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Chapter 36.
Spider meets Dragon. What will the spider do?
I think everyone knows the answer.

Changes made in this chapter:

Spy → Stealth

36 Desperate situation

The large swarm of bees are still flying in the sky.
Anyway, I need to leave this place quick.

Though I thought so, but my decision was one step slower.

A bee weigh on my back.
And then, an intense pain ran through my back.


I was stabbed!
Moreover, from the place that I was stabbed in, something is poured into my body!
It's poison!

Once it clings on my back, I can't do anything.
No, there's one way.
It's not the time to mind about my small amount of MP!

I manipulate the thread with "Thread Manipulation" and attach it to the bee.
Then, I restrain it and bind it.

Dosei! ( どっせい!)

I grab my thread and thrust the bee down in the manner of the back throw!

Though I want to finish it off, but escaping is my priority now!
I hide myself in the shadow of the rocky area close to the wall surface.
If it's here, with the bee's large build, it shouldn't be able to invade this place.

Just as I expected, the several bees which chase after me, fly around the surroundings for a while before it gave up and left.

I somehow manage to survive.
However, I was not flawless.
Though I can't see it, but there's a large hole on my back now.
In addition, my HP have 6 left.
30 HP was taken away by an attack.

I'm not surprised.
I understood that my defense is quite low.
Rather, thanks to the spider's vitality that I can live on even if I bear such a serious wound.

It was also good that my "Poison Resistance" level is high.
The thing poured into the place where I was stabbed in is surely poison.
I don't know whether the poison was nullified or not. Indeed in that situation, I don't know whether it's the poison damage or the needle damage, but I would be dead by now if I didn't have "Poison Resistance".

With this wound, I don't think I can move for a while.
I don't know whether it will cure naturally or not.
Then, like from before, I want to aim for the complete recovery by leveling up.
If that's the case then I would like to recover the restrained bee that I threw away a while ago to gain experience points and food.

However, it's not a good plan to get out of here.
Should I attach a thread to it using "Thread Manipulation" and pull it slowly?

Suddenly, I had an unpleasant premonition.

I look outside from the rock shade quietly.
There was the figure of the restrained bee struggling.
And there's the figure of another monster approaching it slowly.

『Elro Baradrad LV5 Failed to appraise its status』

It's the snake.
That guy, did it chase after me!?
No, it's not.
It's probably a different individual even though it has the same level.
This is bad.
From what I can see, there might be a lot of this snake that has the strength of a boss cla.s.s monster in this area.
If I were to be discovered in such wounded state, I would die.

The snake approaches the bee slowly.
You can take the bee, so please don't notice me.
However, the snake did nothing on the bee.
To be exact, it can't.

Something tore up the snake's body at tremendous speed.

Did my eyes gone crazy?
That snake easily became small pieces like a sc.r.a.p of papers.
That snake which was protected with strong scale.
The snake that has the speed equal to me didn't even have the time to react.

『Earth Dragon Alaba LV31 Failed to appraise its status』

It, it was there calmly.
Contrary to the name called dragon, it has the form that looks like a wolf.
The limbs which step firmly on the ground.
A long tail.
Without wings.
There was the figure of a majestic dragon.

This is bad.
Instinct as a spider, reasoning as a person, the cry from the soul, all of it gathers the voice.
That is not good.
There's no chance to win.
In the first place, it's not an opponent that can be decided in victory or defeat.
Judging from it, I look only like a feed.
I'm not even a prey.
It's decided that I would be eaten when I entered its view.
The existence is just that isolated.

The high level is just a trivial problem.
No matter how it is, that is definitely bad.

Earth Dragon Alaba chews the snake that have been torn asunder one by one.
I desperately hold my breath.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Stealth LV1』 has become 『Stealth LV2』》

Shut up!
I beg you, please be silent!
What would I do if it notice me!

When the Earth Dragon Alaba finished chewing the snake, it left without taking notice on the bee.

I, I was saved.
I don't know whether it didn't notice me or it did notice me but it overlooked me. Anyway, I was saved.

Even though I have experienced many almost death situation, but in fact, now, I'm half-dead. This might be the first time I thought that it was that dangerous.
I'm even scared to recall about it.

This is bad.
With that guy roaming around this area, I must escape immediately by any means.

I look around the surroundings.
Here is the bottom of the pit where I have fallen.
The diameter of the hole seems to be around 100 meters.
The depth is more than that.
At any rate, I don't know the height well.
The large swarm of bees covers the sky like a wall.

I'm glad that the "Appraisal" didn't activate because there's a distance.
Otherwise, I might lose my consciousness when I appraise such a number.
I must face the large swarm of bees to return to the original area.
Moreover, while climbing the cliff up.

I can't fight while clinging on the cliff.
In such state, I can't move quickly and my aim using the thread won't be accurate.
This is the field that completely seal off my strong points.
As for the bee, it can move around freely in the air.
There's no chance to win.

Even so, it's a suicidal act to explore the ground where such a monster exist.
Some pa.s.sages are connected in the bottom of the pit.
Sink or swim. Should I advance to a different pa.s.sage from the one that monster went?
I can't.
With such a serious wound, even if it's not that monster, everything will be over if I encounter a monster.

This is bad.
I'm probably checkmated.

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