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Chapter 63.
Double release of Appraisal-sama.

63 Appraisal-san, no, Appraisal-sama!

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Overeating LV4』 has become 『Overeating LV5』》

The "Overeating" skill level rose when I kept eating the monkeys.
Well, I guess so.
When I have eaten this much.
It will increase too.
Haven't the number of monkeys I've eaten already reached 3-digits?
Still, it's strange that my belly doesn't swell.
It's the mysterious phenomenon that happens just after evolution, but really, where did the large amount of things that I have eaten disappear?
And, I can still eat even though I have eaten so much.
For the time being, let's eat all of the monkeys by force.

I confirm the skills other than the poison-related while eating.
This time, a lot of skill levels rose.
I'm particularly happy that the "Spider Thread" and "Thread Manipulation" leveled up.
Because both are my main skills together with the new skill, the "Poison Attack"
Originally, the "Spider Thread" skill level is hard to raise, but after it becomes high level, it really stopped rising.
I'm happy that it leveled up here.

Hmm, "Concentration" rose too.
It should have a lower level before I fight with the monkeys.
That means that the fight with the monkeys was that intense.
Because I concentrated deeply, a good amount of skill proficiency is earned.
Gaining more experiences makes the skill proficiency to increase better.
Because "Accuracy" rose frequently, it might be like that.
Which reminds me, when I hide myself from the Earth Dragon, the skill levels of "Stealth" and "Fear Resistance" rose in an incredible speed.
That time, I was literally desperate.

Next is, oh, two kinds of magic other than the poison rose too.
Let's see.
『Heresy Magic:The magic that violates the soul directly. The magic that can be used differs depending on the level. LV1:Disturb LV2:Phantom Pain LV3:Phantom Madness』
『Shadow Magic:A low rank Dark Magic that manipulates shadow. The magic that can be used differs depending on the level. LV1:Dark Shadow LV2:Large Shadow』
『Phantom Madness:Plants insanity directly into the soul』
『Large Shadow:Changes the size of the shadow』

What should I say?
The "Heresy Magic" is seriously a heretic.
Planting insanity?
Does it means that it makes people go mad forcibly?
That's nasty.
I want to use it.

And, the "Shadow Magic" one is strange.
It's the same as level 1 Dark Shadow and that means it's pointless if it's not used together with high level magic.
Either way, although I can't use it, magic seems to be hard to raise.
Because up until now, it doesn't have any use in the combat.
Either way, it's not usable!
I said it twice because it's important!

The resistance-type also increase frequently.
Let's examine the newly acquired "Faint Resistance" and "Heresy Resistance".
It might be a skill that has a different effect with its name like corrosion.
No, just by looking at its name, it's obvious that I would think "what is this?" when I see the "Heresy Resistance".

『Faint Resistance:It becomes harder to faint』
『Heresy Resistance:The defensive ability against the effect that violates the soul directly increases』

As expected, it's as it is.
Although "Heresy Resistance" is good, is the "Faint Resistance" effective against sleep attacks?
No, I don't know whether there's a sleep attack or not.
If there is, won't it become sleep resistance?
How is the "Faint Resistance" at that part?
If there's a enemy with sleep attack, let's not rely on the "Faint Resistance".

Next is, "Life" and "Magic Amount", then "Herculean Strength" and "Solid".
Though I can roughly predict it.

『Life:Increases HP equivalent to the skill level』
『Magic Amount:Increases MP equivalent to the skill level』
『Herculean Strength:A bonus of skill level×10 is added to the Average Offensive Ability. And, a growth correction equivalent to the skill level is added when level up』
『Solid:A bonus of skill level×10 is added to the Average Defensive Ability. And, a growth correction equivalent to the skill level is added when level up』

Well, it's as expected.
It's the status raising skills.
I'm happy with the "Herculean Strength" and "Solid".
Because "Powerful" and "St.u.r.dy" were unified, I have expected it to some degree that it's the strengthening-type skills, but I didn't thought that it comes with a growth correction like "Idaten".
After all, the "Monster Slaughterer" t.i.tle is the higher rank t.i.tle of "Monster Killer".
I also acquired "Powerful" and "St.u.r.dy" from the "Monster Killer".

If I express my selfishness, I want those two to stay without being unified.
When thinking of my poor status, I want even a slight rise.
Especially, the defensive ability.
I was almost dead in the fight with the monkeys.
But, will it level up early if the skill proficiency was added into the skill after it's unified?
When thinking so, is it better to unify it?
Well, it's already too late.

Well then.
The last one.
Yes, the last one.
I left it till the last.
That's obvious.
At first, it keeps betraying my expectation, and recently, when I think that it's in good form, it's in this state.
Finally, just when I thought that it finally came to meet my expectations, this poor treatment.
Do you understand my disappointment?

Hey, Appraisal-san?

Your level rose, right?
Why there's no progress even though you leveled up?
No, it's alright.
Certainly, it became possible to see the skill points from the status.
It's convenient.
But, judging from your recent progress, are you slacking?
You have been in good form recently, so did you get carried away?
Hey, how is it?

Nai wa.
Can I say it after a long time?
It's useless.

Well, I will endure it because it's convenient that the skill point is displayed.
Let's appraise the skill point while I'm at it.
Up until now, I have used it without understanding it well, so let's just see the summary.
With a click.

Something appeared in a line.
What's this?
For the time being, let's see the contents.

Appraisal-san, no, Appraisal-sama.
I have said it irresponsibly. I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
You are the greatest!
The petty me was not able to understand your greatness!
Please forgive me!

The thing displayed there was the list of skills that can be acquired with the current skill points.

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