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Here's 38

38 Spider VS Bee ①

On the first day, I made the minimum necessary nest and slept.
Though it's hard to say that I was able to sleep soundly because of the backache, I'm relieved that I was not attacked while I'm sleeping.
Not only the attack, I also thought that I would die because of the wound and when I woke up safely, I felt relieved from the bottom of my heart.
When I confirm my HP, it's 6 just like before I sleep.
It's a difficult position whether I should be disappointed that it didn't recovered or I should be relieved that it didn't decrease any further?

On the second day, I spent my day on expanding the nest.
There's the backache too, so the nest-making ran into difficulties than I thought.
Because the bees came close many times, I became more cautious every time and I have to stop working.
Unlike until now, working while being cautious of the surroundings wore down my nerves.

I took considerations of my stamina by eating the bee which I caught yesterday little by little between times.
In this situation, the danger rises exponentially if I were to run out of stamina.
My dependency on stamina is especially high.
Stamina is needed to produce thread and to act normally.
Even without it, I must at least save enough stamina for one battle.
In addition, I don't know whether I can secure food or not after this and I need to be careful in my stamina management if I'm prepared for a protracted battle.

And it became clear on this day that the "Pain Resistance" level jumped up at a stretch.
The last time when the "Pain Resistance" leveled up, if I'm not mistaken, it should be on level 2 and yet what I heard from the voice of heaven while I was making the nest was

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Pain Resistance LV6』 has become 『Pain Resistance LV7』》

It jumped up to level 7 straight.
I thought about what happen to it but I think that it level up while I'm sleeping.
I had such an uneasy sleep, so if the rising condition of the skill proficiency is feeling pain, then the possibility that the skill proficiency acc.u.mulates when I was sleeping is high.
When I think back, I have a feeling that I heard the voice of heaven while I'm in trance.

Though I understood it, but when I thought that the "Pain Resistance" was a skill that relieves pain, it was not so.
I thought that it's strange that the pain didn't not ease at all even though the skill level is 7, but it seems that this skill is something like 「Movement is possible by enduring」.
To be frank, it's subtle.
There's no change that it's painful and there's a limit on moving even if it says so.
When I first acquired this skill, I really felt that the pain get eased, but it looks like I only felt like it.

Then, the "Pain Resistance" rose to level 8 after one whole day.

The third day.
I already finished eating the bee that I caught.
The nest also has expand within limitations and now I must move on to the next stage.
That is hunting to level up.

The problem is how to catch a prey.
Even though the bee come closer before, but it doesn't attacks, either it's being cautious or not.
If it attacks without any plans, it will be as expected but it didn't go well to that extent.

For the time being, I should wait for a chance while watching the bee.
Though I tried provoking the bee that came near indirectly, but it didn't come attacking.

There are some things that I understood from observing the bees.
First of all, they basically form a group of 5 or 6.
It divides into groups and acts respectively.
There's a leader in each group.

『High Finjegoath LV1 Failed to appraise its status』

It's High Finjegoath.
Judging from the name, it's a high rank species and it might be an evolved individual.
Its level is also 1, so the possibility is high.
There's also bee with level 8 or 9 that's on the brink to evolve among the common species of the bee. Once it evolves, it should become the leader of the group.

The captain bee has slightly deep color than the ordinary bee.
That's the only difference. Both the size and figure are the same.
Though I don't know because I never succeed in appraising its status, but the high rank species should be higher than the ordinary bee.

Well, still, I don't think that it can breakthrough my web.
I think that it didn't do anything unnecessary because it understands it well.
When thinking so, that bee might be considerably smart.

The group ma.s.ses and disappears in the pa.s.sage bottom of the pit.
After a while, it kills the prey and bring it back.
Like that groups are formed and they hunt efficiently.
As expected, the captain seems to be smart.
Though there are several bees that seems to be lost are acting without permission.

Apart from that, it's considerably important that there are monsters that the bees can hunt in this bottom.
Not everyone here is a monster like the Earth Dragon.
I'm relieved just to have know it.

Still, there are groups that never return, so I can't relax my guard.
Not returning means that they have been defeated.
Among the group that returned, there are some holding their comrade's corpse, so this area is definitely dangerous.

I continued observing the state of the bee.

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