog.
Although it has a relatively cute appearance, this guy's ability is relatively nasty.
Especially, the compatibility with me is bad.

First of all, its nose is good.
It's a dog after all.
My "Stealth" is easily seen through and it attacks me.
Because of that, I can't do the usual surprise attack.
Well, it never succeeded much after I enter the middle layer, so this is irrelevant,

And, next is this.
The red dog's body is covered with fire.

Right, this red dog, fire is clad in its body.
It's hard to interfere it from here when it's in fire.
I will receive damage just by touching it directly.
This is the troublesome characteristic of the monsters in this middle layer.
The body is hot overall.

There's guy that can sets fire on its body like the red dog, and even those that don't do it, is also considerably hot.
The seahorse is also the same.
And, when I touch them directly, I will receive damage.
I endured it when it's the seahorse, but as expected, the amount of damage won't be a joke if I do it against opponents that can ignite themselves like the red dog.

So, I took certain countermeasures.

I avoid the red dog's attack.
Although these guys' speed are so-so, still, it's slower than me.
It's easy to avoid.

After avoiding the second one, I avoid the third one by jumping.
And then, when the overhead of a red dog is going to pa.s.s under me, I activate "Poison Synthesis".

The red dog bathed directly in a powerful venom falls by momentum.
Although my poison is strong, the monsters here probably don't have "Poison Resistance".
That's why, it's can be defeated easily if I pour poison on it.
Because I don't need to touch the opponent, I don't receive any damage.

I visited the remaining pitiful red dogs with venom.

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