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Here's chapter 7. This chapter a little harder to translate. I hope I made it readable.

7 24 hours vacation throughout the year

The belly was filled.
Is it because I'm too hungry or is it because to recover from the damage that I received? The frog that has the size similar to me was already in my stomach.
Typically impossible?
Skills are like mysterious phenomenon in this world.
In addition, I cannot say that it's necessarily impossible.
Because my body is inflating like balloon.
Fuu. If it's a human's body, then it's the time to think about dieting.
Well, in my previous life, I had a body that won't gain weight no matter how many I eat so I had never tried dieting before.

For the time being, I need to restore the part of the web that's broken.
Ugh, it's hard to restore the web with my current belly.
I somehow managed to restore it.
Thank G.o.d that no monsters came when I was restoring the web.

Now that I think about it, isn't the danger not limited to when I was restoring the net but also during the time I ate the frog?
There's a possibility that other monsters will get tempted by the smell.
Though I saw it in this narrow pa.s.sage, but there was a six-legged wolf in the huge pa.s.sage.
No matter how I looks at it, it surely has sharp sense of smell and it might be dangerous.
Next time, I should eat after I return to my home.

Ah, among food, clothing and shelter, I have food and shelter.
You want me, a spider to wear clothes?
I don't feel that I need it.
This cave is neither hot nor cold and in the first place, my body is covered by short body hair.
There's no meaning to wear clothes and in the first place, there are no clothes to wear.

I think I can make it with my threads and it doesn't seem that I need to so much effort making it.
I don't know whether I can wear it or not even if I make it.

Doesn't that means that I have clothes too?
Oh. Then that means that I would have obtain the necessities of life without working.
No, I pretty much build my nest and I had a hard time defeating the frog, it might be exaggerating to say that I didn't work.

As long as nothing bad happens, it can be said that the environment is in good order for living a dream-like lifestyle.
If there's a problem, then there might be someone strong who can breakthrough my web or there's a possibility that I will starve due to no preys caught in the web.
In the worst case, if someone strong were to breakthrough my web, then I would escape immediately.
Then, if only there are preys who would get caught in my web regularly.
As long as it is fulfilled, then I can stay indoors throughout my life.


Though I went to school normally, I lived my life mostly like a shut-in.
Spending my time in school without talking to anyone and when I return home, I did nothing besides surfing the internet or playing games.
I pour hot water on the rice then simply heat it up for 3 minutes with the microwave oven.
Once in a while, I would go to the convenience store to buy bento.

Both of my parents are working and they usually come back late.
Even if they came back, we hardly meet each other and hardly had a conversation too.
As for housework, everyone does only the minimum.
To put things bluntly, it was like a total stranger living in the same house.

Probably because of that, it was troublesome to communicate with another person.
Well, rather than life, it's probably my own personality that I had since I was born.
Therefore, I don't even have any friends and I hardly talk even in the game's chat.

That's why my game character always had a silent image.
My avatar is a rough and bald old man.
A nice guy who talks with his back.
Status and romance are temporary so I raised only my physical attack and speed in the game.
It's no big deal if I don't get hit so I always evade every attack and use the 'hit and run' strategy to defeat my enemy.
I will die if I was. .h.i.t though.

Although it's trivial not being able to meet my parents or my cla.s.smates, it's a little lonely not being able to meet the bald old man again.
In a free player group, only an influential person/gamer who had a high social status/fame can go up against a few paid gamer group and it will be a regret if character gets destroyed halfway.

I think I'm not a human already when I had more attachment with my game character rather than my parents.
Nonetheless, it's a fact.
Will my parents grieve over my death?
It doesn't matter.
I think even if our positions are reversed, I don't think there's a need to grieve over my child.
I probably will be troubled in raising the money for the funeral.

Telling things like this to a stranger might somehow anger them but so what?
Because I don't cause trouble to people so it's none of your business on how I think.
Trouble for my parents?
Unfortunately, I have invested in stocks using my parents name. Every month, I will bank in a sum of money into the bank account.
You have to get a hang of it and also taking the risk, then only you can earn money with stocks.
Therefore, I don't live depending on my parents.
I never cause any troubles to anyone so I don't want to hear it from someone who does it.

Well, there's no use saying such a thing now.
So I will declare it.
Shut-in NEET is the BEST!
( TL note: ヒキニート. Basically a mix of hikkikomori and NEET so I translate it to shut-in NEET)

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