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Chapter 68.
Reaching an unexpected area....

68 The end of the lower layer

After giving up on making "Detection" usable, I tried the combo of "Spider Thread" and "Poison Attack".
The result was, gufufufufu.
Ah, I look forward to test it in a combat.

After that, I continued walking all the time.
I didn't encounter any monsters during the time. It was very peaceful.
My stamina doesn't decrease because I ate too much, and it looks like there won't be any problems even if I don't hunt a monster for a while.
That's why, now is the chance to advance further since there are no monsters.

Because I'm free when I'm walking, I raised skills that seems to be able to raised while walking.
As a result, the five sense type skills, "Enhanced Vision", "Enhanced Hearing", "Enhanced Smell" and "Enhanced Touch" rose to level 5.
When doing so, "Concentration" rose secondarily, and it became level 8 now.
Although the "Concentration" skill rises considerably fast before, the level up became faster by the effect of "Pride".
This skill, although there's no actual feeling in its effect, it's a considerably effective skill.
It's also thanks to this that I can still concentrate on fighting even in such extreme state during the monkey battle.
It's a plain skill but the degree of contribution is fairly high.

And, as for the five senses type, as expected, the difference becomes clear when the skills become level 5.
The view that I can see originally became clearer.
I can even see the surface of the rock far ahead if I intend to see it.
It's the same for the sense of hearing and smell.
All the sounds and smells in the labyrinth have been understood.

However, "Enhanced Touch" can be said that it has the advantage and disadvantage.
I became too sensitive.
Ah, I don't mean the erotic one.
Don't expect it.
Those fools who expect it will receive a punishment of being coiled by my threads and I will make you ascend to heaven with my poison fang.
But still, for those who are 「It's a reward in our industry」, as expected, I will run away.

Ah, the story about "Enhanced Touch".
To be specific, I can't calm down because I can sense the flow of the air.
I got used to it a little after a while, but originally, it should be raised slowly and gradually accustom to it.
Because the level was raised rapidly, the sense of discomfort is horrible.
It seems to take a little time until I'm completely used to it.

Well, when it becomes impossible to endure anymore, it's possible to switch it off, so I think I will do that.
When you say which one, the sense of smell has a lot of chance to switch it off.
I don't think that I want to smell something smelly willingly.

When thinking so, I feel that there's no point acquiring the "Enhanced Taste".
After all, the monsters in this labyrinth taste bad.
I have not met a delicious monster before.
Among them, there's this snail insect that must not be eaten.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen a snail insect since a little while ago.
It's was all over the place before I received the monkeys' attack.
Now, there's not even one anywhere.
Where did it go?

Ah, even so, it's hot.
I want an air-conditioner.
What kind of treatment is this that I, who enters the half Hikki state when I'm in a room where the air-conditioner works during summer, to move in this heat.
The frail me is weak in hot and cold.

... Hot?
Wait a minute, hot?
The labyrinth that the upper layer and the lower layer are always at a comfortable temperature is hot?

I look around the surroundings slowly.
There's no appearance of a monster in the vicinity.
I also don't sense any special dangers.
And yet, my body feels the changes in the environment.

I look ahead along the wall.
Although it's hard to notice, the slope is rising upwards.

It's going up!
Uwa, I did it!
Finally, it finally came!
Going upwards means that, right?
It should be that!

It means I'm ascending from the lower layer to the middle layer!

I did it!
This path was the right one!
With this, I can finally escape from the nightmarish lower layer!
I don't have to be scared of the Earth Dragon anymore!
I won't be attacked by a large troop of monkeys anymore!
I don't need to hide myself earnestly and escape stealthily while being nervous about the monsters around!

I began to run instinctively.
As expected from the speed specialization.
I run up the slope at the speed that even I'm surprised.
But, my yellow stamina gauge won't last.

Zee, zee.

Even if I have the speed, I won't last long if I don't have instantaneous force.
This was a blind spot.
When the time comes, I can use my red stamina gauge to continue running like what I did when I ran from the centipedes, but I should put this in my head as one of my weakness.

Leaving that aside, I will finish climbing up the slope soon.
If I finish climbing this slope, I can finally see the middle layer that I have only seen it in my dreams.

It was a long way to here.
The beginning was when I was chased by a snake, and I messed up and fell into the lower layer.
From there, it was dangers in rapid succession.
I was nearly killed by the bees, I was nearly killed by the Earth Dragon, I escape from the den of the powerful monsters, I was nearly killed by the taste of the snail insect and I was also nearly killed by the monkeys.
There's nothing but nearly killed.
I have survived well.
Isn't it eventful?
I think that there won't be a punishment even if there's even a little good thing to happen.

But, with this, it's time to say goodbye to such a life where I'm living side-by-side with death!

Goodbye, lower layer!
h.e.l.lo, middle layer!

Beyond the slope was a scorching earth where magma spreads all over.

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