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Chapter 74.
First battle in the middle layer.

74 Middle layer capture starts

Well, let's confirm the current state for the time being.
Now, I'm right in the center of the boiling magma.
The ratio of the land and the magma is roughly the same.
Although I came here naturally, is this the right path?
Well, I don't know whether it's right or not, so I have no choice but to just advance.

The results of the aftermath of the Earth Dragon's attack and running even after exceeding my limits, my HP decreases a little.
As the decrease is not a big deal, but in this scorching area where I will keep on receiving damage, I can't expect from the recovery because the automatic recovery offsets with damage.
In order to recover, I can either recover by level up or raise the skill level of "Automatic HP Recovery" or "Fire Resistance" to break the balance of the recovery and damage.
However, in the worst case, the damage might become bigger because the magma is just nearby.
I would like to avoid hotter places as much as possible, but what will it becomes.

Judging from the upper layer and the lower layer so far, it's better to think that this middle layer is considerably wide.
After all, it's the world's largest labyrinth.
It's to the extent that it connects two continent, so I should be resolute that it might take many days to escape from the middle layer.
Even though it's still long ahead, I'm already depressed at the start.
A bad omen.

Yosh, then, let's go.

However, it's hot.
Because I lived in a comfortable temperature since I was reborn into a spider.
When the environment changes suddenly, I'm becoming heavy.
Because I have came here occasionally to raise the skill level of "Fire Resistance", it's not that I can't endure the heat.
But still, when thinking that this state continues until I escape from the middle layer, as expected, I will be tired.

Especially, my legs.
This is a place where magma flows in the vicinity, you know?
It's obvious that the ground is hot.
This is already not like being affected by the summer's heat.
If an egg is cracked here, it will get burned rather than becoming a fried egg.
And, I need to move in this area bare footed.
Hot or perhaps I should say it already go beyond pain.
I can't continue if I don't have "Pain Alleviation" and "Automatic HP Recovery".

Oh, found a monster.

『Elro Generush LV5
 Failed to appraise its status』

That's the first monster I saw after arriving at the middle layer.
It's the guy that looks like a seahorse.
It's swimming in the magma calmly just like the first day.
Nai wa.

It doesn't seems that I'm noticed, so I want to pa.s.s through it like this, but that guy is there in the traveling direction.
What should I do?

Here, let's battle once.
I want to experiment to what degree my threads can be used in the middle layer, and if it's the status of the previously seen monster, I think I can win even if I fight it directly.
It's convenient as the opponent, and at present, there are no monsters around here.

Let's go.

It seems that the other side haven't notice me yet, so let's get a preemptive attack without reservation.
Thus, come on, "Severing Thread"!
The thread is extended and I swing it sideways.
I swing the thread aiming at the seahorse's neck, but the thread burnt out as it is on top of the magma.
Because it will be troublesome if I catch a fire here, I detach the remaining thread from my body.

Ah, uu.
It's no good.
It burnt even though it didn't touch the magma directly.
This, does this means that my thread is useless in the middle layer?
My strongest weapon is sealed.
It was a shock even though I expected it.

And, something is flying towards here.
It's a fireball.
It's painful if it hits, I mean, with that size, won't I be burnt?

Sooi! ( そおい!)

I avoid it.
Of course I will avoid it.
Ah, a second one is coming.


The seahorse is spitting out fireb.a.l.l.s from within the magma.
At that level of speed, it won't hit me.
Although I can't avoid the frog's saliva attack long ago, now, I'm much more stronger than that time because my speed has increased and I have the "Evasion" skill.
Now, I have the G.o.dly evasion ability that can't be outdone by my game character!
Even if I'm paper armored, it's not a big deal if it doesn't hit.

However, this is bad.
Both of us don't have the winning move.
The other side's fireball can't hit me.
But, since I can't use my threads, I have no way to attack it.
Both are deadlock.

Ah, no, that guy's MP is going to be exhausted.
That fireball seems to consume MP.
That means, fireb.a.l.l.s won't fly here anymore once its MP is exhausted.
Appraisal-sama is really a cheat.
The opponent's information can be known while fighting.

Yosh, I avoid the last fireball.
With this, that guy no longer has MP.
The next move that guy makes will change the outcome of this battle, but what will it do?

Ah, it crept out from the magma.
It rushes as it is.
If it's me, I will do a strategic withdrawal when my MP is exhausted.

I avoided the rush with composure as it looks slow for me.
I cling on the seahorse's back, and stab my claw using "Poison Attack".
I mean, this guy's body is hot!
My HP has decreased!
My valuable HP!

For the time being, the seahorse that got affected by the Deadly Poison died easily.
I manage to win my first match.
However, that.
The greatest enemy in this middle layer might be the terrain.

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