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Well. Here's chapter 5.

5 Chapter of a new home

I gave up escaping the dungeon.
If I were to simply roam around here, all I can see is the end of my life.
Whether it's monster or human, they are formidable enemies for me.
Written as formidable enemy, it doesn't read as rival or friend.
It's the one that really life threatening dangerous.
Fortunately, the monsters that appear in this small pa.s.sage are not that fast enough.
Otherwise, I couldn't have succeeded in escaping.

My body of this spider is relatively quick.
Probably my speed now is better than my previous life.
.....I'm sorry.
I put up a vanity.
In fact, besides quickness, my physical abilities are also better than my previous life.

In the first place, before I was reborn, I was an indoor type.
Well, it is obvious that a wild spider has higher physical abilities.
When I was a human, my only physical ability that I could be proud of is my thumb's movement trained by playing games. ( TL note: lol..seriously?)

Well, let's put this topic away.
In other words, that's how I can escape.
But I can't keep on running forever.
I would be dead if they launch a pincer attack and it's not weird that there are monsters faster than me.

In addition, I am seriously hungry now.
You can't go to the war with an empty stomach.
I might just die from starvation if this continues.

Let's think about it.
Q, What does a spider eat?
A, Insects.

Oufu.....( おうふ TL note: not sure about the translation for this )
Isn't it obvious.
So, this is what you called to satisfy one's belly.
Furthermore, it's impossible to judge that my prey is limited to insects due to my size.
Probably my preys are such as monsters and another one...well I don't want to think about it though...humans.

In the first place, my siblings prey on each other immediately after they are born.
A parent-like huge spider ate its child like nothing happened. My race probably thinks that all creatures except oneself are their preys.
Or rather, in such a cave, there's no other option than that.

I wonder what the deer-like monster that I met in the huge pa.s.sage eat?
Is it a carnivore pretending of being a herbivore?
Well, there's no use even if I think about it.
I'm worried about my meal now.

Look's like there's no choice.
I'm going to die from starvation if I don't do something now.
If I don't want to eat it (Monsters or Humans), then I must eat any strange thing I can find here.
Let's be prepared for it.

Now that I'm prepared, it's time to decide what to eat.
Of course there's no food to be found nearby.
Since there's no food nearby, I need to look for it now.

To put this bluntly, the probability of me to win against a monster here is near to 0%.
The pa.s.sage in the maze I'm currently in is more narrow than the huge pa.s.sage from before.
And there's no monsters that gives out a 'impossible to win' aura like that huge spider and the dragon-like monster in the huge pa.s.sage.
The monsters here only had the size of a human.

Still, it's impossible for me to win against it.
Why? you say. It's because I never fought before!

If it's a game then it's my forte though.
Because game and reality are different.
2D and 3D are different.

I cannot be concerned about my appearance when it's the time for me to fight.
Though I'm hungry now, but it haven't reach the limit yet.
Then, I should secure food like how a spider does it.

Speaking of a spider, it's thread!
The spider makes its nest with special viscous threads and catches its prey with it.
I think that the topography in this cave is quite suitable.
At any rate, I can spread my thread all over the place.

Now that it's decided, it's time to make my new home!

First, I produce a thread.
Was it the bottom? The part where thread comes out.
When I was thinking about it, the thread came out.
I don't remember producing such a thing.
Furthermore, it keeps on extending.
Don't tell me that the thread came out from my bottom ever since I started moving?
Uwa, somehow it's kinda embarra.s.sing!
Looks like I didn't notice all the time that I was releasing thread.

What to do with this thread?
Well, it might be useful but for the being let's cut the source and leave it for now.

Now, let's start building my nest!

I know that I can produce thread.
I just need to spread my thread in accordance with the surface of the cave.
I think that I'm rather skillful but can I spread it well?

There was a time I thought about it.
I am satisfied when I see my completed web.
A magnificent spiderweb was spread to block the pa.s.sage in the cave.
Is this a spider's instinct?
My body moved by its own when I started making the web and before I knew what was going on, the web has been completed.

However, I only made the lower half of the web here.
The upper half was made 1 meter away from the lower half.

Why did I do such thing?
I want to secure an escape road just in case.

Now, I am at the T-shaped intersection.
I spread my web on each pa.s.sage, blocking each one of them.
However, I can't escape if I block it up completely.
I don't think there is but there's a possibility that someone might breakthrough the web that I spread.
Therefore, I left a hole on purpose just to be able to escape in case of an emergency.

Monsters without intelligence will get caught in the lower half web.
Flying monsters will get caught in the upper half web.
I managed to secure safety because I'm surrounded by webs in all 3 directions and I had also prepared an escape route just in case something happens.
The completion of the ideal shut-in s.p.a.ce!
My magnificent home.

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