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Chapter 70.

70 Training part

I decided to spread my nest between the lower layer and the middle layer for a while.
There's no need to be in a hurry.
After coming this far, as expected, the Earth Dragon will not come over here, and monsters won't interfere me if I make a nest near the ceiling.
Making use of the time with the monkeys, I won't make a simple nest but a firmly made nest.
My aim is that the nest is alright even if the huge monkey throws a rock.
Fortunately, thanks to the monkeys that I ate, my red stamina has enough stock.

Well, I will make this nest into a base, and I think that I will make preparations to capture the middle layer little by little.
Specifically, I aim to acquire "Fire Resistance" and raise the skill level of "Automatic HP Recovery".
Therefore, I think that I need to go into the middle layer several times on a day and return after my HP decreases, and repeat the process.
Receiving damage in there means that the skill proficiency for the resistance of fire or heat should be acc.u.mulating.
Although I don't know how long it will take, I think I will acquire "Fire Resistance" or "Heat Resistance" someday.
If my HP decreases, then "Automatic HP Recovery" will activate, so it's killing two birds with one stone because skill proficiency is acc.u.mulated.
It should be possible to walk if my defensive ability and my recovery ability is higher than the damage.

I will raise the level of other skills when I have the free time.
If possible, I want to raise "Parallel Thought" and "Calculation Processing", but I will have to leave "Parallel Thought" because I don't understand the way to raise it well.
As for the "Calculation Processing", I will just do mental arithmetic.

In addition, let's raise "Poison Synthesis" and "Thread Manipulation" to make good use of my recovered MP.
Especially, the "Poison Synthesis" skill that I have come to see various new ways to use it, so I want to concentrate and raise its level.
And, the "Thread Manipulation" might be useless in the middle layer.....
Even though it's one of my main skills....

After that, I will raise the status raising skills.
I want to give priority in "Idaten", "Herculean Strength" and "Solid" because the growth corrections increase whenever the level increases.
"Idaten" seems to rise if I run, and "Herculean Strength" seems to rise if I do push-up, but how to rise "Solid"?
It's defense after all, so do I have to receive an attack?
Should I try whipping myself while I'm raising "Thread Manipulation"?
Although I don't like pain, I try it once.

And, I must secure food if I want to stay here for a long term.
Although my stamina won't decrease now because of "Overeating", I will have to eat something someday.
Therefore, I must patrol the surroundings a little and make preliminary arrangements for hunting.
It might be good to make a installation-type cobweb for capture.
A trap made with threads that's hard to see for capture.
Un, it's a good idea, so let's do that.
Even if there's a powerful monster that can tear my threads, it's not harmful because I'm not there.

Now that it's decided, let's begin the action immediately.
First of all, make the home.
I climb up the wall.
Because I had a desperate struggle with the monkeys, I have gain the resistance to heights.
Although I was scared to the extent that "Fear Resistance" rose before, I don't feel anything now.

《Skill proficiency reached. Acquired skill 『3D-Maneuver LV1』》

A new skill was acquired.
Let's see.

『3D-Maneuver:Possible to do three-dimensional movement such as the wall run, ceiling landing, etc』

I see.
I don't need it.
Originally, I can do this.
Well, if the level rises, my movement might become better, so it might be unnecessary to say I don't need it.
It's not an important skill, so I think I should leave it.

The start of the home making after acquiring a doubtful skill.

Yosh, it's done.
The completed home is placed between the ceiling and the wall, and it extends sideways all the way.
Actually, I wanted to make it diagonally to the ceiling and the wall to make the balance well, but because of the lithology on the ceiling here changes into a surface where threads become hard to stick to it,  it became like this because I can't extend it on the ceiling.

The thickness on the surface is slightly insufficient because it's extended sideways.
It doesn't seem to be able to withstand the rock thrown by the huge monkey.
But, the foundation is steady, and fall can be prevented.
It will be alright even if 100 monkeys get on this!
As long as the huge monkey doesn't have any powerful long distance attack, I think that it's difficult to break through this home.
But still, I can't be completely relieved because it won't work against monsters like the Earth Dragon.
I will live here for a while, so I have this home act as my fourth home.

Well then, the base is done, and my HP has recovered.
I will go into the middle layer again, and reduce my HP.
... It's an unpleasant work.

Thus, here I come, middle layer!
It's hot!
The temperature right now is impossible to measure!
I don't have a thermometer!
Today, the ground is also devastated by the lava!
It's already exceeded the level where the weather girl refrains to go out!
This concludes my report from the middle layer!

It's hot.
None of the skills rose yet.
Well, let's do it at leisure.

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