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Chapter 50.
Skill Appraisal! and....Magic?

Hope the skill description is understandable. If not, just fix my bad english.

Names again:

不快 = Unpleasant (Lol. Better one please) Disturb
幻痛 = Phantom Pain
濃影 = Dark Shadow
毒触 = Poison Touch

50 Mahou Shoujo Magical k.u.moko☆

『Automatic HP Recovery:Gradually recovers HP over time. Even wounds that can't be recovered naturally can be recovered』
『Poison Fang:A poison attribute attack with the fangs』
『Poison Synthesis:Consume MP to purify and customize the poison. The poison that can be synthesized differs depending on the level. LV1:Weak Poison』
『Spider Thread:A special skill owned by the spider-type creature. Able to produce customizable threads. Customize field:Viscosity, elasticity, resilience, texture, strength, size』
『Thread Manipulation:Threads can be manipulated freely』
『Throw:Increases the power and accuracy when throwing something』
『Concentration:The ability to concentrate increases』
『Accuracy:Increases the hit rate in every situation』
『Appraisal:Read the information of something』
『Detect:A skill that combines all perception-type skills. Overview:Magic Perception, Magic Formula Perception, Material Perception, Presence Perception, Danger Perception, Motion Perception, Heat Perception, Reaction Perception, s.p.a.ce Perception』
『Stealth:Conceals presence』
『Night Vision:Sight will still function even if there's no light source』
『Visible Range Expansion:Visible light range is expanded』
『Poison Resistance:The defensive ability against the poison attribute increases』
『Paralysis Resistance:The defensive ability against paralysis attribute increases』
『Petrifaction Resistance:The defensive ability against petrifaction attribute increases』
『Acid Resistance:The defensive ability against the acid attribute increases』
『Corrosion Resistance:The defensive ability against corrosion attribute increases』
『Fear Resistance:It becomes harder to sense fear」
『Pain Nullity:The ability restriction of the body and mind by pain are nullified』
『Pain Alleviation:Pain is mitigated. When doing so, danger signal continues』

I appraised the remaining skills.
Although the result was approximately the same as I expected it, there were several new discoveries too.

First of all, the true colors of the "Visible Range Expansion" becomes clear.
This, in short, I can see infrared rays or ultraviolet rays?
But, I can't see such a thing at present.
Is it because it's still level 1?
Or, there are neither infrared rays nor ultraviolet rays in the dungeon.
Well, it's not something to be troubled even if I can't see it, so it's doesn't matter too much.

And, I understood something when I examined the resistance-type guys, but a rather terrible fact becomes clear.
Although most of the resistance were the same as the name, there's one guy that doesn't match with its name.

『Corrosion Attribute:The attribute controlling the decay of death』
(『腐蝕属性:死の崩壊を司る属性』TL note: not sure about this)

What's that scary thing.
I certainly thought that it was a resistance that I would be fine even if I eat rotten things, but it looks like it's a strange attribute.
This resistance rose when I ate the snail insect, so does that means that that guy has this attribute?
No wonder it doesn't has the taste of the world.
I will really make sure that eating the snail insect is the last resort.

And, the next one I'm interested in is "Detect".
"Detect", it's more efficient than I thought.
What's with that all perception-type skills?
No matter how I think, how can 100 skill points acquire such a high-performance skill?
I mean, can't I activate it individually?
It's impossible to do it.
I have already tried a lot of times, but it looks like I can only activate all of them.
The only thing I can change is the ON and OFF. There's no individual activation.
Although I wanted to activate the "Presence Perception" and "Danger Perception", because I have to activate all of them, I don't know which perception that grasp the information.
I mean, there's no way my small head can handle such a large quant.i.ty of information.
It won't end with just a headache.
Or rather, the level rose again even though I only tried it out a little.
Needless information increases even more making me to lose my reasoning.
It won't be useful unless I have a skill that can improve the result of my head.
Although it's too good because it's highly efficient, it's useless because it's highly efficient.
Cast pearls before swine. Cast "Detect" before spider.

Well, the last one.
Depending on this appraisal result, my future might change greatly.
That is the appraisal of the three kinds of magic.
Up until now, I didn't know how to use it, so I had no choice but to leave it as it is.
The skill that should be useful if it's usable.
If I can use this, then it's okay for me to call myself a magician.
Appraisal-san, please!

『Heresy Magic:The magic that violates the soul directly. The magic that can be used differs depending on the level. LV1:Disturb LV2:Phantom Pain』
『Shadow Magic:A low rank Dark Magic that manipulates shadow. The magic that can be used differs depending on the level. LV1:Dark Shadow』
『Poison Magic:The magic that manipulates poison. The magic that can be used differs depending on the level. LV1:Poison Touch』

Oun? ( おうん?)
No, although it's a large progress if it's compared with the time I don't know anything, still, I don't know how to use it.
The "Heresy Magic", in short, is it a mental attack-type magic?
The shadow and poison are the same as it is.
And, apparently, the spell that is usable at level 1 is there.
Although it's there, how do you use it?
Is it the same as "Appraisal", where I just need to pray silently?

Then, 「Disturb」!
Nothing happens.
No, it might only be a misfire because there's no target.
Let's try a different one.
 「Dark Shadow」!
Nothing happens.
 「Poison Touch」!
Nothing happens.
MP didn't decrease too.
Rather than misfire, it didn't even activate at all.
No, although I have a little expectations on it, it's no good after all.
No, wait?
If I examine magic with "Appraisal", I might get a hint.

『Magic:The thing that establish as a phenomenon after magical power is changed by the skill』
(『魔法:魔力をスキルで変化させ、現象として確立させたもの』TL note: this too)

Un, it's useless.
Aah, it looks like I still can't use magic.
It looks like the day when I will call myself as Mahou Shoujo Magical k.u.moko is still far.
d.a.m.n it.

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