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Chapter 44.
The third will come after this.

44 Escape from despair

I survived.
I savor the joy in it.
I'm alive. What a wonderful thing.

Despair in my heart gradually erodes while I was thinking so.
What should I do from now on?

The nest was destroyed.
Completely destroyed.
I glance at the site of the attack that seemed to be a breath.

A huge crater was created on the wall there.

It's funny.
Why is there a crater on the wall?
Isn't it that a crater is made when a meteorite falls to the ground?
Why is such a thing created on the vertical wall?
Moreover, this even penetrate the large rock.
It's funny, right?

Although I'm dumbfounded and defenseless, the bees never attack me.
Those guys might be scared of the Earth Dragon too.
Well, it's an overwhelming existence after all.
It's inevitable to be afraid of it.
Even I'm scared.

Really, what should I do from now on?
It's possible to break through the bees and return to the original pa.s.sage.
This is only possible if I ignore the Earth Dragon.
This time, I was able to survive luckily.
However, if the same thing happens again, I don't think I can survive.
I think that the movement of the Earth Dragon shows that it clearly recognize the nest as a troublesome thing.
Otherwise, there's no way it will shoot such an attack.
In other words, the act to make a nest is more likely to be glared by the Earth Dragon in the future.

Then, I can't make the nest.
Or perhaps I should say that I can't do such thing because I'm scared.
My heart has already been broken.
I don't want to do something that can infuriate the Earth Dragon.

Even if it was a misunderstanding that the Earth Dragon break my nest without any great meaning.
Because it's an existence like that, there's a possibility that it attacked with that degree of recognition.
However, for the weak me, either way, the result won't change.
I will die if I come across the Earth Dragon.
That's all.

I succeeded in evading it twice.
I was blessed with good luck twice.
But, I don't think it's only good luck.
Did it not notice me who hid all the time?

I think so.
I want to think so.
Otherwise, I won't have the thing to rely on.

My only way to survive.
I will hide earnestly and somehow escape from this Earth Dragon's biosphere.
This is the only way.

The skill I can rely on is "Stealth".
Although I thought that it didn't seemed useful when I acquired it, it's my lifeline now.
The skill level is 5.
To be frank, it's slightly unreliable.
But, I must do it.

I strengthened my determination.
First, I need to confirm where the Earth Dragon left to.
I observe the ground.
The footprint of the Earth Dragon was left there grandly.
I look at the destination where the footprint of the Earth Dragon went to.
There's a large pa.s.sage.
The Earth Dragon is ahead of it.
I'm tense knowing that alone.

I advance towards the opposite pa.s.sage of the one the Earth Dragon left to.
It's obvious.
Who the h.e.l.l will go to the direction same as the Earth Dragon.
I don't know where this path leads to.
To be frank, I think that I should ignore my feelings and climb the pit.
But, it's impossible after all.
Not a reason, just that my heart refuses it.

I advance carefully and slowly while hiding myself.
I come to want the best stealth weapon that is the cardboard.
Did I calmed down a little?

That reminds me that my HP decreased considerably when I fell, but now, it's already fully recovered.
Thanks to the "Automatic HP Recovery".
I should have used my skill points on this instead of "Detect".
Well, it was good that I was able to acquire it by myself.
I didn't have time to confirm it a while ago, but how fast is the recovery?
Since it's still in low level, it shouldn't be able to recover rapidly, but it should be all right to neglect small wounds.

Ah, and the one I'm bothered with is that the red total stamina which is the SP didn't decrease.
Why didn't it decrease?
Since it never happen before, there must be some conditions that stop the decrease, but I don't know what it is.
Don't tell me that the stamina is actually decreasing but it's not displayed in the status because it's bugged?
I don't want to run out of stamina suddenly.
No, I believe in Appraisal-san?
I believe that you're a child who can do it?
I believe in it, but when I think about the rate of getting betrayed....
I really believe in it?
(TL note: She keeps ending this few sentences with a ?. So I just translate as it is)

The "Appraisal" might level up soon.
It's been quite long since the previous level up and I keep using "Appraisal" all the time.
When thinking about the large progress after reaching level 6, I can have expectations on the next level up.
I would be grateful if I can see the skills.
It's considerably inconvenient to not know the effect of the skills.
In addition, among the unknown effect skills, there might be one that can overturn the current situation.
I think that I expect it too much, but it might be able to slightly improve the current situation.

I want even a little advantage for me to escape from this hopeless situation.
Is there any skill that can know the enemy's location?
If there is, then I can advance while confirming the Earth Dragon's position.
Although "Detect" can be used, it won't help.

I want a map too.
I don't even know whether this path leads to a safe place or not.
Perhaps, there's a possibility that I'm going directly into a more dangerous area.
If that happens, will I die?

Anyway, I have no choice but to believe in my bad luck.
Please, let this path lead to a place safer than now.

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