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Chapter 55.
Third of the day.
The beginning of Spider vs Monkeys.

55 The defensive battle of 100 meters above ground ①

Ah, I slept.
I really slept.
But, what's this?
Although I was going to sleep a bit longer, I suddenly woke up.
This sense that my whole body hair stands.
This might be dangerous.

I appear from the rock and look at the bottom.

『Anogratch LV6 Failed to appraise its status』
『Anogratch LV3 Failed to appraise its status』
『Anogratch LV8 
 Failed to appraise its status』
『Anogratch LV5 Failed to appraise its status』

A troop of monkeys took up their position before my eyes.
There are around 50 of them.

You gotta be kidding?
Those guys definitely recognize here.
The camouflage of the rock should be perfect.
I understand it well because I saw it from the outside.
It should only be seen as a wall that's protruded out at a glance.
Why, why!?

The one that I can think of is the similar monkey that was defeated some time ago.
Did that guy did something?
Is it a special smell?
I don't know.
But, currently, the monkeys are waiting for me.
It seems they are going to climb the wall at any moment.
I mean, they began to climb it.

Uwa, this is bad!
As expected, even the monkeys seem to have a hard fight in climbing the vertical wall, and the climbing speed is considerably slow.
It should take several minutes until they arrive here.
Meanwhile, I must also take some actions.

Here, escaping along the ceiling seems to be the best.
It's obviously impossible for me to fight against the monkeys of that number.
Yosh, now that it's decided, let's escape quickly.
The color of the ceiling changed halfway?
No way!?
It's very slippery!?
My threads almost can't stick!?

The ceiling's lithology changed at around 1 or 2 meters from the wall.
Not to mention my legs, even the thread with maximum adhesive power hardly sticks to the slippery rock.
Now, it's impossible to escape along the ceiling.

If so, then I have no choice but to escape sideways along the wall.
Although I think those guys will probably chase after me, then we will have a match of perseverance.
Yosh, let's g....Bam!

Uwa, those guys are throwing stones!?
I mean, it reached even though there's a considerable height from the ground to here!?
Uwa, they threw it again!?

I evacuate in the rock in a hurry.
The stone hits the place where I was.
As expected, it looks like the stone doesn't have that much power because it's thrown from the ground.
But, if I were hit when I'm clinging to the vertical wall, I will probably fall.
When seeing that it hits the place where I was accurately, they should have "Throw" or "Accuracy" or maybe both of the skills.

I feel a chill and unpleasant.
It's impossible to escape.
What should I do?
No, there's only one way left.
I have no choice but to intercept it.

Fortunately, the home is here even though it's simple.
I must strengthen here as much as possible before the monkeys arrive.
Though this fight requires clinging to the same wall, this time, the other side doesn't have the geographical advantage unlike the bees.
Rather, the geographical advantage is here because the simple home can be used as footing and a fortress.
I have no choice but to do it.

First of all, I scatter the threads.
I stick it on the wall with "Thread Manipulation".
Although it's simple, it should become difficult to climb the wall.
The work doesn't make much progress because I was working while avoiding the hurled stone.
While doing so, the first group of monkeys has climbed half of the wall.

This is bad.
The climbing speed of the monkeys are faster than what I expected.
It's impossible to stop all of the monkeys with the amount of threads I have scattered just now.
What should I do?
Aah, is there anything that can attack the other side from here?
I have the "Throw" and "Accuracy", so I just need something to throw......

Ah, although it's not something to throw, I have something that can be dropped!

I appeared from the rock and activate "Poison Synthesis".
Of course, I'm not using weak poison.
The powerful poison that's well trained by me in this spider life, Spider Poison.

A ball of Spider Poison that appeared in front of me is pulled by the gravity and falls as it is.
The monkey climbing the wall cannot avoid this.
It hits the face splendidly, and the monkey falls while writhing in agony painfully.
This is good!

I confirm the MP consumption quickly.
Consumed MP is only 1.
In other words, I have 40 shots in maximum.
If I think together with the amount used by "Thread Manipulation", it's around 25 shots.
If I can hit every shot, about half of the monkeys will drop out from the battle.

I drop the second shot at once.
This also hits it, and a monkey falls.
Let's do this rapidly.
When you can drop it, you should drop it like this.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Poison Synthesis LV1』 has become 『Poison Synthesis LV2』》

Although the skill level rose, I will confirm it later.
After all, the Spider Poison is stronger than the newly added poison.

Although I succeeded in reducing the number of the monkeys, the monkeys start to deal with it.
They avoided moving under the nest and started moving towards the side.
I drop all of the poison before they finish moving to the side.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Accuracy LV2』 has become 『Accuracy LV3』》

Yosh yosh.
The monkeys fall amusingly.
But, they have moved to the side.
It doesn't seems that the poison drop can be use anymore.
There's uneasiness about the remaining MP, so it might be a good timing.

I release threads towards the direction of the monkeys that moved sideways.
This fight has just started.

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