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Chapter 35.
I know this chapter's t.i.tle is a little weird but I don't know how to translate it. The (ry is basically an abbreviation (略). That's what I found out in google.

35 Therefore, don't get carried away that much(ry

Funfunfuun. ( ふんふんふーん。)
Exploring the labyrinth in a good mood.
No, if it's the me now, the monsters around here are not my enemy.
As long as I find the enemy first, I can launch a surprise attack.
Even if it's not the case, isn't it possible for me to fight head-on now?
I have evolved and got stronger and my skill level is considerably high, so I don't think that I will expose such an unsightly appearance like the time I fight the frog head-on again.
When you say whether I can surely win or not, it makes me slightly uneasy. But I think I might go well.

I think it's all thanks to the growth rush after evolving.
Skill level keep rising and I was able to acquire new t.i.tles.
Though only the "Detect" turned out slightly disappointing, but the rest were all gains.

Hmm, thinking back about this good condition, rather than after evolution, isn't it after defeating the snake?
My level rise at a stretch because I defeat the snake.
Food overflows due to the snake's corpse.
Thanks to that, evolution is safely done.
After that, the fever continues.
As expected, this good condition starts after defeating the snake!
What a good luck to meet Snake-sama.
Thank you.

Ah, forked road.
Right and left.
Here as usual, advance to the right, un?
Somehow, I have a bad premonition.
A bad premonition telling me to get away from here quick.

I look at the left pa.s.sage for an instant.

『Elro Baradrad LV5 Failed to appraise its status』

It's a snake.

Am I an idiot!?
Though it has a lower level than the previous snake, but isn't it impossible for me to win without my nest!?
Uwa, it noticed me!?
Moreover, I'm definitely lock-on!?

I escape to the right pa.s.sage!
Like I can fight against such monster!
Who was the fool who said that the monsters around here were not enemies!
It's ME!
That snake is clearly a boss unlike the other monsters here!
Why are you popping up like any common monsters here!?
Isn't it stupid!?

I can hear a dreadful sound chasing after me from behind!?
Why you can match with my speed!?
My speed is 348!?
I thought that I won't lose in speed against other monsters!
To be able to match with it, what are you!?

A different monster forward!?

『Elro Randanel LV5 Failed to appraise its status』
『Elro Randanel LV4 Failed to appraise its status』
『Elro Randanel LV4 Failed to appraise its status』

Out of all the other monsters, why is it the 3 intimate friend monster!
If it's only one of them, then I could have pa.s.s through the side!
There's no gap to pa.s.s through if three of them form a line!

Wh, What should I do?
What should I DO!?
Aaaah, I don't have the time to hesitate!?

Here I go!
Sink or swim!
I keep my speed and climb the wall!
I did it!
Wall run success!

I pa.s.s through the three monsters!
Though I heard a terrible sound from the rear, I won't turn around!
Though I don't know how long those three can hold on, but I should escape before it's too late!
Sorry, the three monsters I happen to pa.s.s by.
This is also one of the skills of the law of the jungle.
Become a sacrifice for me!

I managed to survive by sacrificing the three monsters!
I pray that you will be happ....huh?
There's no path ahead?

Wait, isn't this the same pattern as the centipedes nesting hole!?
This is bad!
I put too much in my speed so I can't stop suddenly!
Ah, ah, wai, Ahh!?

The destination after I dive with all my might was the air.

Ah, this is an extremely deep and wide hole.
I would die if I fall.

I'm faliing!?
A stringless bungee is not a JOKE!?
Come on, "Spider Thread"!
I shoot my thread to the wall and stick it!
Yosh, with this!

Gofu! ( ごふっ!)

Ah, it's very painful.
Though the fall stopped, my body strike against the wall due to the recoil.
Ah, I thought I was gonna die.

Chased by a snake and the point ahead of my path was a precipitous cliff which I have to dive in it.
I wonder that is this the punishment for being carried away because of the good condition?
Ah, I understood it.
I will reflect my actions.
Since I have reflect it, can you do something with the threatening buzzing sound since a while ago?

『Finjegoath LV4 Failed to appraise its status』
『Finjegoath LV3 Failed to appraise its status』
『Finjegoath LV5 Failed to appraise its status』
『Finjegoath LV4 Failed to appraise its status』

It was the bee.
It's the monster of the huge bee which I have only seen it once.
It flies in this pit innumerably.

Err, h.e.l.lo?
I'm sorry!
Please overlook me!
Seriously, please don't look at here!

There's only one way to dodge an attacking bee!

Tou! ( とう!)

Dive once more!
I fall, but this time, I'm different from a while ago!
I gave elasticity to the thread that sticks to the wall and fall down safely like bungee jumping.
After bouncing 2 or 3 times, I cling to the wall and stick a thread again.
Bungee once more!
I repeat it until I get down to the bottom layer.

Yosh, it's the ground!
However, the sky is full of bees.
I encourage my tired body and start running again.

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