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Chapter 51.
This chapter is a little hard to translate on the first half.

51 Isn't it great to know the enemy's strength?

I stay hidden behind the shade of rock.

『Elro Daznatch LV23
 Failed to appraise its status』

That guy advances slowly from the rock where I am.
I wonder what is that?
How should I express it? It's a huge fish with limbs. Un, it's slightly different.
It's an unknown mysterious creature.

Well, it doesn't matter at all that it's a mysterious creature.
No, it matters.
It's dangerous if I'm found.

But, there's something more important than such thing!
Yes, the Appraisal-san did it again!
I can see the enemy's status!
Although I can only see the HP, MP and SP, isn't it amazing?
Although the success rate is not very high that it will succeed once in three or four times, still, it's great to know some of the opponent's status.

The opponent's strength can be known even with only the rough numerical value of HP, MP and SP.
I must not take on an opponent with a clear difference in status.
Strategy, treasure my life.

This is the pattern where I must not take on the mysterious creature that's pa.s.sing nearby soon.
Because it has a strange numerical value.
What with the HP 818?
There's still a balance left even if you kill me 20 times.
Won't it be an inflation?
That mysterious creature that has a stupid face on it has this status, so the Earth Dragon absolutely has a 4-digit HP.
Nai wa. (No way)

Although this is what I understood in these several days, all the monsters that has level higher than 10 are strong.
I think that it's the so-called advanced level monsters that doesn't evolve at level 10.
Therefore, even if it's lower than level 10, when there's a same species before that is higher than level 10, I should devote myself to escaping.
On the contrary, the monster that doesn't have level higher than 10 even if I look for it is probably weak.

However, the shocking thing was even the small fry that I usually hunt has a higher status than me.
There was even a guy with a 3-digit HP.
It's like "Seriously? Were you that strong?".
Well, if I fight head-on, then I won't be able to win.
I will bet everything on the surprise attack.
It was the moment when I decided so.

However, when thinking so, it's a higher rank than me even though I call it a small fry.
And the "Spider Thread" that can incapacitate that higher ranked monster without any problems is a considerably strong skill.
If I don't have this, I wouldn't be alive now.
Although the status is important, the skills are also important.

If that's the case, then, I want to know the opponent's skill quick.
If I know the skills, I should be able to fight advantageously.
If you extract the skills from me, then speed will be my only merit.
If fire were used as measures against "Spider Thread" and "Poison Fang" is nullified by an antidote, I won't have a chance to win.
This is bad. Skill countermeasures are bad.
If such preparations were made firmly, I have no choice but to die!

Well, I don't think that the monsters have such wisdom.
That's why, a weak monster like me can survive.
After all, wisdom is important.
It's the human's greatest weapon.

This dungeon, I wonder how much the human have explored?
The only time when I saw human was the time when my nest was burned by them.
Although the human footprint is still there, after that, when I'm exploring the labyrinth area, I hardly saw it.
It's called the world's largest labyrinth, so perhaps, the exploration is not making any progress?

If I think about it, I'm alright that I can eat the monsters, but human have to bring food.
In this wide labyrinth, it's necessary to carry a large amount of food if they want to explore it.
With that alone, it's a considerable labor and it's necessary to fight against monsters too.
Things will change if there's a convenient skill to store things in a different s.p.a.ce like the "Item Box" or magic, but still, it doesn't change that it's hard.

In my opinion, the range that a human can explore is only one part of the upper layer.
If so, then I can understand why the footprints were not seen on the way.
Is the place where the footprints can't be seen is the human's limit range?

But, wait?
Then, the place where I found the footprints for the first time where the super-huge spider and those strong crowd of monsters are, no matter how I look at it, can humans explore that area?
Eh, can that area be explored?
Even though my mother is there?
Can 'that' be defeated?
If my expectation are right, it shouldn't be strange that 'that' is equal to the Earth Dragon.
Can 'that' be defeated?
Isn't it impossible?
I mean, if it's not impossible, then how strong is a human?

I have imagined something unpleasant.
If I a.s.sume that the humans are strong enough to defeat my mother, then I should give up on going outside.
I won't be able to survive no matter how I struggle.
If so, then living in this dungeon is better.

For the time being, let's make reaching the upper layer the objective.
Let's look for a place where human don't come when I reached the upper layer.
No, before that, should I take the risk and appraise the human's status?
Well, there's no need to be in a hurry.
I don't even know whether or not I can reach the upper layer.

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