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Here's 48.
バグラグラッチ = Bugragratch

48 Forked, road?

I continued advancing on the straight path and finally, finally, I reached it!
A forked road!

A needlessly big s.p.a.ce spreads out before my eyes.
It's that, I mean the road is forked, or perhaps I should say, the road spreads out, or rather, the road disappeared.
If you ask me how wide is it, I can't see the other side even though I have "Night Vision" in this darkness.

Which way should I go?
Up until now, I haven’t worried about getting lost because there was only a single straight path, but now in this empty wide s.p.a.ce, I’m troubled.
It's like I have entered a desert.
It's quite terrifying that I don't know where I should go.

If I'm not mistaken, when walking for a long time with no change in scenery, a person will unconsciously advance in an arc and eventually, return to where they started from.
Still, I don't think it will happen with a spider's body, but I really don't know which way I should go.
Speaking of things that could be used as landmarks, there are only rock pillars here and there.
They all look the same, so none of them can be used as landmarks because they don’t have any distinct features.
Because there are snail insects everywhere, even in the worst case, I won't starve to death. However, I don't think I will be able to realize that I'm lost even if I'm lost.

Well, let's go back to the basics of labyrinth capture and advance along the wall.
As usual, I advance along the right wall.

However, it sure is wide.
The width span is amazing.
In addition, it’s also quite tall.
The ceiling supported by the rock pillar seems to be around 100 meters in height.
A towering height.
Thanks to that, there's no feeling of being locked up even though I'm inside the dungeon.
How should I say it, although it's full of rock, there's still the magnificence of nature.
When I'm in here, I understand well how small my existence is.

In my previous life, there was a TV program that showed the world's unexplored region.
To be honest, I was not impressed by such a thing that time.
For me, the beautiful scenery shown in the screen was just a totally irrelevant story of a distant world.
There were no feelings like excitement, just indifference.
Why I watched that program is a mystery.

But, I'm here now.
This is the world I live in.
It's not irrelevant.
I can't be indifferent.
Being impressed by the place where I currently am, when I was a human that would have been unimaginable.
In addition, I also think that I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I only stayed indoors in the nest called my home.
With such significance, I might have to thank that pyromaniac human who dragged me to the outside world.

Ah, I feel irritated when I recall it.
No, it's not alright.
Like I can thank such a guy.
The next time I meet him, I will wrap him with my threads, drag him into the dungeon, and finally, finish him off with "Poison Fang".

I remembered something unpleasant.
I should look at the magnificence of this dungeon to heal myself.

『Bugragratch LV14 Failed to appraise its status』

A huge monster appears slowly.
Although its overall atmosphere gives off the impression of a sloth, its mouth completely destroys such an impression.
Countless jagged fangs protrude out resembling a crocodile's huge mouth.
When such a brutal mouth is attached to a monkey-like body, it's very unbalanced and looks fiendish.

I'm not healed.

Oh well.
Here dungeon.
Not nature.
Here danger.
Yes, understood.

Therefore, I start escaping while erasing my presence.

It ended without being found somehow.
Well, I imagined something that I didn’t really want to.
This needlessly big area, don't tell me this is the bottom layer?

Although I don’t know what the difference between each layer is, it’s not strange to think that the layer has changed after advancing on the straight road and ending up in such an excessively big area.
The single road was just straight and there’s no sense that I’m descending, perhaps the decline was so gradual that I didn’t notice it.
When thinking so, isn't it so?

It's surely different, right?
I merely entered a large place.
Or, on the contrary, I ascended to the middle layer.
Ah, lets go with that.
Yes, here is surely the middle layer.
At last, I have escaped from the dangerous lower layer.

『Bugragratch LV8 Failed to appraise its status』
『Bugragratch LV4 Failed to appraise its status』
『Bugragratch LV11 Failed to appraise its status』

Is there a reason why such monsters are in this middle layer?
I'm an invisible man.
Ah, it should be spider.
For the time being, I erase my presence.
And I escape stealthily.

After sufficiently distancing myself, come to think of it, I haven’t appraised the monsters yet.

『Bugragratch:A deformed monster that possesses a huge jaw. They act together as a herd, and attack their prey en ma.s.se.』

Ah haa. ( あーはー。)
They flock together even though they look that strong.
I can't win.

Let’s sc.r.a.p the theory that this here is the middle layer.
This degree of difficulty is too much to be the middle layer!
Haa, I pray that this is really not the bottom layer.

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