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Chapter 62.
62 Poison spider

Good morning.
I was able to wake up safely.
That means, the evolution is completed.
The same as last time, I'm extremely hungry and sluggish.
Here, as expected, I will have the monkeys to become my food.

I glance at the outside from the simple home.
Yosh yosh.
There's nothing.
Safety confirmation, good!
Then, let's eat one after another.

Well, let's confirm my status while eating.
The skill levels kept rising during the battle and there are also new skills, so I think there's a great change because I evolved.
Well now, how's the appraisal result!?

『Small Poison Taratect LV1 No name 
 Average Offensive Ability:38
 Average Defensive Ability:38
 Average Magic Ability:27
 Average Resistance Ability:27
 Average Speed Ability:537
 「Automatic HP Recovery LV3」「Poison Attack LV9」「Poison Synthesis LV3」「Spider Thread LV9」「Severing Thread LV4」「Thread Manipulation LV8」「Throw LV3」「Concentration LV5」「Accuracy LV4」「Evasion LV2」「Appraisal LV8」「Detect LV4」「Stealth LV6」「Heresy Magic LV3」「Shadow Magic LV2」「Poison Magic LV2」「Overeating LV4」「Night Vision LV10」「Visible Range Expansion LV2」「Poison Resistance LV8」「Paralysis Resistance LV3」「Petrifaction Resistance LV3」「Acid Resistance LV4」「Corrosion Resistance LV3」「Faint Resistance LV2」「Fear Resistance LV6」「Heresy Resistance LV2」「Pain Nullity」「 Pain Alleviation LV6」「Life LV2」「Magic Amount LV2」「Agility LV2」「Endurance LV2」「Herculean Strength LV1」「Solid LV1」「Idaten LV2」「Taboo LV2」「n%I=W」
 Skill points:200』

Status rises, yes, it did rise.
Although I thought that it will increase dramatically, the others are lower than the speed as usual.
Only the speed is way too high.
I wonder how many kilometers per hour will be displayed if I run at full speed?
I seem to be able to escape by only running if it's an average opponent.

My skill levels rose considerably.
There are some that changed after evolution.
Hmm, it's unkind that I don't know what changed during the time I sleep.
I wonder if there's a log or something.

SP decreased as expected, but I didn't expect MP to decrease.
I didn't noticed it last time.
Well, when I evolved last time, I hardly use my MP.
Now, I'm using "Thread Manipulation" and the one that performed excellently this time, "Poison Synthesis".

No, I was really helped by "Poison Synthesis" this time.
Although I thought that it's strange when I acquired it, unexpectedly, it has many ways to use it.
Let's try it variously in the future.
Which reminds me, seems the skill level has increased, the poison that I can synthesize might increase.

『Poison Synthesis Menu』
『Weak Poison, Spider Poison LV9』
『Damage Adjustment, Duration Adjustment』

Although there's no new poison, there's something under it.
Damage adjustment and duration adjustment?

『Damage Adjustment:Change the power of the poison attribute』
『Duration Adjustment:Change the effect duration of the poison』

This, in short, is it able to adjust the poison's power and the duration of the continuous damage when the poison invades the body?

I try to adjust the Weak Poison.
The amount of damage and the duration appeared, and the numerical value of plus-minus(±) is displayed.
Now, it's ±0.
I try adding the damage.
The numerical value rose to its maximum that is 3.

I understood it roughly.
With this, I can customize the poison freely.
When I want it to suffer longer, I need to increase the duration, and when I want to damage it, I need to increase the power.
I can make poison of my preference.
However, it looks like the there's a customizable limit value that is the skill level.
Although I try to adjust Spider Poison, it's impossible to change the damage to 9.

The customizable field might increase if the skill level increase.
Then, I can use poison properly depending on the situation.
The "Poison Synthesis" stock rose again!

Next, let's see the poison-related skills.
The "Poison Fang" disappeared and changed into "Poison Attack".

『Poison Attack:Gives poison attribute to the attack』

Does this means that I can give poison to all of my attacks?
What's with that terrifying skill?
In short, does that means that I can give poison to my threads?
No matter how you look at it, isn't that too strong?
The rule breaker "Spider Thread" won't restrain itself anymore, you know?
Is it okay?
Is it really okay?
....I must test it as soon as my stamina is recovered.

Oh, "Poison Magic" also leveled up.
It's also a poison connection, so let's check it.

『Poison Magic:The magic that manipulates poison. The magic that can be used differs depending on the level. LV1:Poison Touch LV2:Poison Bullet』
『Poison Bullet:Shoots a poison attribute bullet』

Ah, this is a long distance attack.
It's a considerably standard long distance attack.
I want to use it.
But, I can't.
Really, how to use magic?

"Poison Resistance" also increased.
Is this all for the poison-related?
As expected from the Poison rare species.
The improvement of the poison-related is impressive.
The "Poison Attack" is particularly dangerous.
I must verify it as soon as my stamina is recovered.
If this skill is as I expect, then my strength will increase to a great extent.

Although my status didn't increased much, the skills increased considerably.
Because I depend on my skills, it might be better to increase my skills instead of increasing my status.

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